Dominic Moore

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Gay porn star Dominic Moore
Straight hung boy Dominic Moore appears in gay porn for the English Lads site

Name: Dominic Moore

Nationality: British

Height: 5’11”

Weight: Unknown

Age: 19

Build: Slim

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Unknown

Cock Size: 8″

Cut/Uncut: Uncut

Sexuality: Straight

Role: N/A


Dominic Moore is a sporty and straight British lad with a smooth and tight body, he plays football and enjoys boxing. He’s packing an 8″ uncut cock in his shorts and he’s not at all shy about showing off his big dick, playing with himself for the fans and shooting off his loads. He’s a little curious about sharing his cock with other lads and having some fun.

Career Highlights:

None to date


None to date

Things of note:

  • Hung
  • Straight
  • Slim
  • Uncut Cock
  • Confident
  • Curious


Monday 28th May 2018: Rumor suggests that Dominic might have filmed a scene being sucked by one of the other guys for the first time. We’re not sure if it’s a mutual oral session video.




Video Appearances:

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Straight Pup Dominic Wanks & Sucks Muscular Cameron Uncut Cock & Both Shoot Big Loads of Cum!

Dominic Moore returns and he’s ready to have a great time with fellow straight guy Cameron Donald in this cock play session. It’s all about their hard and wet uncut cocks for this video, the two are soon groping each other’s warm meat, wanking each other, sliding their dicks around together in some hot frotting, and Dominic even decides to suck his new friend and enjoy a taste of Cameron’s meat! The two finish off with some awesome cock-to-cock frotting fun and the cum starts to spurt in a messy display that leaves both these straight dicks drained and happy. CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Straight Hunk Eddie Branson Wanks his 1st Man & its Dominic Moore’s Uncut Cock – Lucky Guy!

straight guys wanking each other off on video
Dominic Moore shows straight hunk Eddie Branson what another guy’s cock feels like

The last time we saw straight jock dude Eddie Branson he was getting his thick uncut cock stroked by another man for the first time, and enjoying it. Now it’s his turn to experience the feel of another guy’s cock in his hand when he teams up with fellow straight lad Dominic Moore for a mutual masturbation and cock frotting session. Dominic has been having a lot of fun getting his dick out with other boys and sharing some stroking, his uncut dick really seems to like all the attention. He’s a good choice to get this new straight dude into it and it’s not long before both their intact dicks are wet and throbbing while they stroke their shafts and rub them together, flashing their straight guy butt holes and then kicking back on the bed to shoot their cum loads out over themselves! Something tells me this isn’t gonna be the last time we see Eddie enjoying another cock.

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Muscular & Hairy Big Cocked Uncut Stud Tom Lawson Wanks his 1st Man & Shoots a Massive Load!

two straight guys rubbing cocks and wanking together
Straight Tom Lawson gets a feel of another cock with Dominic Moore

After wanking cocks with another lad and sucking his first dick in his last video Dominic Moore has certainly learned a lot about cock play with other straight lads since he arrived. He was a great choice to team up with straight hunk Tom Lawson, showing him what a really good mutual jerk off feels like. The handsome Rugby player was eager to get started, his big uncut cock is throbbing in his boxers before it’s even out! After a lot of groping and bulge rubbing the guys show each other their boners and they seem to like what they find. Tom’s cock is so hard it points up to the ceiling and he doesn’t waste time or hold back when it’s his turn to grab his friend by the cock and wank him off. It certainly seems that Tom is excited about getting the chance to play with another cock, enjoying the feel of Dominic’s dick in his hand as he constantly reaches to wank him off again and again. Dominic is no slouch either, the frotting these guys share as he positions himself between Tom’s legs on the floor is perfect. After a whole lot of mutual wanking and cock frotting Tom lays back and lets his new friend take him over the edge, being made to cum a big load all over himself. We could already tell Tom was having a great time rubbing dicks with the lad, but that cum explosion he launches all over his hairy jock body is incredible to watch. Dominic isn’t far behind, pumping his own load out of his dick and making a hot and sticky mess while Tom watches. The two satisfied boys look pleased with themselves by the end of it, and after all this fun we have no doubt Tom is going to be looking for a lot more cock play with other lads after this.

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Young Straight Dominic Moore Sucks his 1st Cock and Chris Cums all over him!

Two uncut straight boys share their dicks sitting on a couch

Dominic Moore is a curious young man with an eager 8″ uncut cock, and although it was only last month that we saw the boy grabbing another guys cock and sharing some mutual wanking with fellow straight lad Jack Montague he’s already back and looking forward to more mutual cock fun with one of their other straight boys! You might not believe that Chris Little is straight, or at least he used to be. There’s no denying that he really enjoys playing with other guy’s cocks these days, he’s even fucked and been fucked numerous times already. He’s probably the perfect boy to show young Damien how much fun mutual cock sucking can be between boys. There’s really no holding back with these two boys, Damien gets his mouth around Chris’ cock and starts sucking, for a first time experience he really seems to be enjoying the taste. Chris returns the favor, with a whole lot of kissing and mutual cock stroking, frotting their dicks together and generally having a great time with their throbbing tools. The reward at the end is impressive, with Chris spewing hot cum all over his straight friend, which soon has Damien splashing his own cream out of his dick too! It seems this straight boy has discovered just how good it is to share cock with other boys, I think we’re going to be seeing a lot more of him!

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Straight Young Men Jack & Dominic Wank Each Other’s Big Cocks!

Straight Young Men Jack & Dominic Wank Each Other's Big Cocks!

Straight boy Jack Montague has experienced some horny mutual wanking fun in his last video, grabbing another lad’s uncut cock for the first time and stroking him off while he got his own long and hooded dick manhandled for him too. He really seemed to enjoy that experience, shooting off some hot cream with the lad by the end of it all. This time he’s back and ready to show cute little Dominic Moore how it feels to swap cocks and jerk each other off, and it seems this boy enjoys all the mutual rubbing! Dominic isn’t used to the feel of another dick in his hand but Jack shows him how it goes and before long the two straight boys are loving all that dick play, pumping those boners and sliding those foreskins around until both are spewing out their cum loads, with Dominic really making a hot, sticky, splashing mess! Looks like he had fun, no doubt he’ll be back to try something new after this.

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Young Toned Boxer Dominic Moore Shows his 8 Inch Uncut Erection & Cums Like a Fireman’s Hose!

Young Toned Boxer Dominic Moore Shows his 8 Inch Uncut Erection & Cums Like a Fireman's Hose!

Sporty boy Dominic Moore is just starting out, but this lad has a very eager uncut 8″ footballer cock that he loves to show off and he’s confident when it comes to jerking his dick for the fans and shooting off a whole lot of erupting cum! The cute boy puts on a great show, stripping down and teasing the fans, revealing his long intact footballer cock and playing with it. We get to see him sliding that foreskin back, pumping his dick in his fist until it’s throbbing and wet in his grip, wanking himself off with both hands. We even get to see his straight boy ass as he shows off his hole! By the time he’s done his cock is spewing out a hot and thick mess of white straight boy cum over himself, and he’s making us all unload with him. Will we be seeing more of this boy and his uncut cock? Will he let another lad wank him off and suck that shaft for him? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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Young Straight Stud Henry gets his 1st Man Wank & Wanks his 1st Man & Big Dom is the Lucky Boy!

two straight boys jerking each other off and stretching their foreskins
Straight boys Henry Kane and Dominic Moore wank each other off

Dominic Moore is perhaps the perfect boy to be teaching Henry Kane how much fun two guys can have with their cocks. The hung uncut lad has been enjoying a lot of wanking with other guys in the last few months, and we even saw him being sucked recently too. This time he was back to give Henry his first hand job from a guy, in a massage session, but things didn’t quite work out that way. With a little groping of their dick bulges in their shorts Henry was eager for more, reaching into his new friend’s shorts and pulling Dominc’s 8-inch uncut cock out. It was already getting hard and Henry seemed eager to feel it in his hand and wank him off. Soon enough his own cock was out and growing stiff in Dominic’s hand too! The plan to massage and wank the lad soon changed, it was clear Henry really wanted to feel that cock and stroke another hard one, so that’s exactly what they do. With their gorgeous smooth and hooded cocks throbbing and leaking precum the boys share some frotting, rubbing their lengths together kneeling on the bed, than laying back and combining their cocks, balls-to-balls. With some ass-showing and some foreskin stretching the two straight lads wank each other off some more until they can feel their cum loads rising. Dominic is the first to splash cum out, launching his semen up his body while Henry watches beside him, then it’s his turn to shoot. The lad kneels on the bed and wanks his dick, sending a shower of straight boy semen out of his dick and raining his load down over the towel and sheets in front of him! Henry clearly had a whole lot of fun and I doubt this will be the last time we see the handsome boy sharing his cock with a friend. CLICK FOR THE GALLERY.

Young Rugby Player William gets his 1st Manhandling & Dominic Wanks him to an Amazing Cum Shower!

straight guy hand job
Straight Rugby player William is back to get a hand job from Dominic

When Dominic Moore arrived for his first jerk off solo I don’t think anyone expected this footballer to be so into playing with other cocks, but look at him now! He’s been in some great videos, wanking guys off, frotting cocks with other straight boys, even sucking a dick for the first time. Now he’s back to show another straight guy how much fun a hand job from another lad can be. Big Rugby playing dude William Harrison has been in one solo, wanking his 8″ uncut cock and showering himself with cum, now he’s getting that big dick played with by another lad and he really has a great time. His long cock is throbbing with just a little friendly groping, soon out of those shorts and in Dominic’s hand as the lad strokes his new friend’s long shaft. His foreskin is damp and slippery, his tip leaking precum for Dominic to play with, his balls churning up a big load for the finale. After some flashing of his straight guy ass and a whole lot of cock stroking William lays back on the bed and lets Dominic take him over the edge, his cock exploding a mess of hot semen, splashing his cock juice out right up his body! It looks like he even launched some of his load over his shoulder! He definitely had a good time, and so did Dominic. I think we’ll be seeing both of these straight boys again for more in the future.

Straight Hunk Eddie Wanks his 1st Man & its Big Dom’s Uncut Cock That Stands to Attention!

two straight guys frotting cocks, Dominic Moore and Eddie Branson cum together at Englishlads
Straight guys Eddie Branson and Dominic Moore share their uncut cocks with each other

Dominic Moore has really impressed me since the straight young boxer arrived in December 2017. He didn’t take long to start exploring things and so far we’ve seen some great videos of him being jerked off, wanking another guy’s cock and sucking his first dick too. He’s a horny young man who just seems to love sharing cock play with other horny lads, and there’s no shortage of guys who want to play with his uncut 8-inch cock. This time it’s straight Rugby player Eddie Bronson, a big and buff jock who we last saw back in October 2017. He was only in two videos, the first one a solo and the second one a hand job with another straight guy wanking him. With almost 6 months between those two videos we had the impression that this big straight guy was very reluctant to do anything else with another guy. Well, he’s back! The former military man seems to be more willing than before, teaming up with Dominic for some friendly wanking, getting his 7.5-inch uncut cock out with the lad and sharing some mutual wanking, cock frotting and cum shooting. I don’t know what’s changed, but Dominic is a perfect choice for some friendly cock play, I have no doubt looking at the photos that the video of these two enjoying their uncut cocks together is going to be a highlight of the month. Just how far will straight boy Dominic go with the other boys on the site? I’m guessing we might see him fucking one of the other lads soon.

Tom Lawson shows Dominic Moore his long uncut cock

Dominic Moore has been eager and willing to explore fun with other lads on the site, and now the straight boy is back to get his 8″ uncut cock out with another one of their inexperienced guys. Rugby playing hunk Tom Lawson has let another guy wank him off and make him cum in a happy ending massage a little while ago, but he clearly had fun then and wanted to do more. He’s got the right friend in Dominic, a boy who isn’t shy about grabbing the lad’s cock and getting his own big dick out for some friendly cock play. Tom is already getting hard the moment his long dick is out of his shorts, with Dominic playing with it for him. With his own uncut meat wet with precum and starting to get incredibly hard he turns his attention to Dominic’s cock, hauling out the lad’s dick and playing with it. You can see he’s enjoying himself, wanking the thick and long cock and making it hard, his own dick is soon solid and wet as the boys grab each other, wanking their friend, combining their hard cocks and rubbing them together. With some flashing of their virgin holes the guys get back to jerking themselves and each other, with Tom seemingly loving the feel of that other dick in his fist. Eventually they can’t take any more wanking the boys finish off in epic style, with Tom being stroked to climax by his friend, launching a huge load of cum all over himself, shooting semen right over his head! Dominic isn’t far behind, taking up position and wanking himself off until he’s doing almost the same, splashing semen out over his body while handsome jock Tom watches his cock spewing juice.


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