William Seed

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Gay porn star William Seed

Name: William Seed

Nationality: Canadian

Height: 5’9″

Weight: Unknown

Age/D.O.B: Unknown

Build: Muscular

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Cock Size: 8″

Cut/Uncut: Uncut

Sexuality: Straight

Role: Top


William Seed is a new arrival in gay porn, becoming an exclusive performer for the MEN.com site immediately. They know a hot porn star in the making when they see one. He’s an incredibly handsome and muscled man with tattoos adorning his body and a sexy lip ring. One of the best features about him is his thick 8″ uncut cock. He’s straight, but enjoys sex and loves to top. When he’s fucking another performer he doesn’t hold back and delivers a pounding experience. Widely tipped to become one of the hottest performers of the year, their new exclusive is expected to appear in numerous new videos in the coming months.

Career Highlights:

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Things of note:

  • Muscled
  • Straight
  • Handsome
  • Uncut Cock
  • Powerful top


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Video Appearances:

Featured videos for MEN.com

(Newest first)

Exposure Part 3

William Seed, Mateo Sanchez, Jessy Bernardo and Alexy Tyler in Exposure Part 3

William Seed and Jessy Bernardo have already fucked out their loads together, and then ganged up to feed, fuck and ride horny voyeur Manuel when they caught him spying on them. But these guys still have more cum to shoot from those big juicy muscle dicks. The guys head out through the trees to find some more fun and find exactly what they’re looking for in passing jock dude Alexy Tyler. He can’t resist the sight of a couple of dicks and gets on his knees to lick and suck the two horny men. Parks worker Mateo Sanchez appears from nowhere and we think for a moment that perhaps the three are busted, but this guy isn’t interested in calling the cops, his own uncut stiffy is out in seconds! A feast of sucking and fucking ensues as greedy Alexy takes on every length of delicious dick he can get. Just as the cum pews and rains down all over Alexy’s handsome face with each of the three cock heads blasting out juicy cream, YET ANOTHER new arrival appears in the form of an angry armed ranger who wastes no time jumping from his truck ready to start shooting! Something tells me he’s not going to be so angry for long.

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Exposure Part 2

William Seed, Jessy Bernardo & Manuel Skye in Exposure Part 2

William Seed and Jessy Bernardo have been fucking out their cum loads by the woods, but they didn’t know local guy Manuel Skye was watching them from the trees and filming their fun with his big cock in his hand! They find the horny voyeur and chase him down, deciding to teach the dude a lesson with their big juicy boners! These guys can cum and cum again, and they do exactly that after feeding him their big dicks, fucking his mouth and ass, taking his own cock for a ride and finishing up spewing their thick and heavy cream all over his face and body. After setting their captive free dripping with cum and aching all over, the two muscled hunks still seem to have more semen in their dicks ready to be splashed out!

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Exposure Part 1

William Seed fucking Jessy Bernardo in Exposure Part 1

William Seed is shocked to find Jessy Bernardo playing with his cock in the men’s room, flashing him his dick and offering his meat to the handsome muscle hunk. He leaves, but soon his lust for cock takes over and he returns to grab that juicy dick! Interrupted having some horny cock fun the two flee the public men’s room and William catches up with Jessy out near the woods, feeding the horny stranger his juicy hooded dick, fucking his tight ass hard and deep, taking them both to a jizz erupting finish. They have no idea someone is lurking in the woods filming them going at it.

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Hide And Seek Part 3

Hide And Seek Part 3 william seed

Muscle buddies Ryan Bones and William Seed have been having a great horny time catching the local boys spying on them in their own home, their dicks soon being plunged into sucking mouths and tight young holes as they teach the little perverts a lesson. This time young Will Braun is getting a thorough punishing fuck from the two huge men as Ryan arrives to find William face fucking the young guy he just found hiding in his closet. Ryan wastes no time getting his own big dick out and sharing that hungry young mouth, sharing him between them as they feed and fuck the young guy, taking all three throbbing dicks to a cum erupting finish!

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Hide And Seek Part 2

William Seed in Hide And Seek Part 2

Kinky little Will Braun is a bit of a pervert, just like William Seed’s neighbor. He and his roommate have already caught Zack Hunter spying on them in their own home, deciding to punish him with their big muscle cocks as they share his mouth and ass and make him take their meat. After being given Zack to feed and fuck by his roommate, William discovers another horny young guy in his own closet! It’s a good thing William’s big uncut muscle dick has plenty of cum in it ready to be pumped out. He drags him out and throws him on the bed, his big uncut muscle man cock soon slapping at the boys face and mouth as Will gets face fucked by the stud. It’s not enough, soon William is slamming that hard length of muscle cock into the boys hole and fucking him all over the bed until cum is splashing out and raining down all over!

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Closet Peepers

Two men catch another man jacking off

Muscled Canadian hunk William Seed makes his debut for the MEN.com gay porn site, stroking his thick uncut cock while watching porn and being spied on by horny friends Alexy Tyler and Shawn Hardy. After shooting his hot cum load from his cock the two enter to lick up his load and fuck on his bed! When William returns from the shower he catches the two fucking and drops his towel in surprise, but soon after he’s convinced by horny Alexy to share his gorgeous hooded dick with him. Alexy gets sucking on that uncut cock, showing straight man William what another guys mouth feels like on his hard and wet meat, then offering his ass for the big man to slam. William fucks his buddy all over the bed, powering his thick dick in and out of that hole until more hot cum is gushing out all over!

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