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Gay porn star Joel Jenkins (right) appears alongside his friend Cameron Donald in a handjob video for the English Lads site

Name: Joel Jenkins

Nationality: British

Height: 6’3″

Weight: Unknown

Age: 21

Build: Toned

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Brown

Cock Size: 8″

Cut/Uncut: Uncut

Sexuality: Straight

Role: N/A


Joel Jenkins is a handsome and fit 21 year old straight guy performing for the English Lads site in the UK. Friend of fit young straight guy Cameron Donald, he arrived there in November 2013 to appear in a solo and was reluctant to go further but agreed to being wanked by his friend. He returned for a mutual masturbation video with fellow straight guy Jack Windsor shortly after.

After these experiences he left the site, but returned in December 2015. Since then he’s appeared in several mutual masturbation videos with other straight guys and recently got his first gay blowjob from Andrew Hayden.

Career Highlights:

Although reluctant to experience anything more than mutual masturbation with other performers Joel was recently convinced to let another guy suck his cock in a threesome masturbation and oral video with fellow straight performers Andrew Hayden and Aaron Janes.


None to date


Many of the fans were disappointed that Joel left the site for some time in the summer of 2014, and upon his return the pressure to go further with other performers has been considerable.

Things of note:

  • Hung
  • Uncut Cock
  • Straight
  • Handsome


Unconfirmed rumours suggest that Joel Jenkins is about to return for a mutual sucking video with another one of their straight performers.




Video Appearances: (oldest first)

Hunky Straight Joel Shows Off His Thick Uncut Cock & Muscular Body

Hunky Straight Joel Jenkins Shows Off His Thick Uncut Cock & Muscular Body

Handsome and fit straight guy Joel arrives for his very first wanking video, confidently showing off his smooth and slightly defined body, then revealing his thick uncut cock. Although a little nervous at first he soon warms up to the idea of being appreciated, his cock thickening and throbbing, leading to a lovely solo cock stroke performance that has him spurting his first cum load from his cock and pleasing all the fans!

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Joel lets Straight Mate Cameron be the 1st Guy to Touch & Wank His Huge Uncut Cock!

Joel Jenkins lets Straight Mate Cameron Donald be the 1st Guy to Touch & Wank His Huge Uncut Cock

Joel Jenkins is back after his first solo wanking video to experience something a little more horny! His good friend Cameron Donald is on hand, quite literally, to oil the lad up and get to grips with his hard uncut cock in his first ever man wank! Joel seems to love the experience, his cock hard and oozing precum while his mate wanks him off. There’s some great playful moments between the two friends, enjoying themselves as Cameron strokes his buddy and the two finish off side-by-side splashing their cum out over themselves!

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Sexy Hung Uncut Stud Joel Wanks his 1st Cock; Jack Lies Back & Explodes!

Sexy Hung Uncut Stud Joel Jenkins Wanks his 1st Cock; Jack Windsor Lies Back & Explodes

After having his cock wanked by a guy for the first time in his previous video it’s only right that Joel return and feel another lads uncut cock for the first time! Jack Windsor is the lucky (and experienced) young man getting his own cock out with the new guy as they compare their dicks, slapping their meat together, wanking each other off, frotting their erections and finally splashing two healthy young straight guy cum loads from their cocks. No doubt about it, these two horny straight boys had a whole lot of fun playing with another hard and throbbing cock!

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There is Naughty & Then Meet Joel & his Stunning Uncut Cock!

There is Naughty & Then Meet Joel Jenkins & his Stunning Uncut Cock

After a few months away from the site handsome and fit Joel Jenkins returns to get himself back into the swing of things with another great cock wanking video. The guy is looking more confident than ever, and slightly more toned too! His big dick is soon out and throbbing in his hands as he plays with his meat and strokes himself up to another hot and splashing jizz shot. Hopefully this will be the start of a lot more cock fun to come with this great performer.

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Young Lad Ryan gets his First Wank from a Guy and Cums on his Abs and Chest!

Young Lad Ryan Ledson gets his First Wank from a Guy and Cums on his Abs and Chest

Joel is really getting into sharing his cock and wanking with other lads! He’s back again, this time it’s straight twink boy Ryan Ledson getting his friendly attentions as the fit young man gives the boy a bit of a massage before focusing on his hard young boner. Turns out Ryan is pretty appreciative of all that wanking, he doesn’t hesitate to get his hands on Joel’s cock, giving him plenty of wanking in return until both these straight lads are laying back on the bed and pumping cum from their cocks.

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Hunky Straight Lad Joel gets his 1st Man Blow & Aaron Joins in Getting Sucked by Straight Lad Andrew!

Hunky Straight Lad Joel Jenkins gets his 1st Man Blow & Aaron Janes Joins in Getting Sucked by Straight Lad Andrew Hayden

So far straight lad Joel Jenkins has been all about wanking, stroking other guys cocks and getting his own uncut dick jerked for him, but after a little persuading he’s agreed to come back and share some cock sucking. He’s been teamed up with handsome fellow straight boys Aaron Janes and Andrew Hayden for this threesome of cock fun in the sun, with a whole lot of mutual masturbation between the boys while Andre shows both his friends what his mouth can do! Even though Joey was reluctant to let a dude suck his cock he’s clearly having fun, until all the boys are splashing their cream out of their dicks in a lovely cummy finish.

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Straight Hunk Barclay gets his First Manhandling from Joel and Wanks his 1st Cock!

Straight Hunk Barclay Graham gets his First Manhandling from Joel Jenkins and Wanks his 1st Cock

Joel Jenkins is back again, and he’s educating a new straight mate in the art of mutual cock play! Barclay Graham has only been in a solo jack off video so far, but now the young man is going further than ever and getting his big uncut dick out with Joel for some friendly rubbing. A little massage gets the ball rolling, but the sight of Joel’s uncut dick when he gets his meat out is enough to have the guy grabbing it and wanking him. There’s a lot of mutual cock play in this one, loads of frotting as the two compare their hard dicks and stroke each other, showing off their virgin butt holes too before both laying back to wank each other to the edge. The guys both had so much fun, you can tell. Just watch the massive splashing load Barclay squirts out of his cock, splashing all the way up to his neck!

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Bonus Video of Photo Shoot – Sexy Young Stud Joel & his Thick 8 inch Uncut Cock Wanks his 1st Cock – Jack Lies Back & Explodes!

Bonus Video of Photo Shoot - Sexy Young Stud Joel Jenkins & his Thick 8 inch Uncut Cock Wanks his 1st Cock - Jack Windsor Lies Back & Explodes

Remember when Joel touched another guy’s uncut cock for the first time and enjoyed the feel of wanking another stiffy? Jack Windsor was the lucky guy welcoming Joel to the party after a whole lot of consideration and the guys had a great time, this bonus video gives us a lot more of the fun the guys shared, less edited and more relaxed as they stroke those dicks and have plenty of fun getting those cum spurts splashing out. It’s amazing to see Joel enjoying a cock like that after months of refusing to go further than being wanked off for money. Obviously, we all know he enjoyed it when he tried it, and he did a lot more wanking (and getting sucked) after that.

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Straight Lads Joel Jenkins & Casias Bradley Massage Each Other’s Big Uncut Cocks!

After almost a year away from the site handsome straight lad Joel Jenkins has returned to get some more cock stroking fun, and this time he’s getting very hands-on with new straight lad Casias Bradley as they take their friendly buddy massage to an amazing buddy bate! The guys are soon both hard, their big uncut cocks damp with precum and throbbing in their grip as they grab each other by the shaft, slap their dicks together, rub each other and pleasure their new friend to bring themselves closer and closer to shooting off their hot cum loads. See the guys having a great time as they play with those dicks, eager to enjoy as much buddy dick fun as they can before they spurt their semen out all over themselves!

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Bonus Video of Joel Jenkin’s Photo Shoot – Straight Hunk returns for Bum Bonanza!

Fit straight lad Joel Jenkins gives us a bit of extra fun in this new bonus shoot, his 8-inch uncut cock is soon throbbing and loving all the attention as he performs for the fans and gets to work on some anal play. It’s hard to imagine this guy used to be so reluctant to do anything more than wank in a solo, but since he tried some cock play with another lad for the first time he’s been pretty into exploring things. Check out the bonus video and let’s hope for more from this handsome straight lad and his big uncut dick.

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Bonus Video of Thomas Parks and Joel Jenkins Photo Shoot – Straight Hunk Gets his 1st Manhandling!

Joel Jenkins massaging and wanking Thomas Parks on video

It might be described as a bonus video, but this 33-minute session of massaging, wanking and hand job action between gorgeous straight guys Joel Jenkins and Thomas Parks is a little more than that. We saw the gallery released a long time ago and we’ve been hoping for some video of the horny fun these guys share, and finally it’s here for us all to enjoy. Thomas is a little nervous about things but once Joel starts giving him a massage things relax a lot. Soon the straight guy is naked with his long and floppy uncut cock right there for Joel to start playing with. After some rubbing and stroking in slippery hands Thomas is hard and loving it, and he’s not the only one. Joel slips his shorts off and reveals his own 8″ throbber, his cock stiff and oozing as he wanks himself off. The boys pose for some more pictures and Joel gets back to wanking his new buddy, while Thomas can’t seem to stop checking out the big stiff dick his friend has. After a whole lot of great wanking with the guys they lay back on the bed and continue to rub their incredible looking dicks, checking out the boner beside them, Joel reaching over to lend his friend his hand again. Finally they’re ready to cum, each splashing hot straight guy ball juice out of their dick tips and decorating their abs with their semen. Boy, they sure look pleased with themselves by the end of it!

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Straight Hunks Rich Wills and Joel Jenkins Wank off Each Others Massive Uncut Cocks & Shoot Loads!

straight jocks Rich Wills and Joel Jenkins wanking each other in a gay porn video for English Lads
Straight guys Rich Wills and Joel Jenkins get a feel of each other’s uncut cocks

I was really hoping that when Rich Wills came back to share his uncut 9-inch cock with another one of their straight lads recently, after several years away, that we would get to see him enjoying his cock and jerking off with fellow handsome straight lad Joel Jenkins. My wish came true! The handsome guys are a great match for each other, both fit and both very horny, both straight but willing to get their hooded cocks out with another guy to enjoy some mutual stroking and cock frotting. The guys get familiar with each other by playing with their dick bulges in their underwear while they compare muscles and pose for the cameras, but soon those cocks are out and the guys are getting a good look at the other’s dick. They both have great cocks, and it’s not long at all before the boys are rock hard and throbbing, stroking each other and sliding their foreskins back, making their balls bounce and slapping their dicks together for some awesome frotting. I love seeing a couple of straight guys like these two enjoying their dicks like that and you can definitely tell these guys are having fun with those stiff members. The boys show off their tight butt holes before laying back on the bed for more mutual wanking, playing with each other’s stiff dicks some more before each of them is ready to wank out their cum and splash semen over their abs. No doubt about it, these guys love to have a good jerk off and they definitely don’t mind rubbing dicks with another dude to get that cum load rising.

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Bonus Video of Jack Ashton and Joel Jenkin’s Photo Shoot – Straight Footballer Wanks 1st Cock!

two uncut straight guys rubbing cocks
Straight footballer Jack Ashton gets his first feel of another cock with fellow straight lad Joel Jenkins

Run time: 29 minutes

No doubt straight jock boy Joel Jenkins has come a long way since he first got his 8-inch uncut cock out for a wank way back in 2013. He took a little convincing to share some fun with other lads, but since then he’s been up to all kinds of horny antics with the other boys and his long dick definitely enjoys it all. He’s a good choice to get straight footballer into handling another lad’s meat. Jack Ashton has been exploring extremely slowly since he arrived, but it’s finally time for him to feel another stiff cock in his hand and rub dicks with another dude, and it seems his cock enjoys every second of it! Watch the lads rubbing their bulges together, revealing their throbbing tools, comparing their cocks and feeling the hardness of another guy’s dick, sharing a horny session of straight guy cock play until both their boners are spewing out hot creamy ball juice together. I think Jack has discovered some new things about himself by the end of this experience with Joel. CLICK FOR THE FULL VIDEO

Bonus Video of Aaron, Andrew and Joel’s Photo Shoot – 3 Straight Lads in the Sunshine!

Three straight boys enjoying their uncut cocks in the sun with wanking and sucking
Aaron Janes, Andrew Hayden and Joel Jenkins share some wanking and sucking in the sun!

Run time: 24 minutes

Even the bonus videos we get of boys like these are awesome to watch, long and horny, with plenty of extra action that will likely make you want to go back and watch the original video again. This one stars three of the most gorgeous straight boys, with Joel Jenkins getting his first cock sucking from another lad and loving it. It’s taken a little convincing, but the handsome lad (on the far left) is finally willing to let Andrew Hayden suck on his cock for him. Aaron Janes (far right) is eager to join in too, getting his own hooded muscle jock cock out for some friendly wanking and dick play in the sun, letting Andrew work both their boners to some creamy cum splashing finishes. It’s a great session of dick play for three hot straight lads in the summer sun, and if you’re not wanking out you load with these boys by the end then you’re doing it all wrong and you should probably go back to the start and watch it again. CLICK FOR THE FULL VIDEO


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