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Straight guy Eddie Branson at Englishlads
Straight British guy Eddie Branson appears for the Englishlads gay porn site

Name: Eddie Branson

Nationality: British

Height: 6’2″

Weight: Unknown

Age/D.O.B: 26

Build: Muscled

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Cock Size: 7.5″

Cut/Uncut: Uncut

Sexuality: Straight

Role: N/A


Eddie Branson is a straight and muscular British guy with history in the military. He has a 7.5″ uncut cock that he enjoys showing off. He works out regularly and plays Rugby.

Career Highlights:

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Things of note:

  • Muscular
  • Uncut cock
  • Straight
  • Confident


May 1st, 2017: Although his first solo wank has only just been released it’s rumoured that he’s already appeared in a massage video with another performer, having his uncut cock wanked for him. There’s also a suggestion that he was eager to return the favour and wanked off the guy he appeared with.




Video Appearances:

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Straight Hunk Eddie Branson Wanks his 1st Man & its Dominic Moore’s Uncut Cock – Lucky Guy!

straight guys wanking each other off on video
Dominic Moore shows straight hunk Eddie Branson what another guy’s cock feels like

Eddie Branson seemed to enjoy the hand job he received in his last video, but this time the big hunk is back to get his first feel of another guy’s uncut cock in his hand with straight lad Dominic Moore. He’s a good choice to team the big guy up with, having experienced a lot of mutual masturbation with other horny lads on the site already. His cock seems to like all the attention it gets with some of the other guys and he’s not at all shy about stroking another man’s boner. The guys grope their bulges and become familiar with each other, then their cocks are out for them both to share in a mutual masturbation session that sees them rubbing their shafts together in some amazing frottage. The boys even show off their tight asses before kicking back side by side on the bed and splashing their cum loads out over themselves. I think we’re likely to see more of Eddie after this, his cock really seemed to enjoy all that rubbing and the feel of another cock against his!

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Muscular Hunk Eddie lets Loose & Gets His Thick Uncut Cock Wanked!

Straight jock Eddie Branson jerked off
Straight Eddie Branson gets his thick cock stroked in a gay hand job video

It’s been almost six months since we first met Eddie Branson and his thick uncut ex-military cock in his debut solo jerk off session, but we’ve been wanting more of him. Finally we’re getting our wish as the handsome hunk kicks back and lets another guy stroke his meat for him for the first time, enjoying a gay hand job and appreciating the stroking skills of another guy. He doesn’t take too long to get hard, his long and thick pink meat soon throbbing in those slippery hands as he’s worked and pleasured to the limit. He even shows off his virgin straight guy ass before finally kicking back and letting those hands take him over the edge, finishing with a splashing cum load leaping out of his gorgeous dick and making a hot sticky mess. Will we see him back for more soon?

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Straight Tall Eddie Reveals his Muscular Body and Big Uncut Secret Weapon!

Straight Tall Eddie Branson Reveals his Muscular Body and Big Uncut Secret Weapon!

Just saying that Eddie Branson is a former military guy and plays Rugby should tell you that he’s a show-off. It seems that straight guys like this always seem to be more into getting their big cocks out for some fun. He’s not in the least bit shy as he reveals all in his first video, his hooded dick already getting chunky just from the joy of being seen and appreciated. You get the feeling that he’s one of those Rugby players who gets hard in the showers and probably wouldn’t shy away from having a good long wank with his mates. He’s soon hard, rock solid, his cock throbbing and pointing upward as he shows everything off. After flashing us his straight muscled ass and getting to work on his dick he gives the fans a great wank, sliding his wet foreskin back and forth over his helmet until he can’t stop his cum from gushing out over his abs. We get the feeling it’s not gonna be long before he’s wanking another cock and sharing his own hard shaft with another one of their straight lads.

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Straight Hunk Eddie Wanks his 1st Man & its Big Dom’s Uncut Cock That Stands to Attention!

two straight guys frotting cocks, Dominic Moore and Eddie Branson cum together at Englishlads
Straight guys Eddie Branson and Dominic Moore share their uncut cocks with each other

Was anyone expecting this big former military man and Rugby player to return after seven months away from the site? I guess stranger things have happened, we recently had the surprise of Rich Wills bringing his 9-inch cock back for some mutual play with other lads after several years of absence! The last time we saw Eddie Branson he was getting a hand job from straight jock boy Casey Lee and loving every moment of it, so we thought he would be back for more, we just didn’t think it would take this long. Dominic Moore is the boy sharing some friendly cock play with the straight hunk for this one, getting his own 9-inch uncut straight boy dick out for some playful wanking and frotting. There’s no denying both these guys are having fun with those shafts as they grab each other by the dick and wank each other off, but the frotting as they combine their dicks and stroke them together is the real highlight for me. I love seeing a couple of guys enjoying their cocks and getting some shaft-on-shaft fun with each other! After a whole lot of mutual jerking and some flashing of those tight virgin butt holes the guys kick back and give each other some more friendly wanking before taking over and bringing themselves off, splashing cum out of their cocks and enjoying a satisfying finish. We can’t wait to see the video of these two having such a great time and I’m hoping we get to see more of masculine hunk Eddie sharing that stiff cock with some of the other guys too.

Muscular Big Hunk Eddie Lets Loose & Gets his 1st Man Wank & Cums Twice!

Former military guy Eddie was apparently reluctant to come back and experience the hands of another guy on video, but it seems as though he relented and we get a sneaky peek at what’s to come with this great gallery. He’s only been in a solo wanking video so far, so all of this is new to him as fellow straight lad Casey Lee starts rubbing him down. Still, even though he was reluctant and he’s totally straight, it doesn’t take too long before that thick and long uncut cock is standing to attention and he’s enjoying the feel of Casey wanking him off with his lubed hands. The best part about this shoot, aside from the fact it’s a straight muscled guy getting wanked off by another straight muscled guy, is that when Casey makes him spew his hot cum out of his big dick he can feel there’s more jizz to shoot and grabs his cock to carry on wanking, gushing out another hot load of straight man milk! Looks like he had a whole lot of fun being given a hand job, I think this means we’re gonna see more of him sharing that big cock with the guys after this! Stick around for the arrival of the video, I know you’re gonna love it.


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