We use cookies to enable us to promote content from associated sites as a standard business practice, and to make your use of this site easier and more effective. Please read the following to understand what cookies are and how they enable us to do what we do and provide you and our partners the experience we all expect.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small packet of data picked up from a website by your browser. You might visit our website using a Chrome or Firefox browser and when you connect a small file of data is collected from us by you.

Cookies are designed to make your experience here as useful as possible. They allow us to “remember” certain things, perhaps to display to you pages you’ve previously viewed while here, a comment you were half way through writing before you were distracted, or perhaps just to provide a signal to our internal analytics so that we know how many people came back again to read more. This is anonymized information and reveals nothing personal about you.

There are two kinds of cookies we use:

Persistent cookies are as they sound, but only in comparison to Session cookies. Persistent cookies generally remain in your browser until they either expire themselves (cookies come with termination in-built, after a specific period of time, which can vary depending on the intention of the cookie) or are deleted by you. They can be deleted manually using a setting in your browser, or automatically on browser closing, depending on the settings of the browser you use and the options you have chosen.

Session cookies are those used for a very short period of time, for example when progressing through a website and reading more content, leaving a comment or submitting a piece of information. These are deleted when you close your browser, or can be deleted manually at any time before closing.

Affiliate cookies

Our business model relies on being able to collect a small percentage of a sale made via one of the websites we promote. We use links to third-party websites such as English Lads or Falcon Studios which allows the service provider to track the sale and apportion a share of that sale to us.

When you click a link on one of our pages which takes you to a site (for example English Lads) a small cookie is collected by your browser. This allows the payment system you might then use to join the site to acknowledge that we were the ones who recommended their site to you. This allows them to pay us a small amount for the sale we have sent to them.

Turning off cookies

Every major browser now allows you to control and manage which cookies exist within it and provide you with options to refuse cookies, please refer to the documentation for your specific browser if you would like more information.

Please be aware that choosing to refuse cookies from this website may result in limited access to our posts and pages.