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AKA: Bailey N, Matt Bruno,


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Straight jock Bailey Morgan appearing in gay porn for the English Lads site

Name: Bailey Morgan

Nationality: South African

Height: 6’1″

Weight: Unknown.

Age: 23

Build: Muscled

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Cock Size: 7″

Cut/Uncut: Uncut

Sexuality: Straight

Role: N/A


Bailey Morgan grew up in South Africa before moving to the UK. He arrived on the English Lads site as his first experience of gay porn back in December 2007 and appeared in some solo masturbation shoots and videos. Over the course of his time there he changed from a fit young twink to a very muscular man. He enjoys beach sports, football, rugby and working out.

In 2010 he told his best friend and gym buddy Andy Lee that he had been in porn videos and shoots, and although Bailey had thought that his friend wouldn’t be impressed by this news Andy was immediately interested and wanted to experience it for himself. This led to a series of shared masturbation videos with both Bailey and Andy wanking on video.

Bailey went on to perform for the Blake Mason site, Men At Play and Horny Model Boys.

Career Highlights:

The arrival of his best friend Andy Lee saw a change from the muscled performer. Until Andy arrived Bailey had only appeared in solo masturbation scenes, but having his good friend there seemed to encourage him into enjoying shoots together. It helped that his friend Andy was a real show off and had always enjoyed wanking with his friends, something Bailey didn’t know about. A highlight of his career (from the fans perspective) came with the physical contact of the videos from Horny Model Boys, with Andy and Bailey (and others) experiencing naked oil wrestling and finishing with group masturbation.


Many of the fans were critical of Bailey being on the English Lads site as often as he was considering he was never interested in physical contact with other performers. As is often the case with straight performers the fans became bored with solo masturbation. The arrival of Andy certainly improved things but without physical contact between the two his videos faced regular (unfair) negativity.

Things of note:

  • Straight
  • Muscled
  • Extremely handsome
  • Uncut


Unconfirmed rumours suggest that Bailey has returned to South Africa.

In 2012, shortly after appearing for Men At Play comments were made to another blog site about Bailey Morgan being so straight that he wouldn’t even let the stylist touch his hair or arrange his clothes while taking photos.





Video Appearances:

English Lads Videos:

Straight Mates Andy & Bailey Pumping some Ass!

2 straight mates try anal toys together

Bailey Morgan tries something new with his straight best mate Andy Lee as the two get their cocks out for a friendly wank once again, only this time trying some anal toys in their tight virgin butt holes! The guys have a lot of fun exploring these new pleasures, wanking themselves off, checking out each others hard and wet cocks, sliding the toys in and out of their holes until they can’t stop themselves from spurting their cum loads out! With so much cock pleasure and anal play getting their loads ready to splash Andy starts the cum fun and launches one of his impressive jizz showers from his dick, erupting hot semen all over the place. Bailey loves seeing that dick exploding, it’s not long before his own wet and veiny cock is pumping hot white cream out too.

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BONUS VIDEO – Str8 Mates Bailey & Andy’s Photo Shoot Video – Cum Everywhere!

Andy Lee and Bailey Morgan wanking together

Didn’t get enough of straight muscle mates Andy and Bailey wanking out their cum loads together in their outdoor shoot? Check out this bonus video as the two best friends and gym buddies show each other their cocks, wank themselves off and erupt hot cum loads in front of each other in a horny shared wank. The bonus videos are great for seeing all the little moments and playful fun that’s cut out of the final scene, it’s especially hot to see the guys checking out those dicks and enjoying the sight of each other playing with their growing uncut  dicks. Remember, the cum load Andy delivers at the end of their outdoor wank session is incredible. He always erupts massive loads of cum when he’s unloading and it’s great to see it all splashing around.

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Str8 Mates Bailey & Andy in an Uncut Muscle Showdown!

Straight gym buddies Bailey Morgan and Andy Lee wank their cocks

Uncut cocks are at the ready as straight mates Bailey and Andy get their dicks out together and enjoy some friendly fun. The gym buddies might be used to showering and getting changed in front of each other but the chance to see those uncut cocks hard and wet is a definite turn on. They might be trying to hide their curiosity, but you can see the lads trying to get a good look at the other’s gorgeous cock. Both the guys love to stroke their meat and although Andy is pretty familiar with shooting off cum loads with his friends Bailey is still getting used to having another hard cock there in front of him, especially one as long and thick as the meat his buddy has. His own gorgeous curved and veiny cock gets so hard and so juicy, maybe it’s because his good mate is right there rubbing his own dick? You won’t believe the massive cum load Andy splashes out all over the decking at the end of this friendly wank session!

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Bailey – str8 lads love to tease – how hard is he!

Straight jock Bailey Morgan wanking his uncut cock

Handsome straight hunk Bailey gets a little wet in the pool and his hard uncut cock is soon out for some wanking. The incredibly handsome young man has an amzing body that he wants you to see as he performs, his stiff uncut cock slightly curved and throbbing with veins as he slides his hands along his length, precum leaking from the swollen tip as the pleasure rushes through him and starts to grow. Watch the gorgeous muscled stud enjoying his own boner, sliding his foreskin back and forth, even playing with his own tight little jock ass as he gets his cum load ready for splashing out, finally finishing with a big mess of hot jock cock leaping from his boner as the climax throbs through his taint and balls!

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Str8 hunk Bailey’s bath

Straight jock Bailey Morgan wanking in the bath

Handsome and buff Bailey Morgan loves to keep clean, and we love seeing him cleaning up too. We join the stud in the bathroom for a tub session, watching him exploring his own incredible body as his cock starts to throb and ooze precum. He gets so turned on, stroking his veiny cock and fingering his tight straight ass. His dick is one of the most stunning boners, so rock hard and covered in veins, throbbing with pleasure as precum oozes from the tip. You can just imagine how good that cock would feel in your own hand if you were there to stroke him to climax, but you know you’d want more than that. Watch as the hunk pleasures his incredible wet dick, playing with his ass and taking himself to a creamy climax that has semen splashing from his cock, making all of us join in with him.

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Str8 football hunk shows off

Straight jock Bailey Morgan wanks his hard footballer cock

Gorgeous straight guy Bailey Morgan loves being on show. He’s so handsome and such a show off, the footballer seems to get hard thinking about all the cocks out there stiff and wanked while you watch him. He’s the kind of guy who loves being on display and his uncut cock shows it as he gets hard instantly. If you walked into the gym showers and saw him there you would get a great performance as he plays with his dick and pumps his cum out! Watch him enjoying his incredible dick in this awesome solo performance, sliding his hands up and down his curved and veiny cock, so wet and so glistening, his balls dangling and pulling up, churning as they produce that big pumping cum load. The pleasure is intense as his dick explodes juice, making every one of you join in and erupt with him.

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Hunky Str8 Athlete’s stiff pole

Jerking off with straight muscled jock Bailey Morgan

Bailey is a natural when it comes to entertaining his fans. He’s back to get naked and tease us all in this solo masturbation video, displaying his amazing body and ass, revealing his uncut cock and getting down to stroking himself off. He always looks incredible in his videos but this time he’s looking especially tasty, his curved uncut cock is soon stiff and throbbing in his grip as he slides his foreskin back and forth over his red tip, his balls gently bouncing and swinging as the pleasure grows and grows. His cum load builds up and he can’t stop his load from splashing out over his tight rippling abs, decorating his incredibly physique with milky hot cream that you just wish you were there to lick from his muscles.

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Do young men come more Hunky?

Wanking uncut cock with straight jock Bailey Morgan

It’s the first time this handsome and horny guy has ever got his cock out for a video, but this straight jock knows how to perform and he really enjoys being on show. The second his uncut veiny dick is out it’s hard and throbbing, and he just can’t stop stroking and playing with it! He loves to wank, that much is clear, but it seems he loves to be on show as he pleasures himself too, pumping a healthy load of straight jock cum out over his abs by the end of it all!

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Blake Mason Videos:


Andy Lee and Bailey Morgan fleshlight wanking

Ever wonder what it’s like when Bailey Morgan gets together with his best mate Andy Lee? The guys are getting together for another friendly wank in this video, hauling out their uncut cocks, showing each other their meaty throbbing dicks, wanking themselves off and then enjoying some fleshlight toys as they slide their wet cocks into those tunnels and fuck their new holes right there in front of each other! By the end of it all Bailey is trying hard not to cum before he sees his mate spewing his cum out all over the bed, but his cock lets fly with a big spurting load, firing out milky cum while Andy watches. It’s not long before hung Andy is spewing his own famously massive load out all over the bed, with Bailey watching his semen spew as he continues to play with his still hard cock.

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Horny Model Boys Videos:

Army Medical

4 straight guys get their cocks out for an army medical video

Straight guys Andy Lee and Bailey Morgan are teamed up with another couple of handsome and buff recruits in a military themed training video, getting checked out by the medical team, having their cocks groped and their asses checked. There’s a lot of fun working out with the naked guys, their big uncut cocks swinging and flopping around as they all check out the dicks around them!

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Foam Wrestle

Andy Lee joins his best mate Bailey and other straight men in a naked foam party

What starts as a playful wrestle between a bunch of straight guys soon becomes a whole lot hornier when they discover a whole box of cans of foam! The inflatable pool is soon out and the lads are naked, their big uncut cocks throbbing and oozing as they grapple each other and get so slippery and slimy! Hands find dicks, faces are slammed into crotches, boners appear, dicks are swinging and balls are bouncing as the straight men explore a great play session, and of course is all needs to end with those hard and throbbing cocks splashing out hot cum loads while all their mates watch them squirting!

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Fun & Games

4 horny straight guys wank their cocks together and have fun

It all starts out innocently enough for the straight lads as they compete in arm wrestling and other activities, but you know with these guys those cocks are soon gonna be out. Andy Lee and Bailey lead their mates into the pool for some skinny dipping, but with dicks hard and the guys all comparing their meat with each other, getting a good look at all the cocks around them, the buddies are soon wanking themselves off and seeing each other spewing out their splashing cum loads! Everyone loves seeing Andy cum his massive loads, especially his best mate Bailey.

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Straight Boys

straight mates andy and bailey wank off and cum together

Sexy muscled straight guy Bailey Morgan is pretty used to seeing his mates big uncut cock being wanked and shooting off those massive cum loads, but he still enjoys seeing that big dick being pleasured whenever they get the chance. The lads have some fun on the pummell horse, naked and with their dicks and balls swiging around. Then it’s time to really have some fun as they watch porn and see each other stroking those big uncut cocks. Andy loves watching Bailey’s veiny and curved cock being stroked, and Bailey can’t resist watching his mates long and thick cock pumping out those gigantic cum loads!

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5 Oil Wrestling

Andy Lee joins his best mate Bailey Morgan and three other horny muscled guys for an oil wrestling video

Bailey Morgan and his best mate Andy Lee have seen each other enjoying those cocks in plenty of wanking sessions already and they always have loads of fun, but things are a little different this time. Three other naked guys are joining them for a little hands-on fun in this wet and slippery oil wrestling video. Watch the naked guys groping and sliding all over each other, their throbbing dicks swinging and slapping agains their friends as they all fight for supremacy in the ring. No wonder all those dicks are hard and wet with precum by the end of it! Watch the guys as they stroke their cocks together, watching each other erupt their cum loads from their cocks as they all get off one by one and put on a great jizz shooting show for their horny straight friends!

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Men At Play

Introducing Bailey

South African hunk Bailey Morgan wanking his uncut cock on video for MenAtPlay

Handsome and hunky straight muscled guy Bailey Morgan gets his veiny uncut cock out of his suit and puts on an amazing wank show for his first video at Men At Play, enjoying his hard dick in a great solo performance that leaves him pumping his cum out of his dick and giving the fans exactly what they needed.

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Bailey’s Return

Gorgeous jock Bailey Morgan wanks his uncut cock

Bailey is back at Men At Play to deliver another amazing solo cock stroking performance as he reveals his veiny throbbing uncut boner and gets to work on his meat. The handsome guy knows how to pleasure his own amazing dick, stroking himself off and working up to a thick and pumping cum load that has all his eager fans joining in and making their own milky mess!

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