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Tyler Hirst and Ricky Hampton at English Lads
Tyler Hirst (left) appears with fellow straight guy Ricky Hampton and sucks his cock

Name: Tyler Hirst

Nationality: British

Height: 5’11”

Weight: Unknown

Age: 25

Build: Muscular

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Cock Size: 6.5″

Cut/Uncut: Uncut

Sexuality: Straight

Role: Top


Former Royal Marine Tyler Hirst is a handsome and muscular guy with a perfectly pink uncut cock with a tapering foreskin. He arrived on the English Lads site in September 2011 for his first solo shoot but was soon back and exploring things with Dan Broughton. Since his first experience of being wanked by a guy he’s enjoyed everything from sucking cock to fucking other performers.

One of the most active members of the performer team he’s a happy and easy going straight guy who seems to enjoy sharing his cock with other guys. He’s often seen hard while wanking and sucking other performers and seems to be more bi-curious than straight these days.

Career Highlights:

While every scene Tyler has appeared in has been excellent, our personal favourite was seeing him sucking cock for the first time. He appeared with Dan Broughton and got his own uncut cock sucked then tasted Dan’s dick too before the two got into a mutual sucking 69. Both performers clearly enjoyed themselves and it led to Tyler being one of the most popular experimental straight guys on the site.


None to date


None to date. Interestingly, while it’s often the case that straight performers receive complaints from viewers about their limits and often face scrutiny for their sexuality, the fans seem to enjoy seeing Tyler Hirst in action regardless.

Things of note:

  • Handsome
  • Uncut Cock
  • Straight
  • Muscled
  • Enjoys sharing his cock
  • Former Royal Marine


None to date




Video Appearances:

EnglishLads.com videos (Newest first)

Bonus Video of Noah Miller’s Photo Shoot with Tyler Hirst – Tall Blond Hunk gets his 1st Man Handling & Cums Massively!

straight hunk massaged and jerked off
Straight Tyler Hirst jerks off Noah Miller

Bonus footage is always fun, but this site does it better than most. This isn’t just ten minutes of extra content, this is a full-on horny video all on its own, with straight muscle man Tyler Hirst showing fellow straight guy Noah Miller how good it feels to have another guy stroke that cock and make him cum. And boy does he cum! After a long session of exploring that muscled body Tyler gets the guy splashing cream from his 8-ich dick! CLICK FOR THE VIDEO.

Bonus Video of Aiden Walsh and Tyler Hirst’s Photo Shoot – Straight Hung Hunk Gets his 1st Man BJ!

straight guy sucks another straight guy's cock
Extra fun with Tyler Hirst showing Aiden Walsh how good a blow job from a guy can be

It’s another great session if extra footage, a full-length porn video with a couple of great straight guys who know how to have fun. Aiden Walsh has needed a little persuading to get his uncut cock sucked by another lad, but we all know Tyler Hirst is more than capable. The guys share some great mutual jerking in this video, frotting their cocks together and stroking each other’s hooded length, then it’s time for Tyler to get his mouth around that big dick and show this straight boy what he’s been missing! After all the wanking and sucking the two guys kick back and shoot off their cum loads together, making a great sticky mess! CLICK FOR THE VIDEO

Bonus Video of Jasper Hale and Tyler Hirst’s Photo Shoot – Jasper gets first Man BJ!

straight guys in a happy ending massage with cock sucking
Straight hunk Tyler Hirst shows Jasper Hale some great cock play

The bonus videos are awesome! If you didn’t see the original session with Jasper Hale getting his first experience with another guy then you might want to check out this extra footage of the two. Tyler Hirst might have started out straight, but this former Royal Marine really seems to love wanking other guy’s cocks, frotting his dick against theirs, and sucking guys off too! Jasper wasn’t quite sure what he was gonna get in this session, but he loved having his dick wanked and sucked for him and by the end of it he’s splashing out a good load of cum for his new buddy. CLICK FOR THE VIDEO

Bonus Video of Photo Shoot – Straight Lads John & Tyler Wank Each Others Throbbing Uncut Cocks!

2 straight guys massage and hand job
Straight muscle man Tyler Hirst teaches new boy John Dudley about frotting cocks

Check out the extra footage of the time Tyler Hirst gave new straight lad John Dudley a lesson in mutual cock play! The horny lad had needed a lot of persuasion to come back and let anther guy wank his uncut cock for him in this massage shoot, but he got so carried away and was having so much fun he couldn’t help but play with Tyler’s perfectly pink uncut muscle cock too! We all know Tyler loves a good wank with another guy, but we were all surprised to see John getting so into and shooting off some good cum with the guy at the end of it all. CLICK FOR THE VIDEO

Bonus Video of James Wellbeck’s and Tyler Hirst’s Photo Shoot – Straight Footballer enjoys his 1st Man BJ!

two straight jocks in a blowjob and jerk off video
Tyler Hirst shows straight footballer James Wellbeck a great time

If you haven’t seen the original video of these two straight guys enjoying each other’s hard uncut cocks in the sun then you need go and watch it. This is the bonus video, but it’s still a full-length scene and well worth watching for all the sneaky looks and giggles these guys share. James Wellbeck is the straight footballer who only recently had his cock wanked to a cum load by another lad in a video before this, and although this scene was supposed to be all about Tyler sucking and wanking the straight jocks delicious cock James can’t help but grab his new friend’s dick and start stroking him! Yes, handsome footballer James decided that he wanted to feel that hooded cock in his hand, and Tyler was more thank pleased to let him. There’s a lot of mutual wanking and cock frotting between these two, with Tyler giving his new buddy a whole lot of sucking too, before the lads are ready to cum. James blasts out a big load, and Tyler gets a little messy with it! CLICK FOR THE VIDEO

Bonus Video of Patrick and Tyler’s Photo Shoot – Patrick and Tyler Suck and Wank!

two straight guys sucking cocks
Patrick West sucks cock for the first time with Tyler Hirst

It’s interesting how far a horny straight guy will go when he has another hard cock right there in front of him. I think Patrick West was supposed to be getting a hand job and sucking from straight muscle man Tyler Hirst in this video, but he couldn’t resist wanking the guy off and then getting a taste of his perfectly pink uncut muscle dick too! It’s a bonus video with plenty of extra action after the original shoot, but it’s still full-length and most definitely worth watching if you like all the giggles, banter and sneaky looks as they check out those throbbing uncut dicks and share some horny cock fun with each other. By the time these boys are done their cocks are emptied and their cum loads are splashed! CLICK FOR THE VIDEO

Straight Hunk Noah Gets His First Man Handling and Gushes Loads of Cum!

Noah Miller is new to all of this, but they’re picked the perfect guy to welcome him to gay porn! Hunky straight muscle guy Tyler Hirst is on hand to, give him a hand! The big hunk starts off with a little innocent massaging, but we know it’s not innocent for long. Once those undies come off and Tyler gets working on that muscular ass it’s clear that this new straight guy is more than a little into it. Turned over and with his big cock thickening up and starting to throb Tyler wastes no time grabbing his dick and wanking him. Noah seems to love all the attention his thick tool is getting, it’s only proven when he finally spews out a massive load of cum taking everyone bys surprise, including the man wanking him off! CLICK TO SEE THE VIDEO

Tall & Muscular Straight Lad Aiden Lets Tyler give him his 1st Man Blow Job!

Even though straight guy Aiden Walsh shared his cock in a wanking and frot session with his best mate Leo Howard in his last video the lad wasn’t sure about getting his cock sucked. He eventually succumbed to the suggestion though, and Tyler Hirst was brought in to show the lad just how much fun it is. The two straight guys start off playfully grappling, sharing some wrestling in their underwear, but soon it’s time to get those dicks out and compare. It’s not long at all before Tyler is wanking his new mate, his own uncut cock rock hard and throbbing with delight. With a whole lot of cock-on-cock frottage and sword fighting the two are both sporting solid dicks, twitching and throbbing, and Tyler gets his chance to show the new guy what a proper sucking feels like. There’s no denying Aiden is enjoying it, his dick is so impressively hard and when the guys lay back and wank their cum out he can’t help but splash out a big mess on himself and then watch Tyler’s cock spewing his semen out too! Will he be back for more? Probably. CLICK FOR THE VIDEO.

Young Pup Jasper get his 1st Manhandling & Man Blow & Shoots Loads of Cum!


We all know Tyler is one of the best guys to break in a new straight guy, and this time it’s sexy uncut Jasper Hale getting to experience some cock play with a dude for the first time. It starts off with an innocent enough massage, but when Tyler goes for that uncut dick Jasper is soon stretching his limits. Tyler’s cock is soon out as he straddles his new buddy and wanks him off, and Jasper can’t resist grabbing that dick and returning the favour! With both straight guys wanking each other they lead into some frottage, their lengths rubbing up against each other. Still being pushed further Jasper even lets Tyler suck on his hard dick, which he clearly loves. Plenty more cock frot and sword fighting later and the lads are laying back and stroking each other off before focusing on their own dick and pumping hot cum out over themselves! Looks like Jasper has discovered that playing with another guys meat and being sucked by a dude is actually fucking hot! CLICK FOR THE VIDEO

Straight uncut lad James wanks, sucks and kisses his first lad and cums all over Tyler


Gorgeous straight lad James Pendleton jumped right into the action in his first shoot, sharing some wanking and sucking with Jack Windsor. This time he’s getting to know Tyler Hirst and sharing the same kind of horny fun with another straight guy! The two clearly love frotting their uncut cocks together, rubbing their lengths against each other and slapping their meat around. With each guy wanking and sucking the other you know the cum loads aren’t gonna be far away. Tyler splashes his hot man milk over his muscled abs and then gets a showering load of hot spunk from James too! Is this the first time Tyler has had another lad pump his cum over him? We think so! CLICK TO SEE THE ACTION.

Bonus Photo Shoot Video – Double Video Where Josh Gets Fucked for the 1st Time and then for the 2nd Time!


The first video with straight guys Josh and Tyler was missing a little of the action, so here’s a bonus video of the two guys enjoying some sucking and fucking! CLICK FOR THE BONUS VIDEO

Straight Young Pup John Gets his 1st Man Wank & Wanks his 1st Man!


John Dudley wasn’t sure about coming back to share his big uncut cock with another guy, but he finally relented and agreed to explore some mutual wanking. Thankfully Tyler Hirst was on hand to… lend a hand! He gets to work massaging the straight lad and finally reveals the boys cock, thick and hard and throbbing for more attention. Surprisingly John was more into it than he thought, frotting their hard dicks together and rubbing their lengths. His 8 inch dick was oozing and bouncing throughout as the two played together, wanking each other off and finally splashing their cream from their helmets! Looks like John is another straight boy who discovered how horny it is to play with another guys dick! CLICK HERE FOR THE SCENE

Straight Lad James Wanks his 1st Cock and Gets His Man BJ!


Gorgeous straight guy James Welbeck has had his cock wanked by another guy, but he’s about to experience a little more with lucky straight muscle hunk Tyler Hirst in this video. The guys get to know each other with some playful comparing of muscles, but soon it’s time to compare uncut cocks. Surprisingly (or perhaps not) both the guys are hard and enjoying themselves as they frot their dicks together, slap their meat around in a sword fight and get a little more friendly with their stiffies. Tyler wanks and sucks his new straight buddy and James seems to enjoy his first feel of another guys cock too! Needless to say the lads shoot off some nice cum loads by the end of it and we’re left eagerly anticipating seeing James suck a dick! CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Bonus Video of Photo Shoot – Royal Marin Tyler fucks Sam’s Eager Hole!


There was far too much action between Sam and Tyler to make it into their video, so we get a little extra in this bonus shoot of the two guys sucking and fucking! CLICK FOR THE BONUS VIDEO

Straight Hunk Patrick Sucks His First Cock and Lets Tyler Suck His Too!


After so much fun Tyler Hirst has definitely become one of the best guys for breaking in other straight dudes. This time around it’s handsome and inked Patrick West experiencing something new. The guys start out comparing their bods, flexing and posing, enjoying some friendly contact and working their way up to the real fun. Pretty soon those hard uncut dicks are out of their shorts and throbbing, with Tyler grabbing his friends meat and wanking him off, getting his own cock stroked by the straight guy and then sucking too! Both guys show off their oral skills and it seems Patrick has discovered something he didn’t know about himself. He seems to love the taste of a hard dick! CLICK FOR THE VIDEO

Four Straight Lads Life Drawing Class – Uncut Cocks are Soon Erect, Sucked & Shooting!


Straight guys Cameron Donald and Tyler Hirst are leading the party in this foursome of straight guy cock play with Aaron Janes and Wesley Seaton! The pretense of a life drawing class with all the lads in their underwear soon has them abandoning the project and getting started on something far more interesting. With four hard straight guy cocks out and being wanked and sucked the guys enjoy a session of mutual pleasure that any sane guy would love to be a part of! The mutual wanking and cock frotting is amazing to watch, but the sight of Tyler and Cameron sucking on their friends dicks and taking everyone to a cum splashing finish is the real highlight. By the end of it the glass table is coated in straight lad cum and we’re all splashing out our own loads with them! CLICK FOR THE VIDEO

Former Royal Marine Hunky Tyler Fucks Straight Pup Logan’s Tight Hole!


Logan Hardy has been more than willing to explore things with other guys, this straight boy is eager for more too. Tyler is on hand to give the lad what he needs, kissing, wanking each other, sucking those cocks and swapping precum as they gobble those hard dicks. With Tyler’s cock eager to slide into a tight hole and Logan’s ass seemingly willing to take it the two guys share a great fucking that has them both erupting their hot milky goo by the end of it all! CLICK FOR THE FULL VIDEO

Straight Former Marine Tyler is the 1st Man to Fuck Straight Lad Jack’s ass!


Jack Windsor is one of those straight lads willing to explore things, he’s done plenty from wanking to sucking, and now it’s time to see him getting fucked! Tyler Hirst is the lucky guy breaking him in, starting off with some great mutual wanking and sucking as the two pleasure each other and enjoy their dicks like all guys should with a buddy, then it’s time for the main event. Surprisingly, Jack takes it really well! His ass is soon being pounded pretty hard by the horny straight hunk and the two finish off with some great cum shots. The best thing? Seeing Jack hard and dripping precum throughout. CLICK FOR THE SCENE

Cheeky Straight Lad Ricky gets his 1st Man Blow Job & Former Royal Marine Tyler Sucks!

Straight lad Ricky Hampton is one of those guys who is all about having fun and exploring his cock, and he’s definitely exploring in this video with fellow straight dude Tyler! The lads are pretty into it right from the start, comparing cocks, throbbing and oozing precum, but when Tyler gets his mouth on his new friends dick and shows Ricky what another guys mouth can do all bets are off! The guys spend the session frotting their cocks together, wanking each other off (seeing Ricky enjoying the feel of another guys dick is awesome!) and eventually the pleasure takes over and the two are splashing their cum out for each other! Judging by the cum load Ricky shoots he had a great time playing with Tyler’s dick and getting his meat gobbled! CLICK FOR THE VIDEO

Straight Young Hunk Cameron Fucked for the 1st Time by Former Royal Marine Tyler!

Cameron Donald has been enjoying playing with other cocks in his time on the site, but he’s never been fucked in his virgin straight guy hole. That all changes in this pairing with straight muscle guy Tyler Hirst! The two look amazing wanking and sucking each other, but the sight of Cameron getting a cock in his ass for the first time and the cum loads these guys shoot off is what really gets us all splashing the goo out with them! CLICK FOR THE VIDEO

Bonus Home Movie – Former Royal Marine Tyler Wanks his Uncut Cock at the Gym!

Former Royal Marine Tyler Hirst works out a lot, but then that’s obvious from his immense body. You know guys like him are always getting horny and needing to shoot some cum after a good workout, and that’s what we get in this gym video with the muscle man showing off, pumping some iron, flashing his ass and then retreating for some privacy as he slides that long foreskin over his helmet in a great wank show! CLICK FOR THE VIDEO

Former Royal Marine Tyler Pumps Jon’s Ass Long & Hard Til he Spunks!

Even straight men like Tyler get a little greedy for big uncut dicks now and then, and he certainly gives it a good go with gay lad Jon Angus in this video. The guys 9 inch uncut meat is hard and throbbing from the start, he can’t believe he’s getting to suck on Tyler’s cock! His own big meat gets some licking and sucking but Tyler can’t take it all the way Jon does with his. Check it out as Tyler slides his perfect hooded straight dude dick into lucky Jon and gives him a great fucking until both are wanking out their loads! CLICK FOR THE VIDEO

Bonus Video of Tyler and Stewart’s Photo Shoot – Hot Royal Marine Fucks Stewart’s Hole!

There was far too much action for them cram into the one video of Tyler and Stewart enjoying themselves, so check out this bonus for a little more of the two straight lads enjoying their cocks together! CLICK FOR THE VIDEO

Straight Royal Marine Tyler Pumps Straight Lad Sam’s Willing Hole

Straight footballer Sam Johnson has been enjoying exploring things with other guys, fucking his first ass in his last video. Now it’s time for him to get the same and who better to show him than fellow straight dude Tyler Hirst!? The guys start off eagerly swapping their uncut dicks in some great mutual oral, but with Sam eager to experience a cock inside him for the first time the two are soon taking it all the way. Judging by the cum loads these two shoot off they both had a lot of fun sharing their cocks and Sam seems to have worked out that getting fucked by a dude is pretty damn horny! CLICK FOR THE VIDEO

Bonus Video of Chris & Tyler’s Photo Shoot – Muscular Marine Tyler Kisses then Fucks Hard!

Not everything made it into the video of straight guys Tyler and Chris fucking, so this is a little extra bonus video showing how much fun these boys had with each other. CLICK FOR THE VIDEO

Straight Hunks Tyler & Josh – Watch Josh Suck his 1st Cock & Get Fucked for the 1st Time!

Josh Hathaway has been enjoying exploring cock play with other guys and he’s slid his straight guy dick into some holes already, but this is the first time the straight guy is getting his own ass fucked. Tyler Hirst is the perfect choice. The two start off with some massage, but soon Josh is sucking on his new friends cock and his own dick is throbbing in his underwear! Seems this straight guy has developed an appreciation for the taste of an uncut dick. The guys swap their cocks, but Josh is after a little more. His virgin ass is soon up and being slowly penetrated by muscle man Tyler. His hole takes a great fucking, and for his first time he delivers a great session too, wanking his load out while his new friend is inside him. Tyler enjoys that ass, finally splashing out his own milk and getting all the fans joining in. It’s a match made in heaven! CLICK FOR THE VIDEO

Home Movie – Sexy Muscular Tyler Shares His Morning Glory – Wank & Dildo Fun!

If you love seeing guys in their own environment enjoying their dicks then this is a video for you. Tyler wakes up one morning and decides to make a solo for the fans, working his hard morning boner and even playing with a dildo too! He delivers a great wank off, getting all the fans splashing their loads out with him. CLICK FOR THE VIDEO

Str8 Royal Marine Tyler kisses and Fucks Str8 Stewart’s Hole until he Squirts!

Both Tyler Hirst and Stewart Hammond have come a long way since their first videos. The straight guys are more than a little interested in hard dick these days, and that becomes clear when the two start wanking and sucking each other. That’s not all these guys are into though, we all know Tyler gets off on sticking his uncut dick into guys butt holes. Stewart takes it like a champ, wanking himself off and splashing his cum from his dick while Tyler is thrusting in and out of his ass, finished off with Tyler splashing his own load from his long foreskin. CLICK FOR THE VIDEO

Straight Royal Marine Tyler Fucks Naughty Chris’ Hole Roughly Til he Explodes!

Eager straight boy Chris Little shows just how into cock he is these days when he gets the opportunity to enjoy the hard uncut cock of straight Royal Marine Tyler Hirst! The guys get those dicks out, kiss, wank themselves and each other, swap cock sucking skills and then take it all the way with Chris impaling his tight straight boy hole on that length! The cum load the lad shoots off is impressive, splashing out all over the place, leading Tyler to pull out and add his own hot straight guy cum to the party! CLICK FOR THE VIDEO

Bonus Video of Straight Royal Marine Tyler’s Photo Shoot Fucking Josh Real Hard!

We get a little more of the shoot between straight guy Tyler Hirst and gay lad Josh Perry in this update, if you haven’t seen the full video then you’re missing out! CLICK FOR THE VIDEO

Muscular Royal Marine Tyler gets Rimmed & Fucks Josh real Hard

Gay lad Josh Perry couldn’t wait to get on Tyler Hirst’s cock! After a little break the straight muscle guy is back to give a new lad his hard uncut meat and Josh wastes no time releasing it for some wanking and sucking, before declaring that he needs it in his ass. Tyler doesn’t hold back, he’s always ready to deliver the dick to a new dude and gives young Josh the kind of fucking he loves to take! With cum loads pumped out Josh gets a taste of the milky juice from his new mates helmet. CLICK FOR THE VIDEO

Three Straight Men & Dan & Chris Gives up his Cherry Getting Well Stuffed!

Three straight guys and a gay lad team up for this hardcore fourgy of cock loving action! Tyler Hirst, Rich Wills and Chris Little are the straight guys enjoying some action with gay lad Dan Broughton in this one, wanking those dicks and sucking cock until the real fun begins. Dan gets the chance to fuck both Tyler and Chris in this one, before all the boys are wanking out their loads together! CLICK FOR THE VIDEO

Straight Royal Marine Tyler gets Rimmed & Shoves his Hard Uncut Cock in & out of Justin!

Straight guy Tyler Hirst is back and ready to get some more ass. Who better to take that straight guy dick than Justin Harris? The lad breaks the ice with some groping, then the two are kissing and working each other up to some great fucking as Tyler sinks his cock into Justin and rams him until their dicks are spewing juice! CLICK FOR THE VIDEO

Tyler, Chris & Rich – Three Straight Hunks Playing in the Sunshine

What happens when you get three horny straight guys together and have them get their dicks out? You end up with a great session like this one with Tyler Hirst, Rich Wills and Chris Little all sharing their uncut cocks in the sun! Rich and Will team up to play with Tyler’s impressive cock, but soon all three are naked and playing, rubbing dicks, sucking boners, pleasuring each other and taking those shafts to some cum splashing climaxes that has every viewer joining in. CLICK FOR THE VIDEO

Muscular Straight Royal Marine Tyler gets his First Ever Fucking – Lucky Dan!

We’ve seen straight former Royal Marine Tyler Hirst wanking other guys and sucking some cock too, now it’s time for him to experience a hard dick in his virgin ass! The vibrator play he enjoyed in his first video suggested this might be coming in the future, but no one expected it to be this good! His new friendĀ Dan Broughton is back again to show him the ropes, starting out with some wanking and sucking but soon sticking his cock into the straight guys ass. They take their time, giving Tyler an opportunity to adjust, but when his ass is adequately stretched and taking that gorgeous gay dick he really gets into it! It turns out this straight muscle man can take a dick after all. CLICK FOR THE VIDEO

Hunky Straight Favourites Rich & Tyler Playing Marine Games!

This is a first for Rich Wills, a handsome and fit straight guy with a great body and a great dick too. Tyler Hirst has taken up position as one of the inductees, welcoming the new guy to some man-on-man fun. The guys play around a little, chatting and getting friendly, then Tyler breaks the ice by suggesting they compare cocks. With nervous Rich showing off his own uncut dick and getting a good look at Tyler’s perfect cock the mutual wanking soon kicks off. Tyler gets a taste of his new friends hard and wet length and it seems Will is more than pleased about the pleasure he’s getting as his cock is worshiped and he wanks Tyler in gratitude. With cum loads pumping out the two are finally done, and it looks like we have another straight guy ready to enjoy some more dick! CLICK FOR THE VIDEO

Muscular Straight Marine Tyler Loving his First Man Hole Fucking – Lucky Dan Broughton Squeeels with Joy!

Tyler has had a lot of fun with Dan Broughton so far, now it’s time to step things up a little. The guys start off with some teasing frottage, rubbing their growing cock bulges together in their trackies, but soon Dan is giving in to temptation and getting back on that delicious hooded straight guy dick. Sucking off Tyler has him ready for more and the two get down to some swapping with Dan face fucking his straight buddy. Tyler doesn’t mind, he knows he’s about to slide his dick into another guys ass for the first time and he seems eager to experience it! Dan gets a great fucking and Tyler shows that even straight former Marines are able to own a guys hole like a pro, finishing up with some great cum loads pumping out! CLICK FOR THE VIDEO

Straight Favourite Tyler Hirst sucks his First Cock – Lucky Dan gets Massaged and Blown!

After getting his cock sucked by a dude for the first time Tyler was eager to come back and get some more, and go further too! Lucky Dan Broughton was first in line, ready to share his dick with the straight muscled guy. Tyler leads the way, massaging his buddy and getting his uncut cock in his fist. There’s no denying Tyler is enjoying himself when his own hard hooded length is out and the two are wanking and sucking each other. He’s good at sucking dick, even though it’s his first taste. The fact that he’s hard throughout too suggests he’s enjoying the taste of cock a little more than anyone expected! He ends up splashed with both their cum loads, and presumably back for more very soon! CLICK FOR THE VIDEO

Former Royal Marine Tyler Gets Massaged & Blown by Mr Naughty UK – Lucky Dan Broughton!

This was a dream come true for lucky gay boy Dan Broughton! He’d always wanted to play with a Marine, and now he gets his chance with uncut straight hunk Tyler Hirst. The dude is seemingly happy for the company as Dan starts working the guys uncut cock, sliding his foreskin back and jerking him off. The sucking is what really does it though, with Dan gobbling on that juicy dick until he has his new straight mate ready to pump his cum from his helmet! Tyler definitely had fun with Dan, and after seeing the guy enjoying himself with another dude it was pretty clear this confident guy was gonna be back for more. CLICK FOR THE VIDEO

Former Royal Marine Tyler Just Cant get Enough in his First Anal Mission!

It was clear from Tyler Hirst’s first video on the English Lads site that this was a straight man who wouldn’t have a problem getting his cock out in front of other guys. The muscled dude is a former Royal Marine (now a personal trainer) and it seems that hanging out naked together was pretty common. That’s enough to get us all hard and thinking about all those fit straight guys checking out each others dicks, but it gets better when Tyler reveals some of those shared wanks and the fun the lads had shooting their cum loads in front of each other. His debut got hotter still when he got wanking on his perfectly pink uncut cock – with a great long foreskin! And even hotter still when he experienced a vibrator up his hole and really enjoyed it! We all knew the guy was gonna be back after this, but we didn’t expect him to become the full-on gay porn star he now is. CLICK FOR THE VIDEO