Jessy Bernardo

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Gay porn star Jessy Bernardo with a long uncut cock
Jessy Bernardo is a gay porn star currently appearing for the site

Name: Jessy Bernardo

Nationality: Canadian

Height: 5’9″

Weight: 180 lbs

Age/D.O.B: Unknown

Build: Muscular

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

Cock Size: 7″

Cut/Uncut: Uncut

Sexuality: Unknown

Role: Versatile


Jessy Bernardo is a handsome and rugged gay porn star with a 7″ long uncut cock, currently appearing for the site. He’s considered a daddy by many of the fans although his age is unknown. He’s a versatile performer and we’ve seen him top and bottom in his scenes to date.

Career Highlights:

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Things of note:

  • Muscled
  • Handsome
  • Uncut Cock
  • Versatile


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Video Appearances:

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Exposure Part 3

William Seed, Mateo Sanchez, Jessy Bernardo and Alexy Tyler in Exposure Part 3

Even after fucking out their loads together, then catching Manuel Skye spying on them and fucking and feeding him too, William Seed and Jessy Bernardo still have more cum in their cocks ready to be pumped out! William and Jessy head out through the trees, naked and with their big juicy uncut cocks swinging around, when they suddenly discover equally horny Alexy Tyler. He doesn’t need an invite, just the sight of these two handsome men with their big dicks needing some loving is enough to have him joining their party and stripping naked for some threesome fun. Just as they’re getting down to it and enjoying those delicious dicks Parks worker Mateo Sanchez arrives looking angry and ready to call the cops on the men. But, this is porn land after all, his own hard uncut cock is soon out of his pants and he’s joining in the fun. Alexy is in heaven as he strokes, sucks and gets fucked by the gang of horny men, taking cock after cock in his mouth and ass until each one is spewing hot milky jizz out over his face and body. Just as the fourgy is coming to an end and the guys are about to part, yet another new arrival appears, seemingly ready to break up this unplanned gay orgy with the use of his rifle!

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Exposure Part 2

Three men sucking cocks outside

William Seed and Jessy Bernardo have just had a great fuck outside, but they just discovered pervert Manuel Skye has been watching and wanking from the trees! They find the guy stroking his big dick to the sight of them enjoying theirs and chase him to his car, but it’s too late for him to escape! These two men just can’t stop splashing cum and they need some more mouth and ass to slam their dicks into. He might have been hoping to just stroke his meat to the sight of these two handsome men fucking, but now he finds himself sucking those wet cocks, being rimmed, having his mouth and ass fucked and even fucking Jessy too! He gets a mess of hot muscle cum pumped out over him by the end of this encounter.

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Exposure Part 1

William Seed fucking Jessy Bernardo in Exposure Part 1

Jessy Bernardo is a horny man with an uncut cock that always needs attention, that’s why he hangs out in men’s rooms flashing his hooded dick to other dudes looking for a little bit of fun. When he sees handsome muscled hunk William Seed he can’t resist flashing him his dick and jerking off in front of him. William is shocked to start with, leaving the men’s room, but soon comes back unable to resist the chance to finally explore some cock fun with another man. After some friendly groping the two are interrupted and flee the men’s room for somewhere a little more secluded, out in the open by the woods! The two get down to it, with Jessy sucking that uncut muscle man’s cock and taking a hard fucking up the ass, splashing their cum loads out. They have no idea someone is spying on them and filming their fun from the trees!

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