Hugo Jones

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gay porn star Hugo Jones
Straight lad Hugo Jones appears in his first shoot for the EnglishLads site

Name: Hugo Jones

Nationality: British

Height: 5’8″

Weight: Unknown.

Age: 20

Build: Muscular

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Cock Size: 7.5″

Cut/Uncut: Uncut

Sexuality: Straight

Role: N/A


Hugo Jones is an extremely handsome and very confident young straight man who arrived at the English Lads site with his best friend Noah Milton. He football and going to the gym, and wanking too.

Career Highlights:

Although Hugo has only appeared in one solo photo shoot under his own profile so far he shared his shoot with his best friend Noah Milton and the two crossed over into each others debuts. The two best friends have been seen masturbating with each other, commenting and comparing cocks. We are expecting to see Hugo’s debut video arrive soon, with his best friend joining in.


None to date

Things of note:

  • Straight
  • Muscled
  • Uncut cock
  • Confident
  • Willing to wank with his best friend


Unconfirmed rumours suggest that best friends Hugo and Noah will be sharing masturbation and frottage in a future video. Their debut appearances seemed to be filmed in front of each other and the friends seem to have a very close friendship where shared masturbation is enjoyed between them.

UPDATE: Rumor confirmed. The latest update is a gallery with the two straight best friends wanking each other off, a video is soon to be released.




Video Appearances: Videos:

Horny Hunk Hugo Shows Off His Muscular Body and Uncut Cock and Wanks Next to his Mate!
Horny Hunk Hugo Shows Off His Muscular Body and Uncut Cock and Wanks Next to his Mate

 Handsome and fit young straight guy Hugo Jones gets his uncut cock out for some wanking and surprises the fans by inviting his best friend Noah Milton in to show off his hard uncut cock too! The boys put on a bit of a playful friendly show together, stroking their cocks for the cameras and openly admiring their mates meat. Even though this is the first time these friends have shown each other their hard cocks they seem pretty into it, even if they do both look a little nervous about it you can tell they both like the look of the inches their friend is showing off. Hugo is especially interested in his friends cock, checking it out and admiring it openly while his own uncut cock throbs and twitches. When left to take care of business on his own, Hugo really gets into his wanking and finally pumps a hot load of cum out over his abs, while his best friend watches out of shot!



Straight Mates Noah and Hugo Wank Each Other’s Uncut Cocks Before Jizzing!
Straight Mates Noah and Hugo Wank Each Other's Uncut Cocks Before Jizzing
Straight best friends Hugo Jones and Noah Milton have seen each other hard and wanking in their previous debut videos, but this is the first time either of them has felt another guys hard dick in their hand. The two best buddies start off a little playful in their underwear, throwing a ball around, but with the first grab of a cock bulge things are moving on to the real fun. The guys strip and their floppy uncut cocks are soon out and getting a little chubby, the naked wrestling on the floor only gets them harder! Pretty soon those hard uncut cocks are being wanked and slapped together in some great horny swordfighting and frotting as the two best mates get to grips with those cocks, loving the feel of their meat being stroked together. After showing off their virgin butt holes the best friends lay back and get into wanking each other off, sliding their foreskins up and down over their helmets until these best friends are watching each other splashing their cum from their dicks in a well-deserved mutual climax!


Best friends Hugo and Noah pump each other with a dildo for the first time and shoot cum all over the bedroom
Best friends Hugo and Noah pump each other with a dildo for the first time and shoot cum all over the bedroom
Best mates Hugo Jones and Noah Milton have been having a whole lot of fun wanking out their cum loads together and playing with each other’s cocks on video for the first time, but the two straight mates are taking things a little further this time. The boys have some anal toys to play with, and they’re seemingly having a lot of fun with them too as they wank each other off and take their turn to fuck the other boy in the butt with a plug. There’s a whole lot of mutual wanking in this one, something we all love to see between two straight guys, and those tight holes being plugged with toys seems to get them extra horny too. I love seeing them each getting their hole filled with a toy while their friend wanks their hard uncut cock for them. It really does the trick and gets the two boys splashing out some well-deserved cum loads by the end of it. Will we see these two friends sucking those cocks in the next video? I get the feeling they’re having a whole lot of fun so it won’t surprise me to see them enjoying some mutual oral together.

Bonus Video of Hugo Jone’s Photo Shoot – Straight Lad Wanks his Big Uncut Cock & Invites his Mate Noah!

muscle boy in a solo jerk off
Handsome straight jock Hugo Jones shows off in a solo shoot, with a cameo from his best friend

I really enjoy these bonus videos, and this one is especially good because it’s all about one of the best boys. This video was shot when handsome straight lad Hugo Jones came in to show off his uncut 7.5″ cock and wank out some cum for the fans, while his best mate Noah Milton was right there in the room watching the live show. The straight boys even get together on the bed a couple of times to show off their cocks together, and the banter the boys share with each other makes it really hot too. Something tells me this isn’t the first time these two straight friends have seen each other hard and jerking off, and it definitely wasn’t the last time. They came back after this to rub their cocks together and wank each other off! SEE THE VIDEO Galleries:


Straight Lad Hugo Wanks his Big Uncut Cock & Invites his Mate Noah for a Guest Appearance!

Straight guy Hugo Jones wanking at Englishlads

Straight boy Hugo Jones arrives to show off his cock, and surprisingly he invites his best friend Noah Milton in to compare dicks and show off in a duo session for the fans! These two guys have a very close friendship, that much is clear.

Straight Mates Noah & Hugo Cross that Barrier & Wank off each Others Hard Uncut Cocks!

Straight best friends Noah Milton and Hugo Jones wanking each other at Englishlads

Straight best mates Hugo Jones and Noah Milton go further than ever in a new gallery for the English Lads site. After each delivered their own solo wank video and shared some screen time showing off their cocks together the boys get a lot more playful this time, grabbing each other and wanking their friend’s cock for him, frotting their erections together, enjoying a sword fight and finally delivering some hot cum shots. Noah cums first, pumping a hot mess of jizz from his dick, then the boys go indoors and Hugo spews out his creamy load for the guys, which makes his best mate Noah cum a SECOND load!

Straight Mates Noah and Hugo Fuck Each Other with a Dildo!

We’ve been having a lot of fun seeing straight best buddies Noah Milton and Hugo Jones wanking their uncut cocks, swapping their dicks and frotting their boners together in some great first-time mutual wanking scenes so far, but this gallery shows the guys going a lot further than that as they probe their friend’s hole with a toy while wanking his uncut cock too. The guys look like they’re having a lot of fun in the gallery, I can’t wait to see the video arrive. Of course I’ll add it to the list above when it does, so check the video list to see if it’s there yet.