Henry Kane

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Gay porn star Henry Kane
Gay porn star Henry Kane is a straight British guy appearing for the English Lads site

Name: Henry Kane

Nationality: British

Height: 6’0″

Weight: Unknown.

Age: 23

Build: Slim

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Cock Size: 7″

Cut/Uncut: Uncut

Sexuality: Straight

Role: N/A


Henry Kane works as a personal trainer when he’s not modeling for British gay porn sites. He’s straight, but he’s very open minded and his 7″ uncut cock is eager to be shown off and played with. Interestingly, he appears with his cousin for his first shoots, who’s also straight. He’s a sporty young man who enjoys working out and playing football, climbing, hiking and other outdoor activities.

Career Highlights:

None to date


None to date

Things of note:

  • Straight
  • Uncut cock
  • Confident


March 14th 2018: Henry started out eager with a duo hand job shoot alongside his cousin, and rumor has it that he’s already returned and shot another scene with another guy, frotting cocks and wanking each other off. No suggestion it’s his cousin appearing in that one too.




Video Appearances:

EnglishLads.com Videos: (newest first)

Young Athlete Henry Kane Pumps his Hole with a Dildo While Cousin Jerry Holds his Legs Spread!

straight boy dildo play on video
Straight boy Henry Kane tries a dildo, and his cousin helps out!
Fit young straight lad Henry Kane has been gradually exploring things more and more, and with a little assistance from his horny cousin along the way. He’s back again to explore the feeling of a toy in his ass for this new video, and once again his cousin Jerry Mason is ready to help out. Soon enough his gorgeous pale pink cock is out, his balls swinging while he strokes, his long hood of foreskin sliding over his damp tip and the pleasure growing. Ready to try something new he shows off his virgin hole, playing with his pucker and lubing himself up, then sliding the dildo into his hole slowly, bit by bit. His cousin is on-hand to help out, holding his legs in place while he fucks his ass with the toy and wanks his cock. His cousin even films some of the action for us before that cock starts pumping out a healthy load of straight boy cum! SEE HIM EXPLORING HIS ASS.

Young Blond PT Henry Kane & his Ultra Defined Body – Cousin Jerry Manson Lends a Hand!

Straight boy in a jerk off video with his cousin helping out
Henry Kane is back to have some more fun, with his cousin assisting!

As we all know, Henry Kane is a confident and horny young man who isn’t at all shy about getting his cock out and enjoying himself in front of his cousin and good friend Jerry Manson. He’s back to rub some more cum out of his uncut cock in this new video and Jerry is there to help out in some interesting ways. With some spanking and the use of some interesting props, his cousin helps to make it a little more interesting that it might have been otherwise, but Henry still ends up putting on a great solo and splashing out a hot mess of straight lad cream for the guys. CLICK FOR THE VIDEO

Young Straight Climber Henry Kane Abseils Naked and Wanks at High Altitude – Almost Gets Caught!

straight climber wanking on a mountain
Straight climber Henry Kane wanks on a mountain with his cousin!

Henry Kane is a keen climber, an adventurer just like his cousin Jerry Manson. Aside from being adventurous straight boys they’ve already shown in their videos that they’re totally comfortable with getting their uncut cocks out together and having some fun wanking out their loads. These boys aren’t shy at all when it comes to stroking out some cum and they don’t give a crap about their cousin watching. For this extra special Premium Video (it costs extra for members to watch) Jerry is filming his cousin Henry as he strips off and climbs naked, his fit body on full display. It’s impressive to watch, but it gets even better when Henry decides to make the most of the opportunity and starts wanking his uncut cock. We get to see the horny lad wanking out a juicy load in this stunning scenery, all while his cousin films his stroking fun. We get some extra action with the boys skinny dipping in a glacier pool, and some shots of the cousins in a photo gallery too. SEE HIM JERKING OFF ON A MOUNTAIN!

Young Athlete Henry Kane Pumps his Hole with a Dildo While Cousin Jerry Holds his Legs Spread!

straight boy dildo play with Henry Kane
Henry Kane tries a dildo and gets some help from his cousin!

It’s not something you see every day, but we should know by now that straight boy Henry Kane is real close with his cousin Jerry Manson. They have no qualms about getting their uncut cocks out with each other and sharing some friendly wanking, watching each other enjoying their dick and shooting off some cum together. The young explorers are used to seeing each other naked and jerking off, but this is the first time straight boy Henry has had some help from his cousin to explore anal play with a dildo. Yes, this isn’t just a video of a horny straight guy getting his 7-inch uncut cock out and wanking himself off while he slides a toy in and out of his ass, his cousin is there to help out, to watch the fun and to hold his legs for him while he shows off his exploring! He seems to have a lot of fun with that toy in his ass, but the time he’s done he’s pumping hot cum out over himself, while his cousin watches off camera! SEE IT ALL ON VIDEO

Young Blond PT Henry Kane & his Ultra Defined Body – Cousin Jerry Manson Lends a Hand!
Henry Kane in a video wanking off with his cousin

Athletic young Henry Kane is getting an interesting debut, thanks to his equally straight cousin Jerry Manson who seems eager to get in on the action and show his cousin how it’s done. Jerry is the guy who convinced Henry to try out in modeling, so I guess it’s only right that he encourage him some more. It’s a pretty hot shoot for the guys, with a little kinky play thanks to Jerry spanking his cousin with a belt and encouraging him to get his 7″ uncut cock out for the fans. He soon does, and it’s soon rock hard. With some yoga and some flashing of that ass, Henry gets to work on his cock and strokes up a messy splashing cum load, pumping his cream out over the floor. SEE IT ALL ON VIDEO

Straight Climber Henry Kane Experiments with his Equipment with Helping Hand from Cousin Jerry Manson!

Henry Kane gets his uncut cock out for a wank in a video wih his cousin Jerry Manson

In a new premium member shoot Henry Kane is going further than he might have expected, again thanks to his horny cousin Jerry Manson. Henry is showing off and posing in some of his sexy climbing gear, getting his uncut cock out and playing with himself. It’s incredible hard, pointing up and throbbing as he strokes. His cousin arrives and isn’t too shy about getting involved, leading to some interesting dick play that you’re gonna want to see. Ultimately it all gets Henry eager to pump his cum out of his cock, wanking himself off and splashing his load out over the floor. Looks like we’re going to be seeing a lot more from this guy in the future, and we can’t wait! SEE HENRY SQUIRTING CUM ON VIDEO.

EnglishLads Galleries:

Young Straight Stud Henry gets his 1st Man Wank & Wanks his 1st Man & Big Dom is the Lucky Boy!

two straight boys jerking each other off and stretching their foreskins
Straight boys Henry Kane and Dominic Moore wank each other off

Henry Kane has been exploring a lot of fun with his cousin over the last few months, watching each other wanking, making little cameos with props in each other’s videos, even filming each other enjoying their cocks while on a climbing trip. This time the straight boy is getting some proper hands-on experience with another one of the lads, and he really has a good time. Dominic Moore is back to enjoy his 8-inch uncut dick with the lad in what was supposed to be a massage and hand job for the new inexperienced boy, but Henry decides to make it a lot more interesting when he reaches into Dominic’s underwear and pulls out his growing uncut cock. His own dick is soon out, two gorgeous pink and smooth dicks with awesome spouts of foreskin over their helmets, both getting hard while they wank each other. Soon enough both the boys are showing off comparable hard cocks, and they just can’t stop grabbing each other and stroking those shafts. The boys frot their cocks together, sharing their boners in one impressive shaft of uncircumcised manhood, then the boys show off their butt holes, taking turns to reveal their butts while their new friend milks their hard cock beneath them. When the boys lay back and get ready to cum they play with their foreskins, stretching each other’s hood out and showing off how pliable their foreskins are. With some more mutual jerking the lads are finally ready to start cumming, with Dominic being the first to launch a volley of straight boy cum up his smooth body while Henry watches, which soon gets our new boy kneeling and wanking furiously while semen splashes out of his dick and rains down all over the bed! SEE THESE BOYS HAVING FUN.

Straight Climber Jerry Manson plays with Toys and Veg! With helping hand from his cousin!

Straight boy Jerry Manson gets some help in an anal solo

This shoot is definitely more about Henry Kane’s cousin Jerry Manson than him, but it’s worth sharing here on his profile. The boys are willing to try something new after all their cock flashing and boner stroking, with Jerry getting his uncut cock out, showing off his ass and trying some anal play! Henry is on hand to help out his cousin and get his legs in the air as he slides a carrot in and out of his virgin hole! Yeah, Jerry fucks himself in the butt with a carrot in this session, with his cousin there to help him out. Watch him enjoying the new sensations and wanking his uncut dick, building up the pleasure and finally splashing semen out over his stomach. His cousin doesn’t seem that bothered by it all and we’re left wondering just how far these straight boys might be willing to go in the future. They’ve enjoyed some hot cock play together so far, and now this shoot too… We can’t wait to see what comes next for these straight boys. CLICK FOR THE FULL GALLERY.


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