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Gay Porn Star James Welbeck
Handsome and fit straight guy James Welbeck is a gay porn star for the EnglishLads.com site

Name: James Welbeck

Nationality: British

Height: 6’1″

Weight: Unknown

Age/D.O.B: 1992

Build: Muscular

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Cock Size: 7″

Cut/Uncut: Uncut

Sexuality: Straight

Role: N/A


James Welbeck arrived at EnglishLads.com in June 2015 for his first photo shoot and the fans instantly wanted more of him.

The straight footballer completed two solo wank videos before being convinced into experimenting with other performers, but seemed to enjoy his massage and wank from Andrew Hayden.

Soon after this he returned to be wanked and sucked by Tyler Hirst, and also got his first feel of another guys hard cock.

In January 2016 he returned again to suck a cock, with fellow straight lad Sam Hansworth teaching him how.

Career Highlights:

None to date


None to date


None to date

Things of note:

  • Straight
  • Uncut Cock
  • Handsome
  • Fit
  • Willing to explore


There are rumours that James Welbeck might be returning to the EnglishLads site in 2016 to fuck a guy for the first time, although this is unconfirmed and he hasn’t appeared on video for seven months at time of writing.




EnglishLads.com videos:

(Newest first)

Bonus Video of James’s Photo Shoot – Tall & Ripped Footballer Cums Loads!

We all miss gorgeous straight footballer James Welbeck. The last time we saw him (see below) he was swapping cocks with another straight lad and enjoying some mutual wanking, and he was apparently having a lot of fun doing it too. But, at least we have some bonus content to enjoy from his debut shoot back in 2015 with this new bonus. Revisit the handsome young footballing hunk as he gets his uncut 7-inch cock for some wanking, showing everything off for the lads and splashing out a big messy cum load. Includes a lot of extra footage originally cut from the original.

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Tall & Handsome Straight Footballer James Sucks his 1st Cock & Sam’s Loving It!

Straight footballer James Welbeck returns for some more fun, exploring new things with another one of the straight boys at Englishlads! Check him out as he’s joined by lucky lad Sam Hansworth, showing each other their big uncut dicks, rubbing their boners together, frotting and swapping to make those shafts throb and ooze. The guys are having a great time with those cocks, slapping their dicks around, sliding their foreskins back and forth, rubbing their sensitive helmets together! Sam is especially eager to get some sucking from the straight hottie, and he’s not shy about getting his own lips around that handsome boy’s cock to start the party. With Casey getting his dick sucked and licked it’s not too long before curiosity takes over and he’s getting some tentative licks of his new friend’s meaty pole. As you might expect, once he tastes it and finds out how delicious a guys dick is hes gobbling on that meaty cock like he’s been craving it for years! Check it out as the guys suck and stroke each other to some big erupting cum loads, proof, if any were needed, that they both had a great time! Does this mean we’re gonna get to see handsome footballer James sucking more cock in the future?

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Straight Lad James Wanks his 1st Cock and Gets His Man BJ!

We all know we can trust straight muscled hunk and former Royal Marine Tyler Hirst to get another straight guy to explore things a little more. The studly hunk is back to show James Welbeck what a good cock sucking feels like from another guy, and how good another hard dick feels in his hand. It’s a lot of first time fun for James in this video, but the straight jock lad seems to be having a lot of fun when those cocks are out and the guys are rubbing their dicks together. With some great mutual wanking, cock frotting and shaft slapping Tyler is ready to get his mouth around that meat and show this straight boy how good another guys mouth can feel around his uncut wang. Check it out as the boys enjoy their hard dicks together and make a hot mess splashing their cream from their helmets as they kick back and stroke themselves to climax!

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Straight Footballer James gets his First Man Wank and Shoots Big!

We all know James Welbeck isn’t shy, he’s used to being around other guys with plenty of dick swinging around in all the locker rooms and showers he walks into. You can bet he gets more attention from other guys than he knows, but he’s probably never had an experience like this before because of it, despite so many men in those environments probably wanting to pleasure that uncut cock for him. The footballing hottie is back to experience something a little more interesting with lucky boy Andrew Hayden in this hand job and massage session, getting his tight and fit body stroked and oiled up, then his cock wanked for him! Andrew, himself a straight guy who learned to enjoy other hard dicks on the site, gets to work on that long and throbbing uncut dick, stroking and pleasuring James and letting him film his own pleasure too before it all becomes too much. If you’ve ever wanked off a straight guy for the first time and showed him what a hand job from another dude can be like you know that massive cum shots are common. James proves this to be true when he launches a massive spurting climax of hot straight boy semen out of his dick and all over himself!

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Straight Hunk James plays with his Hole for the First Time and Cums all over Himself!

Fit and straight lad James Welbeck enjoyed wanking his long and juicy uncut cock for the guys in his debut, but he’s going a little further than that in this new session. Check it out as the handsome straight boy gets naked and shows off everything he’s got, playing with his uncut dick, his balls gently bouncing and his ass soon on show to tease us all. We would be happy just to see him splashing another hot and messy cum load out of that dick, but we’re getting a little more than that in this video as he eases a dildo into his virgin hole for the first time and fucks himself with it. He seems to like the experience, if that big squirting cum load is anything to go by we might be seeing him enjoying some more fun after this!

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Straight Ripped Footballer James Wanks his Huge Uncut Cock and Cums on his Chest and Abs!

Gorgeous new arrival James Welbeck is about to become a star, we’re sure of it. The handsome and incredibly fit young man is a footballer and loves to work out, and it shows in his amazing body. He has a great cock too, 7-inches long and pretty thick, with a great hood of foreskin over the tip. We get to see him showing off in his debut shoot, stripping down and giving us a great performance as he gets his uncut cock hard and starts wanking. You can tell he’s pretty confident about the way he looks, but I guess that’s what happens when you spend so much time in locker rooms and showers with so many other guys around you. He’s the kind of lad who probably loves the attention when another guy gets hard checking him out in the gym showers – and we would all be that guy! Will we see more of him after this debut? We all hope so.

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