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Gay porn star Chris Little at Englishlads
Straight boy Chris Little (right) rubbing cocks with fellow straight guy Ricky Hampton

Name: Chris Little

Nationality: British

Height: 5’11”

Weight: Unknown.

Age: 19

Build: Toned

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Blue

Cock Size: 6.5″

Cut/Uncut: Uncut

Sexuality: Straight

Role: N/A


Chris Little is a very cute and very fit young straight guy from the UK appearing for the EnglishLads gay porn site. He enjoys working out and playing Rugby and works as a diving instructor. He has a 6.5″ uncut cock that gets rock hard when he’s performing with other guys and has shot some very large loads in that time.

He started out in June 2011 with a solo but soon jumped right in appearing with other guys. His second video was supposed to be a massage where Chris experienced a hand job from fellow performer Justin Harris, but the young man was so excited he went a lot further.

In his third video Chris was due to be sucked by fellow performer Dan Broughton, and after being sucked he grabbed Dan’s cock and wanked him off until he was cumming.

Since then Chris has experienced everything there is to experience with other boys, wanking, frotting, sucking, toy play, fucking, being fucked… he’s become one of the sexiest and most willing straight performers they’ve ever had.

Career Highlights:

Chris Little has appeared in so many photo shoots and videos with other guys on the English Lads site there are far too many highlights to name, but one would be his first experience touching another guys cock and making Dan explode in an unexpected finish.

Another highlight was seeing Chris in the middle of a threesome with Dan Broughton and hung straight guy Doug Mitchell, where Chris was in the middle of the two, being fucked by Doug’s 8.5″ uncut cock and fucking Dan’s arse.


The only criticism to date is that Chris last appeared in a video for the site in May of 2016, being fucked by new straight guy Ricky Hampton. At time of writing he hasn’t appeared in another shoot for almost three months.

Things of note:

  • Straight
  • Cute
  • Uncut cock
  • Energetic
  • Eager to experience


There are unconfirmed rumours that Chris Little has left the gay porn business.




Video Appearances:

English Lads Videos:

Young Straight Dominic Moore Sucks his 1st Cock and Chris Cums all over him!

Two uncut straight boys share their dicks sitting on a couch

Hung young Dominic Moore is clearly eager to explore more fun with other guys after enjoying some mutual cock play with one of the other straight lads in his last video. They’ve teamed up the young man with one of the best for his first time sucking dick! Chris Little has come such a long way since he arrived to show off and wank for the lads, sucking dicks, fucking other guys, being a bottom… he’s done it all. Surprisingly, Dominic is real eager to get his mouth around Chris’ cock in this video, not wasting much time before seeing what it’s like to suck a dick. It seems he likes it, and he likes being sucked by Chris too. The guys have a whole lot of fun blowing each other and wanking those cocks together, finally finishing up with a big splashing cum load being pumped out of Chris’ dick to rain down over Dominic, which soon gets him wanking out his cum load too! Looks like we’re going to be seeing a lot more from this straight boy, who might not be so straight after all!

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Straight Muscular Stud Albie fucks his 1st Man & Naughty Chris gets a Right Rough Ride!

Straight hunk Albie Wicks fucks Chris Little

Muscular straight hunk Albie Wicks has been having a whole lot of fun in front of the cameras, but this is the furthest he’s ever gone. The horny young hunk is eager to get that uncut dick into another lad’s ass, and straight boy Chris Little is happy to be the one to take it. The lads kiss and grope, and soon enough those dicks are out for some wanking and sucking. All the frotting the guys share is awesome, but when Chris sucks that cock and shows Albie what it’s like he’s soon dripping precum and ready to slam his dick into that tight hole and fuck his new buddy all over the bed. It’s hard to believe Chris started out straight on the site, he’s really loving the feel of that stiff cock up his hole as he gets his cum fucked out of him and Albie explodes his own copious cum load from his enraged boner. Looks like they both had a great time, will we be seeing more from this big muscled hunk and his lovely uncut dick?

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Bonus Video of Joey Barton’s Photoset – Straight Lad on a Run of Firsts; Kisses, Wanks & Sucks a Guy!

It’s the latest appearance on the site by hot Chris Little, the straight boy who might not be so straight these days. We’re getting an extra look at the fun he had with straight jock boy Joey Barton when they got their uncut cocks out together, rubbed their dicks, swapped their hard meat in some mutual oral and shot their loads out. No doubt about it Joey enjoyed his first experience with another guy, if you never saw the original full video then the extra footage you get with the boys grabbing those cocks in this one is going to have you clicking through to stroke one out to that scene too. Check out the boys as they Joey gets his first experience and unloads a hot mess with eager young Chris.

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Straight Lad Chris Gets Fucked by New Boy Lewis who Cums All Over the Place!

Straight boy Chris Little is getting the fucking of his life from hot young gay jock Lewis Hampton in this latest offering. The gorgeous straight boy has learned a whole lot since his debut, sucking cock and fucking other guys, taking dick after dick in his tight little ass. Lewis gets right down to it, cocks soon out, uncut boners being liked, wanked and sucked, then he’s sliding a toy into Chris to ease him open. It doesn’t take a lot to get this straight boy ready for cock so it’s a matter of minutes before Lewis is sliding in and giving the young man an amazing fucking, leading to Chris splashing out his cum and taking a tsunami of semen from Lewis! This guys cock really pumps out the cream when he lets loose, drenching his buddy in jizz!

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Straight Young Pup Lachlan Sucks and Fucked for the 1st Time & Gets Drenched in Cum

Straight Young Pup Lachlan Scott Sucks and Fucked for the 1st Time & Gets Drenched in Cum!

Straight guy Lachlan Scott is diving right in with experienced straight lad Chris Little for this video. The horny and inked boy hasn’t done anything with any other guy before, but his uncut cock really seems to like all the mutual wanking and cock play he’s enjoying with his new friend. Chris shows the lad what another guys mouth feels like on his uncut cock and Lachlan is far too horny to say no. Watch him sucking his first dick and loving every moment of it! If you think that’s all this new straight lad is gonna experience think again, moments later he’s getting his virgin ass filled with a toy, then Chris is sliding his cock into him! Considering this is the first time he’s ever played with another dick it’s amazing to see him having so much fun sucking a cock and getting fucked, but something tells me he’s been thinking about this for a while. After watching Lachlan getting splashed with their combined cum loads we should assume this isn’t the last time we’re gonna see him enjoying some fun with another guy!

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Straight Lad Barclay Stuffs his Big Uncut Cock up Chris’s Ass Who Cums Buckets! (March 2017)

Barclay Graham fucking Chris Little

Chris Little returns to show new boy Barclay Graham how it goes in this excellent hardcore scene. After sharing their uncut cocks and sucking and wanking each other Chris gets it deep in his tight little hole, fucked all over the bed until he’s splashing his cum out of his dick, soon followed by Barclay busting his load out too.

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Bonus Video of Photo Shoot – Jon Stuffs his 9 Inch Uncut Cock up Straight Chris’s Hole Who Jizzes Big! (March 2017)

Jon Angus fucks Chris Little

Since he started out as an inexperienced straight boy wanking on video Chris Little has done a lot. Check him out in his latest hardcore video, sucking big dick with Jon Angus and getting that 9-inch cock deep in his ass!

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Straight, Muscular Casey Fucks Chris Hard with his Uncut Cock and Makes Him Cum Twice! (Nov 2016)

Casey Lee fucks Chris Little at Englishlads

There’s no denying handsome and fit boy Casey Lee has been enjoying himself, he’s having a lot more fun in this latest video with cute Chris Little. The boys get their uncut cocks out for some frotting and wanking, then Chris is getting his lips around that stiff dick to show Casey what his mouth can do. With his new friend enjoying himslef he offers his little ass for some dildo play, getting his pucker opened up for that hard cock. Watch Casey plunging his boner into that hole and making Chris cum hard, not once but twice!

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Straight Lads Fucking – Ricky’s big Uncut Cock Slams into Chris who Gushing Cum! (Sept 2016)

Chris Lilttle fucked by Ricky Hampton

It’s not the first time Ricky Hampton has shared his hard uncut straight boy cock with Chris Little. He’s back again to fill in when another boy pulled out, giving his dick to his new buddy and making Chris splash another cum load out before adding his own hot goo to the mess!

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Bonus Video of Chris and Jason’s Photo Shoot – Chris gets Fucked Hard by Jason’s Big Uncut Cock! (Jul 2016)

Jason Connor and Chris Little

It’s a bonus video with a lot of extra fun and games they never managed to fit into the original release. Chris is back again to ride another big cock, but not before he and Jason Connor swap their uncut dicks in a great session of mutual sucking and friendly wanking and frotting. With their dicks solid and leaking precum Jason slides his big cock into that tight little hole and gives Chris a great fucking, making the boy cum a hot load all over hismelf.

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Bonus Video of Chris and Jack’s Photo Shoot: Jack Fucks Chris until He Shoot Big! (May 2016)

Chris Little getting fucked by Jack Windsor

This is the bonus video to follow the original, with extra cock play and fun between the boys. Jack Windsor can be considered an experienced boy by now, the straight guy has shared his big uncut cock with loads of guys in great videos, and if anyone can ride that thing with equal lust it’s cute Chris Little. Watch the boys playing with their hard uncut dicks together, then see the boy sliding his ass down on that cock and taking an amazing fucking that has him splashing out a massive powerful cum load all over himself! His top buddy isn’t far behind, erupting his own hot cream over Chris.

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Straight Lad Ricky Ploughs his Chunky Uncut Cock into Naughty Chris! (May 2016)

Chris Little fucked by Ricky Hampton

Ricky Hampton and Chris Little were destined to get on extremely well, they both had the same daring cock curiosity right from the start, grabbing another guy’s dick and wanking and sucking without much fear. Since then they’ve both enjoyed a lot more cock, and getting them together was bound to be fun. See the straight boys wanking, frotting their dicks together and sucking each other off, then it’s time for some ass spanking and dildo play for young Chris. He gets a great fucking from Ricky, made to splash his cum out before his new friend unloads his jizz too.

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Bonus Video of Photo Shoot – Straight Lad Jaden Fucks Chris who in Turn Fucks Ben! (Apr 2016)

Three straight boys having sex

If you haven’t seen the original video of these three straight boys sucking and fucking then you really need to watch that before enjoying this bonus edition. Chris Little is teaching best friends Ben Thompson and Jaden Hicks all about enjoying their uncut cocks with each other, and what it feels like to slide into another boys hole!

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Straight Hunk Jonas Fucks his 1st Man & Naughty Chris Explodes After a Pounding! (Mar 2016)

Jonas Weber fucks Chris Little on video at Englishlads

Jonas Webber is already comfortable with Chris Little. In his last video he got his cock sucked by the young man and wanked the boy off in return before they shot their loads in a great finish. This time he’s going further, giving Chris a great fucking and pounding the cum out of the guy. There’s a lot of kissing, wanking and cock sucking before they get to that, of course. Jonas gets so hard when he’s sharing his dick with a dude you can tell he’s having a great time!

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Straight Lad Jonas gets his 1st Suck from a Man and Wanks his 1st Cock! (Jan 2016)

Chris Little sucking Jonas Webber

Who better to teach a new straight guy what it feels like to get sucked by a dude than horny young Chris Little? Jonas Webber is getting his uncut cock out for some fun with the lad, enjoying a lot of mutual jerking as they frot their cocks together and slap their dicks around. When Chris starts sucking Jonas and he’s wanking his new friend’s hard uncut dick, things really get horny for the guys and the cum loads they splash out prove they had a lot of fun!

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Tomas Stuffs His Huge Uncut Cock Into Chris’s Willing Hole and Fucks Him Hard! (Dec 2015)

Chris Little takes the big cock of Tomas Farago

Tomas Farago is a great guy, handsome and fit and with a big uncut cock that he’s not used to sharing with other guys. Still, he can’t help but have a great time when he’s swapping his dick with greedy straight boy Chris Little. See the guys frotting and wanking their cocks, then see Chris showing the hung guy what his mouth can do on that big piece. Soon it’s time for Chris to take it in the ass, but not before his hole has been teased open with some dildo play. Watch Tomas fucking that tight hole with his big jock cock, making Chris shoot cum from his shaft and then finishing with Tomas emptying his own big dick!

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Two Straight Lads in the Sunshine – Chris gives Jack a Right Good Fucking! (Oct 2015)

Chris Little fucking Jack Windsor on video

Chris Little is usually the one getting his tight little butt fucked, but for this great outdoor session with Jack Windsor it’s finally him getting some ass to fuck! The horny boys waste little time wanking and sucking those uncut dicks, swapping their boners and making each other leak precum, then it’s time for Chris to slide his length into his friend and ram him until their cum is ready to spew in a messy finish!

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Straight Lad Joey Wanks and Sucks his First Cock and Jizzes all over Chris! (Sep 2015)

Joey Barton porn video with Chris Little

Joey Barton’s cock is delicious, hard and throbbing and ready to be wanked and sucked by lucky Chris Little. But don’t be thinking this is all about a straight guy being serviced by another lad for the first time. He’s into it, grabbing Chris’ dick and wanking him off, slapping their hard cocks together, frotting and stroking. The mutual sucking is so hot to watch as they 69, with their heavy balls in each other’s faces. Chris gets his cum splashing with help from his hunky straight friend, then Joey shows how much fun he had by blasting his cum out all over Chris!

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Naughty Straight Lad Chris Fucks Josh Hard and Cums All Over Him (Jul 2015)

Chris Little fucks Josh Hathaway

When Josh Hathaway arrived I never thought we would see him getting fucked, but I guess we now know how wrong that assumption was. The straight guy has had a lot of fun with other guys since his first wanking video, now he’s getting the hard cock of sexy Chris up his ass for a good dicking. Watch the two wanking and sucking, sharing those hard uncut dicks with each other, then enjoy the sight of Josh getting his cum fucked out of him and Chris splashing his own big load out all over!

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Young Straight Footballer Liam Sucks his 1st Cock & Fucks his 1st Man! (May 2015)

Chris Little fucked by Liam Burlington

Straight footballer Liam Burlington is back to share his cock with Chris and it turns into an amazing mutual sucking and a great fucking session too. Liam doesn’t shy away from sharing his long cock with Chris, enjoying each other’s inches in the sun as they swap their dicks and wank and suck their stiffies. Soon it’s time for young Chris to take that dick in his ass, and Liam is totally up for it. See the straight boys fucking out their loads together in this great video.

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Big Boy Jon Stuffs his 9 Inch Thick Cock up Chris’s Ass – Chris Cums Like a Fountain! (Feb 2015)

Chris Little fucked by Jon Angus

If anyone can handle that big uncut cock, Chris can. Watch him share a great session of wanking, sucking and hardcore fucking as Jon Angus shares his big cock with young man, finishing up with plenty of cum gushing out and making a great mess!

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Naughty Straight Lad Chris gets a Good Hard Fucking by Jason’s Extra Large Uncut Cock! (Dec 2014)

Jason Connor fucking Chris Little at Englishlads

Jason Connor has a great cock, big and juicy, enough to satisfy even a straight boy like Chris Little. Watch the two getting their dicks out and having some fun, frotting, wanking and sucking those boners, then fucking too! Chris takes a great ride on that big cock until he can’t stop his cum from spewing out all over!

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Bonus Video of Photo Shoot – Naughty Chris Gets Fucked by Rich’s 9 Inch Uncut Cock! (Nov 2014)

Rich Wills fucking Chris Little

It’s the bonus video of one of the hottest duo’s starring Chris Little. We get to see more of the fun as he gobbles the 9-inch uncut cock if handsome and fit straight guy Rich Wills, then slides his ass down on that big cock and takes it for a ride. You can see from the massive cum shots the boys shoot that they have a great time together.

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Bonus Video of Chris, Doug and Dan’s Photo Shoot – Threesome Kiss, Suck & Fuckfest! (Sep 2014)

Chris Little Dan Broughton and Doug Mitchell in a threesome

Straight boy Chris is getting plenty in this threesome! It’s a bonus video with extra fun from the awesome action he shares with Dan Broughton and hung straight hunk Doug Mitchell. Watch the guys sucking and fucking their way to a massive sticky finish!

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Straight Lad Kevin Gets Fucked for 1st Time – Naughty Chris Ploughs him Hard! (Sep 2014)

Kevin Wilson fucked by Chris Little

Kevin Wilson is jumping right in with this video alongside Chris. The handsome straight guy has wanked and sucked other guys, had a lot of fun with his uncut cock and enjoying other guys dicks, and now he’s getting his hole fucked by Chris! It’s his first time getting a dick up his ass, but after the boys wank and suck each other and enjoy their wet boners he seems real into it. The cum loads these boys both squirt everywhere by the end of it shows they had a great time together.

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Straight Essex Lads Ben & Jaden Suck Their 1st Cocks & Jaden Fucks Chris who in Turn Fucks Ben! (May 2014)

Three straight boys sucking cock and fucking on video

This is easily one of the hottest gay threesome videos you will ever see, mainly because all three of these gorgeous boys are straight. We have Chis Little teaching best friends Ben Thompson and Jaden Hicks how much fun it can be when lads get their hard cocks out together. Soon all three are wanking their dicks, stroking each other, sucking hard young cock and taking it all the way with some great butt fucking! Blond boy Ben gets fucked for the very first time, so does Chris! It’s an amazing play session between these guys who seem to have a lot of fun with their dicks.

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Bonus Video of Chris & Tyler’s Photo Shoot – Muscular Marine Tyler Kisses then Fucks Hard! (May 2014)

Straight guys fucking on video

Handsome hunk Tyler Hirst is back to plunge his uncut straight man dick into Chris Little for this hardcore bonus session. It’s packed with extra footage, kind of a behind-the-scenes as they share their dicks and have some mutual sucking and wanking fun, but the real action is when Tyler slides his throbbing dick into that tight little ass and fucks Chris all over the bed to get their jizz spewing out!

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Straight Hung Uncut Stud Jack Pounds Naughty Chris who Gushes Cum Everywhere! (Feb 2014)

Str8 Lads Doug & Chris in a Kiss, Suck & Fuckfest with Dan! (Dec 2013)

Bonus Video of Luke and Chris’s Photo Shoot – Luke Fucks His First Guy (Oct 2013)

Straight Royal Marine Tyler Fucks Naughty Chris’ Hole Roughly Til he Explodes! (Sep 2013)

Straight Pup Luke & his Big Very Hard Uncut Cock Fucks his First Man & its Straight Naughty Boy Chris Little! (Jul 2013)

Bonus Video of Photo Shoot Where Straight Pup Chris fucks Josh (Jun 2013)

Bonus Video of Photo Shoot – Straight Hunks Chris & Stewart Fuck (May 2013)

Straight Hunk Rich Stuffs his big 9 Inch Uncut Cock up Straight Pup Chris’ Eager Hole! (May 2013)

Two Straight Men Making Gay Sex Very Interesting – Chris Fucks Stewart in One Hot Session! (Mar 2013)

Straight Young Pup Chris Kisses & Fucks Josh & Then Explodes Massive! (Jan 2013)

Three Straight Men & Dan & Chris Gives up his Cherry Getting Well Stuffed! (Dec 2012)

Straight Hunks Rich & Chris Switch Fuck Dan’s Tight & Soon Fulfilled Hole before Drowning him in Cum! (Nov 2012)

Tyler, Chris & Rich – Three Straight Hunks Playing in the Sunshine (Aug 2012)

Straight Hunk Jude gets his First Blow Job from a Guy & its From Naughty Str8 Pup Chris! (Jun 2012)

Straight Cheeky Fucker Chris Fucks His First Man – Justin Gets it Rough! (May 2012)

Testosterone Pumping Straight Hunks Zack Elliot & Chris Little Mess Over Each Other! (Mar 2012)

Straight Young Pup Chris Little Dives in for His First Man Kiss – How Hot… and Wet! (Feb 2012)

Straight Diving Ace Chris Lets Loose – An Innocent Massage Gets Way out of Hand! (Oct 2011)

Blond Young Straight Pup Chris Cums Everywhere After his 1st Vibrator Experience! (Jul 2011)



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