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Czech gay porn star Andrei Karenin appears for the Bel Ami Online website

Name: Andrei Karenin

Nationality: Czech

Height: 6’1″

Weight: 171 lbs

Age/D.O.B: 8th March 1990

Build: Muscular

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Cock Size: 6.8″

Cut/Uncut: Uncut

Sexuality: Straight

Role: Versatile


Gay porn star Andrei Karenin started out on the Bel Ami Online site in some solo scenes before being introduced to cock fun with experienced performer Julien Hussey. After having his cock sucked for the first time by another guy and showing his natural skills for gobbling other guys dicks, and seemingly loving the experience, he was soon returning to explore a lot more. The Czech star has since appeared in countless hardcore videos and explored everything with their vast collection of performers, becoming a versatile porn star able to give and take it.

Career Highlights:


None to date


None to date

Things of note:

  • Athletic
  • Uncut Cock
  • Handsome
  • Versatile


None to date

TWITTER: @Karenin_Andrei (unconfirmed)



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Andrei and Julien

andrei-and-julienGorgeous young new arrival Andrei Karenin is getting something of a baptism of fire in this amazing oral session with one of the hottest cock suckers ever to appear on the Bel Ami Online site. It’s Andrei’s first time, but the young man seems eager, if a little nervous, when he arrives and meets the handsome and buff young man for what soon becomes a deliciously cummy session. The young man experiences those talented lips and tongue on his hooded cock and instantly he’s hard and leaking precum. He’s clearly loving all the attention his cock is getting, so much so that his own mouth is soon wrapped around the throbbing helmet of his very first scene partner as he sucks and slurps on Julien’s delicious cock! With that first taste of juicy precum on his lips he’s clearly eager for more, taking a mouth fucking and a hot load of semen splashing out over him. Laying back and loving the whole experience his own cock is sucked and licked until Julien is making him gush a hot load for him to taste!

Jean-Daniel, Jim and Andrei

jean-daniel-jim-and-andreiJim Kerouac and Jean-Daniel had already fucked out some cum with each other in the first part of this horny session, but you know what their stars are like; they always have another cum load in their cocks! The two are fresh out of the shower when sexy young Andrei Karenin arrives with lunch, but he has a lot more to offer the two handsome hunks than just that! Within short time all three are naked and hard, making out and wanking those big uncut cocks between them on the couch. Andrei puts his newly discovered cock sucking skills to the test with his two new friends, but with a little rimming of his tight young hole he’s soon getting a lot more than even we expected! It turns out this new arrival can do more than suck a cock, he takes both his friends dicks in his mouth and ass as they share him between them, plunging their naked dicks in and out of him until they’re ready to splash their cum loads out over him, which soon has the boy wanking out his own thick and creamy mess!

Andrei and Tim

andrei-and-timAndrei Karenin and Tim Campbell are both pretty new arrivals for the Bel Ami Site, but each of these gorgeous young men had such a great reception from the fans they knew they had to team them up with each other. We’d only recently seen young Andrei sucking cock on camera for the first time, and getting his ass fucked raw in a threesome with a couple of their biggest stars, so everyone knew this pairing would be excellent. The boys didn’t disappoint, sharing their uncut dicks in some truly amazing mutual oral, but eventually moving on to what the fans really want to see. Tim gets his tight young hole lapped and appreciated in some tasty rimming, but soon enough Andrei is sinking his bareback cock into that hole and giving his young friend the kind of fucking we would all love to take from the boy. With Andrei’s cum splashed out over his pucker all that remains is for Tim to wank out his own hot mess, squirting his cum right into Andrei’s mouth and giving him a taste of his seed!

Rhys, Andrei, Jean Daniel

rhys-jagger-andrei-karenin-jean-danielWith Rhys Jagger, Jean-Daniel and Andrei Keronin all together in a bareback threesome fuck scene you know it’s going to be a popular video. This one certainly turned out to be so! Rhys has proven himself to be an eager and greedy bottom by this point, taking on all the cocks he can find, no matter how long or how thick they are, but he’s not the only bottom in the house for this one! The three boys start their fun sucking and wanking, enjoying those hard young cocks and rimming tight young pucker too, but soon enough Andrei is finding himself between his friends with a dick thrusting into his mouth and another up his perfect ass! Rhys finds the best way to get the best of both as he sinks his meat into Andrei while Jean-Daniel pumps his big cock in and out of his hole, forming an amazing fuck train. With Rhys finally riding Jean-Daniel and getting his dick sucked by Andrei we’re taken to the cummy finale!

Kris and Andrei – Part 2

kris-and-andrei-part-2It has to be said that Kris Evans is one of the most impressive muscle hunks they have on the Bel Ami Online site, and seeing him teamed up with gorgeous Andrei Karenin is always going to be a treat. The two are enjoying some simple pleasures in this incredible pairing, swapping their cocks with each other in a mutual wank and suck session, licking and slurping those long and hard dicks as they build their loads for a creamy finish that will definitely have every viewer spewing spunk in appreciation. The summer setting under a tree is perfect for this incredibly erotic play session as the two lick, suck, wank and rim, frotting their cocks together and finally stroking themselves off cock-to-cock, erupting their cream from their dicks and decorating each others abs and boners with their loads! The mess these two make all over those cocks by the end of it is so deliciously hot you’ll wish you were there to suck those dicks clean for them.

Jon and Andrei

jon-and-andreiHandsome and hung young Jon Kael is back for only his second scene, and what better way to really welcome him to the Bel Ami Online site than by giving him to stunning young Andrei Karenin for some amazing hardcore bareback fucking? He might be new to all of this, but the boy certainly has some skills. The two are quickly becoming extremely friendly with each other, wanking those hard cocks and swapping some tasty dick sucking as they get a taste for the other. Hung young Jon seems to love the taste of that cock once he’s licked and sucked on the head, gobbling his new friend with obvious greed. Can the young man’s hole take a raw cock up it though? It turns out it can! Andrei sinks his raw meat into that incredibly tight hole and before you know it Jon is fucking himself on his friends dick as he backs up and almost rides it, wanking himself off and taking them both to a great cum erupting finish. Jon flings his cum from his long dick and proceeds to take a massive messy facial from buff Andrei!



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