Andy Lee

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Gay porn star Andy Lee
Straight guy Andy Lee takes a selfie showing off his thick and uncut 9 inch cock

Name: Andy Lee

Nationality: Irish

Height: 6’1″

Weight: Unknown.

Age: 23

Build: Muscular

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Unknown

Cock Size: 9″

Cut/Uncut: Uncut

Sexuality: Straight

Role: N/A


Irish stud Andy Lee arrived on the UK gay porn scene in August 2010. He instantly became a fan favourite thanks to his cheeky personality, open attitude and of course his very large uncut cock and incredible ejaculations.

He first started out when his gym buddy and best friend Bailey Morgan (aka Dylan Sage, Morgan Bailey, Adam Jones, Bailey N and potentially more) confessed to him that he’d been making masturbation videos for a porn site (English Lads). Although he thought Andy would think he was strange for doing that it turned out Andy wanted to appear too.

For his first photo shoot in 2010 a tattooed and muscled Andy showed his 9″ cock to the world, a thick and heavy length that he was obviously comfortable and confident about showing off.

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When his first video arrived fans discovered that not only was he very sexually confident and a great performer, and not only did he have a very long and thick uncut cock to play with on camera, he also ejaculates large and messy cum shots when he climaxes.

Since that first solo masturbation scene Andy returned to the site several times, masturbating with his friend Bailey, bringing his brother Patrick Lee in for a shared masturbation video too, and playing with fleshlights and anal toys.

He also appeared for the Blake Mason site in duo masturbation videos with his friend Bailey, another hung straight guy Andrew T, and another of his own gym friends Liam Lawrence.

In 2010 or 2011 he also appeared in a solo masturbation video for the Men At Play site.

He’s appeared in several movies for the Triga brand, including an orgy in which he wanked throughout and a pissing video with several other performers. Videos also exist with the Hard Brit Lads site, again solo and shared masturbation with his brother.

Notably, when appearing for Horny Models Boys he enjoyed more contact with other guys in wrestling and masturbation videos, although stopping short of actually making sexual contact with other guys a notable scene exists with himself, Bailey and two other performers wrestling naked in oil before each masturbating.

In 2015 Andy Lee agreed to an interview for the BuddyBate site (a community site dedicated to male masturbation) in which he talked about his love of masturbation, his willingness to wank with friends and his experiences with appearing alongside his best friend and his brother.

Career Highlights:

His first video with his best friend Bailey Morgan is certainly a highlight, during which he wanked with his friend and delivered an impressive cum shot which surprised everyone. Other moments of note include his appearances for Horny Model Boys in which he wrestled naked with several other guys before wanking.


During his time in gay porn there were criticisms of his unwillingness to make sexual contact with his friends and scene partners. Many viewers wanted him to share mutual masturbation, wanking Bailey while Bailey wanked him, or have his cock sucked etc. As Andy is a genuinely straight man who simply enjoys the freedom and camaraderie of masturbating with other guys (hence his interview for the BuddyBate site) he never intended to go further than masturbation in gay porn.

To date, the furthest he has gone in gay porn is using anal toys with Bailey, and wrestling naked with other performers.

Things of note:

  • Uncut cock
  • Straight
  • Thick and long cock
  • Very large cum shots
  • Friendly and genuine attitude


In 2015 Andy Lee was talking about making his own videos. While working with the BlokeToys sex toy company in promotion of some of their products he was in the early stages of producing home made masturbation scenes with some of his friends. Although no outlet for this media was ever confirmed it’s believed he would be using a tube site to monetize a channel featuring solo, duo and group masturbation with him and his group of other straight friends.

Throughout his time in the gay porn business he experienced problems with stalkers and someone from a previous relationship, leading to several incidents in his private life. Several times he disappeared from social media for days or weeks.

In early 2015, while still openly discussing his plans to make videos of his own, he disappeared from social media entirely, he hasn’t returned since.

His last known appearance on video was a shared masturbation video with his friend Liam Lawrence for the Blake Mason site in January 2015.

UPDATE: The BlokeToys men’s adult toy site shared on Sunday 28th August 2016 that they had heard from Andy Lee and that he was back in business, with an Instagram account (see social media identities below). Although this could be a sign that he’s back to make adult videos this is unlikely. Instagram is a non-adult network and Andy has seemingly chosen this rather than Twitter or Tumblr (where adult content is acceptable), the content under his Instagram account is limited to workout selfies and photos of his bodybuilding competitions and mainstream modeling. This suggests that Andy is attempting to capture some of his adult following for his mainstream work and could indicate that he has no intention of performing in adult media.

22/09/16: Andy Lee is filming a new video for a UK porn site

20/04/17: Andy Lee once again vanishes from Twitter and his Instagram account has been dormant since the summer of 2016. Rumour is that his Twitter account was initially hacked before being disabled. There is no information regarding restoration of his account or his potential return to social media.

25/07/17: Andy Lee has reappeared on Instagram (details below) looking incredibly muscled and buff after training extremely hard this year for physique competition.

TWITTER: @AndyLeeXXX (deleted as of March 2017)




Video Appearances:


The following gif animations were found on a Tumblr blog with no further information about where the originating video might be hosted. Videos

Muscular Str8 Lad Andy Showing off His Massive Uncut Cock!

Hung straight guy Andy Lee wanking his big uncut cock outside at Englishlads
Straight guy Andy Lee shows off in his boxer shorts, his big uncut cock is soon out for wanking

English Lads muscle jock Bailey Morgan told his straight gym buddy Andy Lee about appearing in porn wanking his cock, and rather than being disappointed in him or thinking he might be gay or something (not that this would have been a problem) Andy instantly wanted in on the action! He wanted to find out more about making money with his big dick, and he obviously knew he had a good one that could make him a lot of cash if he was willing to show it off. Of course, we know Andy isn’t shy at all, he doesn’t have a problem getting his thick and long dick out in front of his mates and wanking out some cum to porn so doing it on video was easy for him. He was soon getting his thick 9 inch uncut cock out in front of the cameras, confidently showing off his meat and enjoying himself, wanking that dick and pumping a truly massive cum shower from his helmet by the end of it. The fans were in love with him from the start, eagerly wanting to see more of his big dick in action and hoping that he might at least be willing to get his cock out with some of the other guys for some friendly stroking. We know now that he was more than happy to do exactly that. This wasn’t the last time Andy got his cock out for the site of course, and the shared wanks with him and Bailey became totally hot to watch.

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Str8 Mates Bailey & Andy in an Uncut Muscle Showdown!

Straight gym buddies Bailey Morgan and Andy Lee wank their cocks
Best friends and workout buddies Bailey Morgan and Andy Lee love to show off and wank together

Gym buddies Andy and Bailey became good friends at the gym, working out together and ultimately becoming best mates. Even though they’re probably used to seeing each other getting changed and having a shower after a good workout this is the first time these mates have spent any time naked and showing off their dicks in front of each other. The two mates enjoy a little work out session in the sun, comparing muscles, then getting their dicks out and showing them off. Andy’s long and thick cock is out and swinging and Bailey is hard right from the start, his curved cock throbbing as they get a good look at each other and start wanking their dicks. You can tell they’re watching porn, but the guys can’t help but check each other out and get some good looks at those dicks. Bailey pumps his load out first, his rock hard curved cock bulging with veins as he squirts his load. Then it’s time for Andy to deliver, and boy does he squirt that juice out! Bailey can’t believe it, neither can the crew, one of whom gets splashed in some friendly fire! This wasn’t the last time these two straight best mates shared their cocks in a wank off.

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Brothers Andy and Paddy – One Massive Uncut one; One Very Hard One!

Straight brothers Andy Lee and Paddy Lee get their uncut cocks out and wank together
Patrick Lee is new to this, but his big brother is more than happy to wank with him

Andy Lee has a brother, his name is Paddy, and this boy seems just as confident and comfortable getting his cock out and wanking himself off in front of other guys as his brother has been! It’s an interesting shoot as the two check out those dicks in the sun, stroking up some boners and wanking themselves off in front of each other, finishing with a couple of hot cum eruptions pumping out all over the place. Looks like these two horny brothers have done this before!

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Four Straight Hunks Wank Contest! Leon, Andy, Jay & Hayden

Hung Andy Lee gets his cock out with three other guys for a group wank off
Andy Lee shows off his big uncut piece of meat in a wank with three other straight guys

Andy Lee is back and ready to wank his thick 9-inch uncut cock with a few of his new mates! Fellow straight boys Jay Hall, Leon Oliver and Hayden Harris are all getting their uncut dicks out with him as they compare their meat with some subtle glances, showing off their dicks for the world and even flashing their virginal butt holes too! The fun really gets into high gear when the lads all gather around the glass table and get stroking on their cocks, building their loads up and splashing their hot cum from their dicks one after the other. You can probably guess that cum pumping Andy wins the squirting competition, splashing out one of his famously big climaxes!

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BONUS VIDEO – Str8 Mates Bailey & Andy’s Photo Shoot Video – Cum Everywhere!

Andy Lee and Bailey Morgan wanking together
Who wouldn’t want a little more fun with these two straight mates wanking out their cum together?

Straight mates Andy and Bailey have probably seen each other naked in the gym showers before but this is the first time they’ve ever wanked out their cum together. It’s the bonus video of their first scene, getting their meat out and showing each other what they’re packing as they get hard and rub themselves off to some porn.

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BONUS VIDEO of the Photoshoot – Brothers Andy and Paddy

Straight brothers Andy Lee and Patrick get their uncut cocks out and wank together
We get a little more fun with Andy and his brother as they get their dicks out for a jerk off session

It’s the bonus video of brothers Andy Lee and Patrick Lee, a horny cock stroking duo who don’t seem to have any problem getting their dicks out together and shooting some cum from their helmets!

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Muscular Pup Andy – His First Anal & Dildo Experience!

Hung straight guy Andy Lee gets a dildo in his ass
Even though he’s straight, Andy seems to have quite a lot of fun sliding a toy in and out of his ass

Hung straight guy Andy Lee is back on video and ready to go just a little further with some anal toy play! We love seeing this guy wanking his thick and long dick, splashing out his massive cum shots for the world, but seeing him exploring his anal pleasure with a toy might just about have every viewer wishing they were there to give him the real thing and show him what another cock can do. The straight lad seems to enjoy the experience, splashing out one of his gigantic cum loads all over the place when he finally can’t take any more of that wanking pleasure!

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BONUS VIDEO – Four Straight Hunks Jerk Off Competition!

Hung straight guy Andy Lee gets his big cock out with 3 other guys for a group jerk off
The full video was great, but this bonus shoot is just as horny as the straight boys wank off together

Check out some bonus action from the circle jerk video with Andy Lee, Hayden Harris, Leon Oliver and Jay Hall all rubbing their dicks and splashing their cum from their helmets!

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Straight Mates Andy & Bailey Pumping some Ass!

2 straight mates try anal toys together
Andy gets his best mate Bailey into enjoying some toys while they wank their cocks together

Andy and his best mate Bailey are back and going further than ever in this shared jack off video. These friends are certainly no strangers to getting their cocks out and shooting some cum together, but this is the first time the two have enjoyed some anal play with each other. Andy knows what to expect after his last appearance where he enjoyed some solo anal exploration, but for Bailey this is all new. The toys ease into their straight holes and the guys enjoy some more wanking before Andy spews his massive cum load out all over the place, which soon has rock hard Bailey joining in with his hot milky mess! Looks like the guys had fun with those toys after all!

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Bonus Video of Andy’s First Photo Shoot with a Massive Cum Shot!

Hung straight guy Andy Lee in his bonus wanking video
Cum cannon Andy delivered a great wank for his debut, of course we want to see the extra footage

Straight muscle dude Andy Lee arrives at English Lads ready to put on a show and he definitely delivers. This is the bonus video of his first appearance there, confidently showing off his thick and uncut 9 inch cock and wanking out one of his massive loads for the fans.

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TrigaFilms Videos

Saturday Nite Special: Uncut

Gay porn star Andy Lee in Saturday Nite Special: Uncut from Triga Films

Handsome and horny hunk Andy Lee joins his best mate Liam Lawrence on a night in at a mates place. It starts out with the lads all enjoying a beer and watching some TV, but when a blow up doll and a fleshlight masturbator are brought into the room things start getting a little out of control! Before you know it the lads are watching some pussy porn and their dicks are out. See the guys all sitting around stroking their meat, with hung Andy being the biggest and thickest cock in the room. When a few of the lads decide that helping a buddy out isn’t a bad thing dicks are soon being sucked and wanked as the guys swap their shafts, tasting each other, grabbing dick and making each other throb and drool precum. Just when you think the cum is about to start splashing someone decides that fucking another lad up the ass isn’t a bad thing! There’s a lot more going on here than that, things really get out of hand with pissing and spanking, before semen really starts firing off in all directions!

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Andy Lee: One to One

Hung gay porn star Andy Lee jacking off in a suit for Men at Play

Hung Irish porn star Andy Lee paid a visit to the site back in 2011 to show us all how good he looks in a sexy suit. He looked fine indeed, but he looked even better when he revealed his large uncut cock from his pants and started stroking his meat for the audience to watch. It was an excellent jack off performance from the handsome hunk, playing with his long and thick cock, stroking himself off and making his balls bounce as the pleasure grew and grew. If you know anything about Andy then you know that when he finally reaches his limit he fires out a massive mess of hot milky cum all over the place, with squirt after squirt of cum erupting from his swollen uncut helmet. You’ll get the same kind of finish from him in this special scene too.

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2 hung straight guys wanking together
They’re definitely a little competitive as they show each other their big uncut cocks and wank their cum out together

Hung straight guys Andy Lee and Andrew T are all about enjoying their long and meaty dicks in this shared wank off, getting their cocks out and comparing their lengths, swinging their meat around and showing it off for each other and the fans. The straight porn is soon playing on the screen and the two new buddies kick back with their dicks in their fists wanking themselves off and occasionally taking sneaky peeks at what their new friends tool looks like being pleasured. Needless to say all that meat rubbing soon has these two straight guys splashing their cream out together, and what a hot fucking mess they make!

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Andy Lee and Bailey Morgan fleshlight wanking
Bailey gets so hard when he’s wanking for the guys, but seeing Andy’s big uncut meat obviously gets him extra horny!

Gym buddies Bailey Morgan and Andy Lee team up for some wanking fun in this update, just a couple of good buddies getting their dicks out together, comparing their meat a little and enjoying some porn and some fleshlights while they wank themselves off. This is such a horny session, mainly because the guys are shameless about showing off their dicks for each other, and Bailey is clearly loving it as they hump their shafts into those toys at the side of the bed. He’s soon edging his throbbing meat, slick with precum and lube, bulging with veins as he tries not to cum while he watches his best mate wanking himself off. Finally he can’t stop himself from spewing his juices, one more stroke in the toy and he’s pulling out to let the jizz erupt from his dick while Andy watches! His best mate is soon joining in while Bailey enjoys the show. Andy strokes his 9-inch cock and starts spewing out a massive load of cum all over the bed sheets!

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Straight friends Andy Lee and Liam Lawrence wanking together
Fresh from the gym and looking pumped, Andy and his mate Liam kick back and wank their cocks to some porn

Looking like they’ve just come from the gym, muscle buddies Andy Lee and Liam Lawrence are ready to satisfy their dicks and watch some porn together. Getting naked and checking out their mates uncut meat the guys lay back on the bed, wanking their cocks while they watch some hardcore porn on Liam’s phone. Whatever they’re watching definitely does it for them, soon they’re edging their meat and preparing to splash out their cum loads. Both guys get off great in this shared wank, but the load Andy splashes out all over the floor is impressive as always, Liam can’t resist watching his mates cock spewing cum, he knows how much jizz his mate squirts from that thick thing!

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5 Oil Wrestling

Andy Lee joins his best mate Bailey Morgan and three other horny muscled guys for an oil wrestling video
Their cocks are so meaty and wet with oil and precum after wrestling naked with each other, so much cum to wank out!

Andy Lee joins his best buddy Bailey Morgan and three other horny muscled straight men for an amazing session of oil wrestling, writhing around in duo competitions, soon naked with their big cocks thickening up and flopping around. Ultimately every guy ends up in the wrestling ring, naked and writhing around all over each other, trying to avoid each others thickening cocks but ultimately failing as they basically frot their straight dude dicks. The horny action ends with all the guys wanking themselves off, watching their friends stroking their meat and splashing their hot cum out over themselves!

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Straight Boys

straight mates andy and bailey wank off and cum together
Andy is always checking out that hard and veiny cock of his best mate Bailey, but the fascination is definitely mutual.

Straight best mates Andy Lee and Bailey Morgan arrive at Horny Model Boys to have some fun, starting out in the hot tub outside and getting their dicks out for a little show and tell before heading into the studio. The best mates strip down and show off together, comparing cocks and playfully commenting, slapping ass and swinging their dicks around. The use of a Pommel Horse is interesting, with the guys seemingly competing to see who can use it more effectively, naked and dicks swinging around of course. With the guys horny to squirt some cum they get some porn on, wanking themselves off side-by-side, still checking out their mate and enjoying the sight of another hard uncut cock being stroked. Of course, it finishes with Bailey’s rock hard and veiny dick squirting juice and Andy delivering one of his massive sprinkling cum loads all over the floor!

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Fun & Games

4 horny straight guys wank their cocks together and have fun
Even though hung Andy loves checking out all the other cocks around him, his mates love seeing his own big meat in action.

Muscle buddies Andy Lee and Bailey Morgan team up with another couple of mates for a group session of playful competition and horny wanking in this video. The guys are feeling competitive as they arm wrestle, race, make use of the pommel horse and generally have a great time together, all naked and with dicks flapping around of course. A good session like this should always end with a group wank, which is what we get in the final minutes as they guys all kick back and stroke their cocks, checking out each others meat, watching their buddies splashing their cum from their cocks one after the other.

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Foam Wrestle

Andy Lee joins his best mate Bailey and other straight men in a naked foam party
Even hung straight guys get horny writhing around naked with their mates! They can’t stop those cocks from throbbing.

Mates Andy and Bailey are back with two of their friends looking like naughty school boys in their ties, hanging out and being rebellious. A group wrestle soon ensues, with the guys stripping each other of their uniforms and discovering a box of foam cans in the corner. In a matter of moments the inflatable pool is out and the guys are squirting their foam into it in preparation for a proper wrestling match, naked of course. The lads dive in, in two’s, three’s and all four too, writhing around and rubbing those thickening dicks up against each other. It’s an amazing scene, four straight guys naked and wrestling, playfully grabbing and groping, their dicks obviously needing to be wanked!

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Army Medical

4 straight guys get their cocks out for an army medical video
It’s hard work, but these naked soldiers don’t mind it when it ends with some cock play and cum loads

If this is what joining the army is like then sign me up! Bailey and Andy are back with a couple of their other buddies looking damn fine in their military gear, but they’re not in it for long. It’s time for their medical, stripping down in front of each other as the doc inspects his recruits and checks that everything is in fine working order – including their big meaty cocks! These confident straight men are happy to reveal all, their big uncut dicks swinging and swaying as they perform various tasks for doc.

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