Casias Bradley

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Hung straight guy Casias Bradley
Straight boy Casias Bradley appears in gay porn for the English Lads site

Name: Casias Bradley

Nationality: British

Height: 6’2″

Weight: Unknown.

Age: 21

Build: Slim

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Unknown

Cock Size: 8″

Cut/Uncut: Uncut

Sexuality: Straight

Role: N/A


Casias is a horny young man with a slim body and a big dick. He’s uncut and his cock hangs long even when soft. He’s straight, but seemingly confident enough to explore things with other guys and maybe learn to have some fun sharing his boner with other lads. He likes working out at the gym and playing football with his mates.

Career Highlights:

None to date


None to date

Things of note:

  • Uncut cock
  • Straight
  • Large cock
  • Very confident attitude


None to date.




Video Appearances:

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Jack Ashton and Casias Bradley Wank Their Big Uncut Cocks and Shoot Massive Cum Shots!

Jack Ashton and Casias Bradley Wank Their Big Uncut Cocks and Shoot Massive Cum Shots

Casias Bradley is back after a little break from enjoying his dick on video, but he’s returned to share the screen with straight footballer boy Jack Ashton in a great shared jerk off session that should have you all splashing cream out with them. If you didn’t know Casias already, he’s been through the process of learning to play with other cocks already, appearing in some solo shoots before being wanked off and grabbing another lad’s dick. He seemed to have a lot of fun rubbing cocks with those guys and splashing out that cream together, but for this one it’s all about sharing the bed and rubbing their own. Jack seems interested in comparing dicks, both 8-inches and uncut. The boys put on quite a horny show, just doing what so many other lads do when they get together to watch some porn, getting their boners out and wanking themselves off until their cream is gushing. Check out the mess Casias makes!

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Straight Lads Joel Jenkins & Casias Bradley Massage Each Other’s Big Uncut Cocks!

Straight Lads Joel Jenkins & Casias Bradley Massage Each Other's Big Uncut Cocks

After experiencing some uncut cock fun with another one of the straight lads in his last video Casias Bradley is back to get some more of that stiff dicked pleasure with another lad! Straight guy Joel Jenkins has really come out of his shell in the time he’s been on the site, initially reluctant to even get his cock out with another lad, eventually he got his uncut cock wanked and sucked and tried grabbing some dick himself, now he’s seemingly into frotting and wanking other guys off. The guys have a whole lot of fun with each other, playing with those hooded boners, rubbing each other, slapping their cocks against each other, frotting their erections and finishing up with some big cum loads leaping out of those dicks as they shoot their cream and finish up a great session of mutual masturbation!

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Young Straight Lads Casias & Joe Wank Off a Man for Their 1st Time!

Young Straight Lads Casias & Joe Wank Off a Man for Their 1st Time

This is a first for both of these horny straight guys, but it sure seems as though they enjoy their experience together! Joe Burleigh and Casias Bradley don’t know each other, but they’re about to become very familiar with each other as they get those uncut cocks out and show each other their meat. The lads are both confident and horny, so it’s not long at all before they’re comparing their lengths, feeling each other, wrapping their hands around each other’s shafts and wanking their new buddy off. All the cock play these lads share with each other is so damn hot, slapping their hard dicks around, rubbing their meat together, frotting those cocks and finally kicking back and wanking each other off until they’re making each other spew hot straight guy cream! It’s not often we get to see a couple of straight boys making each other cum and getting their hands drenched with each other’s loads, but these guys really seem to love all that wet and sticky action!

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Straight Hung Casias gets Massaged for the 1st Time and Shoots Everywhere!

Straight Hung Casias gets Massaged for the 1st Time and Shoots Everywhere

It’s a first for straight boy Casias Bradley, but he’s confident and horny enough to let Luke McCormick take control of his 8″ uncut cock and wank him off to a cummy finish that leaves him drenched in his own load. The handsome and sexy young guy gets some lovely massaging before turning over and giving access to that sexy uncut dick. Soon enough those hands are working his meat, making him throb and ooze as they stroke up and down his slippery shaft, sliding his foreskin back and forth over that swollen tip until the pleasure is too much to take. His balls pull up and his cock becomes rigid as the first jets of hot semen splash from his cock and rain down over his naked body, jet after jet of gooey goodness following quickly, splashing all over the place as he experiences one of the most intense climaxes he’s ever enjoyed! Will we see him sharing some mutual cock play with another lad soon? Yes, definitely.

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Straight Pup Casias Pumps his Ass with a Dildo and Gushes Cum Everywhere!

Straight Pup Casias Pumps his Ass with a Dildo and Gushes Cum Everywhere!

We’ve seen Casias Bradley getting his long uncut dick out for some wanking in his solo, but now he’s back and ready to experience something new as he shows off his tight virgin hole and slides a toy into his ass for the very first time. He’s one of those confident and incredibly horny straight boys who isn’t shy about getting his big intact dick out and having some fun, the kind of lad who might be cool with jerking off with a buddy if the time is right. For this one it’s all about him, all about experiencing that new pleasure as he fucks himself with the toy, grabbing his hard cock and wanking himself off until the pleasure is too much. You won’t believe the mess of cum he shoots out of that dick at the end, there’s so much semen flooding out of his cock, you can tell he had a great time!

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Straight Athletic Casias Reveals His Lean Ripped Body, Massive Uncut Cock and Cums!

Straight Athletic Casias Reveals His Lean Ripped Body, Massive Uncut Cock and Cums!

Casias Bradley is the kind of straight friend we all want to have. He’s a tall, lean and sporty guy who has all the confidence needed to be a right laugh with his buddies. He’s also in possession of an amazing cock too, long and meaty, with a perfect hood of foreskin over the tip. He’s happy to show off for the cameras, getting naked and swinging that 8″ uncut cock around. Soon enough he’s laying back on the bed and wanking himself off, pumping his hard meat in his fist just like he does at home, his balls bouncing around and churning up a hot cum load ready for splashing out over his tight body. And what a cum load he delivers! This boy really lets loose when he starts splashing his load out, jet after jet of hot watery semen pumping from his helmet and raining down all over his smooth body. Phew, what a great load, something tells me we’re going to be seeing a lot more of this boy and his big cock in the future!

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