Cliff Jensen

AKA: Cliff Jenson

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gay porn star Cliff Jensen
Gay porn star Cliff Jensen appears for the site

Name: Cliff Jensen

Nationality: American

Height: 6’3″

Weight: 182 lbs

Age/D.O.B: 22nd January 1989

Build: Muscular

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Cock Size: 8″

Cut/Uncut: Cut

Sexuality: UNDEFINED

Role: N/A


Cliff Jensen is a globally renowned gay porn performer appearing in hardcore videos after starting out several years ago as a twink. He’s since appeared for numerous studios across America and become one of the biggest names in hardcore gay entertainment. He’s had a history of controversies and scandals in that time, and is considered to be one of the most volatile and unpredictable performers. He’s married to a woman and has a complex relationship with his sexuality, often described as gay for pay or bisexual, while he refuses to adhere to a specific label and describes his sexuality as fluid, depending on the person he is attracted to.

Career Highlights:

None to date


None to date


Like many other performers of his kind, Cliff Jensen has repeatedly been criticized for his description of his own sexuality. Fans and bloggers can often be found attempting to dictate what his sexuality must be, from their own understanding if it and their own definitions of what sexuality is.

Things of note:

  • Straight
  • Tattooed
  • Aggressive
  • Dominant top


Cliff Jensen has been arrested several times, for various things including grand theft auto, burglary, and criminal mischief. In 2015 he found himself incarcerated in a Florida prison. Reports suggest that he broke into a country club in Florida, stole a golf cart and went on a joyride. He was charged in Florida and found in California, then extradited to serve time.

While in prison it was reported that Cliff was involved in an altercation with another inmate which left him badly injured. Reports began to surface on social media of a violent incident which had left him unconscious and in a comatose state. Concerned fans spread the news but no confirmation of this event was found. There were no reports of such a violent incident through official channels and some believe that the event was entirely fictional and used as a means to maintain attention and generate funds while he was in prison. This theory is supported by the fact that no evidence of an altercation or injury could be found in regularly updated public records, and that the account giving this information then began asking for money.

Cliff Jensen was released from prison in the summer of 2016 and returned to porn in April 2017 with a new video for, fucking straight performer Vadim Black.




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Video Chat Meltdown

Video Chat Meltdown Cliff Jensen & Johnny Rapid

Cliff Jensen is feeling horny and putting on a cam show for a lucky girl when Johnny Rapid appears in the background and interrupts things. It’s okay though, they’re local, within minutes Johnny is heading over to visit Cliff and make that cam show a hardcore and horny session of cock sucking and dick riding! Cliff is happy to have the company, feeding the new arrival his thick and throbbing meat, fucking his face, then fucking his ass too as the guys put on a cam show that’s far hotter than a simple dick stroke!

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Runaway Groom

Runaway Groom Cliff Jensen & Damien Kyle

It’s the big day and Cliff Jensen is getting married, the only problem is that he seems to love hard cock and hot gay ass a little too much! He’s hiding out in the store room when lucky young employee Damien Kyle finds him. What starts out as an innocent chat soon becomes a hardcore session of cock sucking and butt fucking as Cliff gives in to his dick lust and pounds his new buddy right there in the store room! When his new wife-to-be discovers him balls-deep in that hot gay hole it’s fair to say the wedding is off, but the fucking certainly isn’t as Cliff continues to pound that hole and fuck the cum out of Damien, finishing off with his own gooey mess flooding out of his big dick!

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Dick Stuffed

Dick Stuffed Cliff Jensen & Matie

Uncut twink boy Matie is a little bit sneaky. He’s in the hotel room dressed up in a mascot outfit when handsome hunk Cliff Jensen arrives. The boy plays the part of a statue well, but you have to wonder why Cliff would get his cock out and enjoy a jack off watching porn with that creepy figure standing over him. He soon finds out the truth when Matie moves, and although he’s freaked out he can’t stop now. His dick is soon in that young man’s mouth as he feeds Matie the dick he’s been watching, then slams his thick jock cock into that tight twink ass and pounds the young man all over the bed until his uncut dick is splashing cum out! With his bottom boy unloaded and sticky with juice Cliff pulls out and douses him with his own jock cum load!

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Mine Now, Sister

Mine Now, Sister Alex Gray & Cliff Jensen

If you were Alex Gray you would be doing the same thing. His sister’s boyfriend is far too fucking hot for him to ignore. He knows Cliff Jensen is the kind of man who can’t refuse a willing hole and when he interrupts him in the bathroom with his big meaty cock out Cliff can’t turn down his offer! That big dick is soon in Alex’s hungry mouth as the guy sucks his sister’s boyfriend right there in the bathroom, but that’s not all he’s gonna get. Watch as Cliff slides his thick jock cock into that ass and pounds Alex all over the room! Alex gets a great messy load from the hunk when Cliff spews his cum in his face.

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Coffee Time

Coffee Time Cliff Jensen, Damien Kyle, Myles Landon

Muscled daddy Myles Landon is hard at work at the kitchen table when Cliff Jensen and Damien Kyle decide to have some fun. He has no idea what’s going on as cock is being sucked right behind him, but soon the two young men are taking it even further in the living room. When he comes to find out what’s going on he finds Cliff with his thick cock deep in Damien’s hole! They might be panicked at the start, but Myles is far more interested in sucking some dick and gets his mouth on Damien’s boner while Cliff continues fucking him! Soon enough Damien finds himself on his back with both cocks fucking his mouth and ass, taking on both those thick and juicy dicks as Cliff and Myles share him between them, making him squirt his cum and dousing him in their own jerked out cum splashes!

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Spiteful Ex

Spiteful Ex Cliff Jensen, Wesley Woods

Wesley Woods is a spiteful fucker. He’s just broken up with his boyfriend and he’s not waiting a second before getting some more cock to suck and ride! While his boyfriend is packing up his things and moving out, Wesley gets on Cliff Jensen’s cock, sucking the handsome jock and taking that hard dick in his ass! The spiteful guy goes at it hard, riding that meat and taking it in the ass in front of his boyfriend!

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Polyamor-Ass Part 3

Polyamor-Ass Part 3 Cliff Jensen, Griffin Barrows

Griffin Barrows has been playing by the rules and sticking to the schedule of hard dick fun with the other guys so far, but now he knows the other boys are getting more of Cliff Jensen’s cock than he is he wants to break the rules too! He comes into the bedroom and wastes no time grabbing that dick, jerking his lover off. Cliff finally admits that the schedule he set for all his guys isn’t working out, so he gives Griffin what he craves and pounds his big jock dick into that ass, fucking his lover hard and mean until both are squirting out splashing loads of milky man juice!

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Polyamor-Ass Part 2

Polyamor-Ass Part 2 Cliff Jensen, Will Braun

Will Braun is one of Cliff Jensen’s fuck buddies. He’s supposed to be sticking to the strict schedule of hard cock all the guys have adhered to, but Will can’t resist getting some extra attention and invading Cliff’s private time in the shower. Cliff decides to break the rules just a little, his big jock cock could do with some mouth and ass around it and he gives his hot young lover a hardcore fucking right there in the bathroom! The other boys might not know what’s going on, but we get every second of the fun as Will gets his cum fucked out of him by his gorgeous hunk of a man and takes a hot and gooey splashing from his stud!

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Polyamor-Ass Part 1

Polyamor-Ass Part 1 Cliff Jensen, Vadim Black

It’s the long-awaited return of handsome hunk Cliff Jensen after his release from prison and the fans certainly get a great show! He’s the horny hunk getting as much hard cock and hot ass as he can in Polyamor-Ass, coming clean with hot young hunk Vadim Black about the several guys he’s been fucking around with. Vadim doesn’t seem to care, he just wants that mouth on his dick, that cock to suck on and a the feel of that thick jock dick deep in his tight little ass! Watch Cliff sucking cock, feeding Vadim his own gorgeous shaft and then slamming that hole until both are erupting streams of hot semen!

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The Apartment Part 1

The Apartment Part 1 Cliff Jensen, Luke Adams

We would all love to have Cliff Jensen as a neighbor! Luke Adams has just moved in when Cliff appears at his door explaining that his shower isn’t working and asking if perhaps he could use his. Luke can’t say no to his new neighbor, and when he gets a look at that big juicy jock meat in the bathroom he can’t resist getting a taste of it either! Cliff makes a perfect welcoming committee to the new arrival, feeding him his gorgeous pink jock dick, then slamming his throbbing length in and out of that hot young hole until Luke can’t stop his jizz from pumping out of his own throbbing tool! Cliff gives his new friend a great sticky mess of goo as thanks.

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The Next Bottom Part 2

The Next Bottom Part 2 Cliff Jensen, Jake Wilder


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The Next Bottom Part 1

The Next Bottom Part 1 Cliff Jensen, Travis James


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Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch Cliff Jensen, Ethan Cruz


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Locker Room Explorations

Locker Room Explorations Cliff Jensen, Ryan Sharp


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The Prankster

The Prankster Bryce Star, Cliff Jensen


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Freshman Cherry

Freshman Cherry Cliff Jensen, James Ryder


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Photo Booth Fun

Photo Booth Fun Cliff Jensen, Kirk Cummings


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The Contest

The Contest Cliff Jensen, Tyler Sweet


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Sparring and Groping

Sparring and Groping Chris Tyler, Cliff Jensen


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Working Hard

Working Hard Cliff Jensen, Marc Dylan

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Lower My Tuition

Lower My Tuition Ari Sylvio, Cliff Jensen


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The Slammer

The Slammer Christian Wilde, Cliff Jensen, Gavin Waters, Philip Aubrey

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Study Hard

Study Hard Cliff Jensen, Tyr Alexander

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Neighborly Love

Neighborly Love Brant Dickson, Cliff Jensen

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Jock Stalker

Jock Stalker cliff jensen & Jeyden Studley

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Two Timing Slut

Two Timing Slut cliff jensen


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