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Straight boy Casey Lee is a fit young gay porn star appearing for the Englishlads site

Name: Casey Lee

Nationality: British

Height: 6′

Weight: Unknown.

Age: 20

Build: Muscled

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Cock Size: 7″

Cut/Uncut: Uncut

Sexuality: Straight

Role: N/A


Casey Lee is an incredibly handsome and cheeky young man performing for the English Lads site. He’s straight and with a very defined muscular body built from playing basketball, football and working as a fitness instructor. The 20 year old amateur has a 7 inch uncut cock that he’s not at all shy to show off and play with on camera.

Career Highlights:

To date Casey has only appeared in a solo masturbation gallery and video for the site, his solo performance is currently his highlight.

UPDATE: New career highlight. Straight lad Ricky returns to give Casey some of what he gave him, taking his cherry and fucking the straight boy’s virgin ass. Casey seems to love the feel of that hard cock up his ass, he gushes out a massive load of cum before Ricky pulls out and splashes his own! Scroll down for more info.


None to date

Things of note:

  • Straight
  • Muscled
  • Uncut cock
  • Confident


July 2016: Unconfirmed rumours suggest that Casey has already returned to the site to appear in a massage video with another straight performer. *proven correct*




Video Appearances:

English Lads Videos:

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Young Straight Hunk Aiden Treats Casey to His 8 Inch Uncut Erect Cock!

Aiden Walsh is back after more than a year away from making videos, but he seems to have returned hornier than ever and ready to explore some more fun with other guys. This handsome and fit straight guy has almost 8-inches of uncut cock to share with another lad and Casey Lee has learned a lot in the last few months about wanking other guys dicks and enjoying some tasty sucking. Check it out as straight boy Aiden gets his dick out and enjoys some mutual masturbation with his new buddy, grabbing hard dicks, frotting them together, slapping them around and generally having a great time rubbing those boners in some simple innocent play between straight lads. Things get tastier when Casey gets a little taste of that hard cock, and Aiden really seems to like it. I think we can all agree that Casey has learned how to appreciate another guy’s cock, he seems to really enjoy licking and sucking that hard dick and getting his cock wanked by Aiden. The cum loads these guys splash out together at the end only seems to confirm that these two lads can really appreciate a hard dick other than their own these days!

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Straight Lad Casey’s cherry gets taken by Ricky, Casey absolutely gushes cum!

Who could have thought that when we saw fit straight boy Casey Lee arrive we would eventually see him enjoying the taste of hard cock so much, fucking other guys in the butt and, now, taking a dick up his own virginal hole!? He’s become pretty good buddies with Ricky Hampton since they first met on the set and shared some dick fun, they have natural chemistry together and know how to have a laugh with each other. We’ve seen Casey fucking Ricky, but now it’s time for Ricky to get his own back and slide his own big straight boy cock into that virgin ass and show Casey how much fun being a bottom can be. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of cock play before we get to that, with the straight boys wanking each other, sucking those hard uncut dicks, frotting their meat together and generally having a whole lot of playful penis fun, then it’s time to get serious. Watch as Ricky eases that tight hole open with a dildo, then slides his hard inches into his new buddy, fucking him gently at first but picking up the pace. Casey does really well, and he seems to like the feel of that dick inside him. If the massive cum load he spews out all over himself is anything to go by (and, of course, it is) he had a great time! Ricky loves the sight of a cum load erupting, it’s not long until he’s pulling out and wanking his own messy load out over his friend’s leg.

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Straight Hunks Casey and Barclay Suck Cock for the 1st time and make each other cum loads

Straight boy Casey Lee has been having so much fun sharing his hard uncut cock with the other lads and getting some hot and tight ass he’s back for more with fellow straight lad Barclay Graham in this horny session. He’s willing to go a little further this time, too, swapping cocks with the inked lad and wanking another guys boner, frotting their dicks together and then tasting a juicy shaft for the first time! It seems as though Casey likes the taste of that cock leaking precum in his mouth, and he obviously loves the feel of another guys mouth around his own boner. It’s not only his first time sucking dick, Barclay has never done this before either! Needless to say, they both soon discover what all the fuss is about as they lick and slurp on those delicious tools and experience their first mutual brojob together. The cum these guys help each other to splash out at the end suggests this won’t be the last time these two straight lads swap some cock with another guy.

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Straight, Muscular Casey Fucks Chris Hard with his Uncut Cock and Makes Him Cum Twice!

It’s time Chris Little took some more straight boy cock up his ass, and who better to deliver that dick than handsome and fit new straight guy Casey? We’ve seen him having a great time with Ricky Hampton, exploring the fun two lads can have together, playing with another hard dick and fucking that tight little ass, and he really seems to like it. Chris gets it good from the handsome new arrival in this fuck session, but only after sucking that dick and letting Casey use a dildo in his hole. When Casey sinks his length into him and starts thrusting hard and deep it’s so good for straight boy Chris that he shoots off a hot load of cum, then carries on to pump out a second, equally large splashing of cream before his new top buddy pulls out and splashes his own juicy goo out over the boy!

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Straight Pup Casey gives Ricky a Right Good Fucking & Both Lads Shoot Massive Loads

After sharing some wanking with fellow straight lad Ricky Hampton in his last video and enjoying playing with another guys cock for the first time, horny young Casey is back with his new buddy and getting even more horny with him! The boys start off with some friendly cock play, cocks out and getting hard as they wank and enjoy the sight and feel of another boys dick, then it’s time for some sucking as Ricky gets his hungry mouth around that tanned shaft and sucks some precum out of his new friend. With Ricky needing a cock in his ass (he’s still technically straight!) Casey fucks him on the bed, sliding his long dick in and out of his friend while Ricky’s long uncut cock throbs and bounces, enjoying some wanking with a reach-around. With Ricky spewing a hot and messy load of cum from his dick as Casey slides in and out of his hole our bottom lad is almost done, all that’s left is for Casey to wank off over him and shower him with his heavy cum load too!

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Muscular Casey Wanks his First Cock, Gets Wanked by Ricky and Both Cum Bucket-Loads!

Great things can happen when you get a couple of horny straight lads together in front of the cameras! This is Casey’s first time sharing some wanking with another lad, but they picked the perfect friend in Ricky Hampton! The cheeky lad wastes no time getting his uncut cock out and showing it off, enjoying the sight of his new friends hooded dick too as the boys explore some friendly cock play. With plenty of mutual wanking, swordfighting and cock frotting the boys get each other to the edge and watch their dicks start spewing hot cum out!Click here for full videos

Muscular and Ripped Young Pup Casey Show us his Large Erect Uncut Cock & Shoots Loads!

We have another heavy cummer in handsome and fit young straight lad Casey! He’s in for his debut wank off, sharing his uncut cock with the masses and putting on a great show as he strokes himself off. This fit and smooth guy looks amazing, and when he finally makes himself unload he really makes a great mess all over! Stick around to see him getting that cock wanked by another one of their lads very soon!

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English Lads Galleries:

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Straight Lad Casey’s Cherry Goes to Ricky – Casey Gushes So Much Cum!

Straight lad Ricky Hampton is back with his new buddy Casey Lee and they’re about to have a great time with each other for this new shoot. Those hard young cocks are soon out, soon hard and throbbing as they stroke and suck each other, and soon ready for more as Casey submits to having his hole filled for the first time. Ricky starts out easy with some dildo play, opening the virgin’s straight boy ass with a toy, but then he slides his hard cock into him and everything changes. Casey likes it! His dick is hard and dripping clear juices as he wanks himself off and takes a pounding from his new best friend, making him gush a massive load of hot white cum out of his dick, splashing out everywhere! When a cock up the ass makes you cum like that, you know you had a great time!

Straight Hunk Barclay gets his 1st Man Blow & then he Blows Casey!

It’s a session of first times for Casey Lee and fellow straight lad Barclay Graham in this shoot, and we already can’t wait for the video. Barclay was supposed to be getting his big uncut 8-inch cock sucked by another lad for the first time, but he can’t resist the opportunity to give a little back and get his first taste as he sucks and slurps on Casey’s hard meat. The two boys seem to have a whole lot of fun playing with those dicks, making each other ooze and drip as they swap dicks and pleasure each other to a mutual gushing cum explosion!

Straight Hunk Casey Fucks Naught Straight Lad Chris & Both Lads Cum Amazingly!

Casey is back and ready to get some more ass, young Chris Little is on hand to show him a good time in this awesome fuck gallery. Casey has been gradually exploring things with other guys, but he’s still a straight boy so when Chris comes in for a kiss he’s a little reluctant. He sure isn’t reluctant about getting his juicy cock sucked by the boy and using a dildo in Chris’ ass before replacing it with his cock and fucking the cum out of the young man!

Straight Lad Casey’s First Fuck – Ricky Licks Casey & Gets a Right Good Fucking!

Straight lad Casey Lee gets his first experience of a guys tight ass in this fuck session with fellow straight lad Ricky Hampton. The gallery suggests the video is gonna be a great one (see the list above for its arrival) with both sharing their dicks and enjoying some wanking and sucking before Casey slides his inexperienced shaft into his new friend and makes him cum a heavy load! Looks like Casey had a great time fucking his buddy too, pumping out a heavy and thick mess of straight boy cum all over his friend at the end of it all!

Young Horny Straight Pup Casey gets his 1st Manhandling & Cums a Massive Load!

Straight lad Ricky Hampton is the first one to show new boy Casey how much fun two lads can have together with their hard cocks. The boys get their hard dicks out and show each other what they’re packing, rubbing their meat together, frotting and sword fighting until Casey gets his cum wanked out of him by his new buddy. He seems to have a lot of fun, when his dick starts spewing there’s so much semen pumping from his dick! Ricky isn’t far behind, rubbing himself off and firing out one of his own impressive cum loads too.

Ultra Ripped Straight Lad Casey, Show His Amazing Body, Uncut Cock and Shoots Big!

He’s a great looking guy with an amazing body and an uncut cock we would all love to play with. Casey shows off his meat in his first solo shoot, playing with his dick and delivering a great cum shot by the end of it all. Stick around to see that cum pumping out of his cock in his first video.