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Straight guy Aiden Walsh appears for the English Lads gay porn site exploring sex with other guys.

Name: Aiden Walsh

Nationality: British

Height: 6’2″

Weight: Unknown.

Age: 19

Build: Athletic

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Cock Size: 7.5″

Cut/Uncut: Uncut

Sexuality: Straight

Role: N/A


British porn star Aiden Walsh arrived at English Lads in January of 2016, first seen in a solo masturbation shoot which was followed by a video a month later.

He was popular with the fans from the moment he arrived and gained a lot of support and requests for more.

In March of 2016 he appeared again in a second photo shoot, one in which his good friend Leo Howard arrived unexpectedly to play with his cock. Although both straight, they seemed to have fun.

In April of 2016 the video for the mutual masturbation shoot arrived and fans were treated to the sight of two best friends, both straight, frotting and wanking their cocks.

Career Highlights:

Having only appeared in two videos for the English Lads site, his highlight to date is being massaged and masturbated by his best friend on video and delivering a large climax as a result of it.


The only criticism to date is that he’s only appeared in two videos so far for 2016.

Things of note:

  • Uncut cock
  • Straight
  • Powerful cummer


APRIL 2016: There s a rumour that Aiden will be returning to have his cock sucked in the summer of 2016, although this is based only on suggestions made by fans *CONFIRMED JULY 2016*




Video Appearances for

Young Straight Hunk Aiden Treats Casey to His 8 Inch Uncut Erect Cock!

It’s been more than a year since we last saw Aiden Walsh in a video, but we’re so glad to see him back and ready to play once again. He’s meeting new straight jock boy Casey Lee for this mutual play session, and the boys seem to hit it off right from the start as they reveal their uncut cocks for each other to check out, comparing their dicks, getting hard and swapping. Yeah, it’s not long before these boys are grabbing each other by the shaft and wanking their new friend. It’s hard to believe both of these guys started out totally straight in solo wanking videos, and now here they are wanking each other, frotting their dicks, slapping their uncut shafts against each other and smiling and chuckling all the way through it. But wait, there’s more! Fans will know Casey has been exploring a lot more than just mutual jerk off fun with other dudes. He’s soon sucking on Aiden’s hard cock and reminding the guy of what he experienced with Tyler last year. His big uncut straight boy dick really seems to like it too. Watch the guys play with those boners and have a whole lot of fun shooting off their big cum loads, smiles all around!

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Tall & Muscular Straight Lad Aiden Lets Tyler give him his 1st Man Blow Job!

Tyler Hirst has really learned to appreciate another guy’s hard cock since the former Royal Marine arrived and started exploring fun with other dudes. He’s done just about everything and he soon discovered that mutual wanking and cock sucking with other guys was one of his favorite new things. Aiden Walsh has been wanked off by his best mate in his last video, but getting his cock sucked by another guy is an entirely new thing to him, so he was a little nervous about it. Tyler is the right guy to team him up with, the easy-going guy doesn’t waste time getting his own hooded dick out and grabbing his new friend’s thick and long cock, wanking Aiden. Aiden seems to like it so he grabs his new buddy by the dick and returns the favor. This is the first time Aiden has grabbed another guys cock. He’s had some cock-to-cock frotting with his mate Leo Howard, but this is new to him. He seems to like it, the guys are soon rock hard and rubbing their dicks together, stroking each other and building up the pleasure. Then it’s time for the main event as Tyler leans in and gets a taste of his new friend. Watch as Aiden gets his cock sucked by muscled straight guy Tyler and the two wank out their juicy loads together, looks like they had a whole lot of fun!

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Aiden Gets Massaged by Best Mate Leo and Cums All Over His Abs!

Aiden Walsh is a pretty chilled out kind of guy, but even this is something he might never have expected to experience with another lad. Still, when they suggested that his best buddy Leo Howard come in and shoot a video with him, getting a massage from his friend, he was down for it. Leo was too, and you have to wonder if there’s some secret desire there neither has been willing to admit before. Fans of cock frotting will absolutely love this session as Leo starts wanking his best friend’s big uncut cock, then straddles his buddy and rubs his mate’s hard dick against his own erection, and his ass cheeks! Needless to say, Aiden shoots a great load of cum all over himself after all this friendly cock play with his best mate, and we’re left wondering if this means the two buddies are gonna be enjoying a lot more mutual cock fun in private after this!

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Tall, Straight Lad Aiden Shows Off His Chunk Hard Uncut Cock and Hairy Hole!

Aiden Walsh is a horny and fit straight 19-year-old new to all of this, but eager to show off his fit body and that near 8-inch uncut cock for the boys. He gets his dick out, and soon gets hard, wanking himself off and even flashing us his ass too. It’s great to see those big balls bouncing from behind as he strokes his hard cock and builds up his cum load for the guys, finally kicking back and splashing a hot and thick mess of cum out over himself. Will he be back to share that dick with some of the other guys? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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Tall Blond Muscular & Straight Does it get Better Only When You See his Uncut Cock!

Tall, Straight Lad Aiden Shows Off His Chunk Hard Uncut Cock and Hairy Hole!

Muscular Lad Aiden gets his 1st Man Wank & Best Mate Leo does the Handy Work!

Aiden Gets Massaged by Best Mate Leo and Cums All Over His Abs!


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