Jarvis Knight

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shirtless straight muscle guy Jarvis Knight in gay porn
Straight muscle guy Jarvis Knight appears in porn for the Fit Young Men site and English Lads

Name: Jarvis Knight

Nationality: British

Height: 6’1″

Weight: Unknown

Age: 21

Build: Muscular

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Cock Size: 7″

Cut/Uncut: Uncut

Sexuality: Straight

Role: N/A


Jarvis Knight is a 21-year-old British guy with an amazing muscled body and the confidence to show it off. The handsome straight guy enjoys all kinds of sports, but he’s appearing in his debut shoot for the Fit Young Men site as a Personal Trainer.

Career Highlights:

None to date


None to date

Things of note:

  • Straight
  • Muscled
  • Confident
  • Uncut cock


None to date




Video Appearances:

English Lads videos: (newest first)

Young Straight Lads Sam Kendall and Jarvis Knight Both Wank a Man for the 1st Time!

Two straight boys wanking another cock for the first time
Straight guys Sam Kendel and Jarvis Knight jump right into things with a mutual jerk off

It’s not often you see a couple of straight guys jumping right into gay porn with a mutual jerk off and cock frotting session, but that’s what brand new boys Sam Kendel and Jarvis Knight have done. It might be the first time either of these lad’s has got his stiff uncut cock out with another boy but they’re not exactly shy about things, in fact it’s only a matter of moments before both dicks are hard and throbbing, wanking themselves off, comparing their dicks, checking out each other’s meat and then getting a feel of their new friend. I don’t know if these two straight boys have only just met, but after seeing them frotting cocks and wanking each other off like this I don’t think it’s gonna be the last time either of them enjoys the stiff inches of another guy’s cock. The two have a great time, their dicks are wet with precum and their shafts are throbbing while they stroke each other, the sight of them bumping their boners against each other is especially hot. When it comes time to finish up the two deliver some good cum shots, pumping their loads out over themselves side-by-side. Interestingly, both these lads seem to admit they had a good time at the end of it all and I don’t think this is the last we’re going to see of either of them. CLICK FOR THE FULL VIDEO

English Lads shoots: (newest first)

Straight Lads Enjoying a Mutual Wank & Tom’s Big Uncut Cock Explodes Like Expectedly Massive!

Straight boys Jarvis Knight and Tom Lawson frotting cocks
Muscle lad Jarvis Knight gets his cock out for some frotting with rugby player Tom Lawson

After his debut wank off session with Sam Kendel, where both lads started their time on the site playing with another hard uncut cock and shooting off some loads together, Jarvis Knight is back for more. He clearly had a good time rubbing dicks with that fit straight lad last time, and rugby player Tom Lawson is just as into it. The last time we enjoyed him he was rubbing dicks with Dominic Moore and enjoying every stiff-dicked second of it, and that doesn’t change for the lad in this new shoot either. The guys get their cocks out and they’re quickly hard and grabbing each other by the boner, wanking each other off, combining their cocks for some frotting, swapping their shafts and sliding those foreskins over those swollen tips. The two straight lads seem to be having a whole lot of fun with each other’s cocks, bumping their helmets together and making each other throb and ooze precum. The guys show off their virgin holes and temp us into thinking about what it would be like to pop those cherries, then it’s time for the lads to kick back and cum. Tom gets his cock wanked over the edge and shoots off one of his big and messy loads, spewing straight cock cream out over himself and drenching Jarvis’ hand with his load. The muscle boy doesn’t seem phased by it at all. He’s soon rubbing his own hot milky cream out of his dick while Tom watches his cock spurting semen. Another friendly wank between a couple of straight lads comes to an end and we’re all wondering what these two horny lads might get up to next! CLICK FOR THE FULL SHOOT.

Young Straight Pups Sam and Jarvis Both Wank a Man for the 1st Time!

straight boys jerking off together and frotting at English Lads
Straight boys Jarvis Knight and Sam Kendel share a wank

I think we all expected that Jarvis Knight might move to the English Lads site and share some action with other guys, but I don’t think we expected him to start off with a mutual masturbation and frottage session with another brand new straight guy right from the start. Sam Kendel is as new and fresh as he is, but both of these straight boys are equally willing to get their uncut cocks out and give each other plenty of stroking in this mutual masturbation shoot. The guys enjoy a lot of swordfighting and frotting, sharing their hard cocks and working up their loads until both the boys are leaning back on the bed and splashing cum out over themselves. This is a great start to both boys on the site, we can only imagine how things are going to go from here. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL SHOOT.

Fit Young Men shoots: (newest first)

Jarvis Knight – Personal Trainer – Muscular Young Personal Trainer Jarvis Pumps Those Muscles

Straight muscle lad Jarvis Knight wanking for Fit Young Men
Muscled straight guy Jarvis Knight is shameless when it comes to his cock

21-year-old Jarvis Knight is the kind of straight guy we all want for a friend. He’s shameless, constantly horny, and totally unfazed by things. He apparently lives with his parents and doesn’t give a damn about walking around the house naked, and even with a stiffy. He’s a personal trainer with a great body and a rigid cock, with a tight foreskin that he’s apparently working on stretching out a little more. He didn’t know he could do that but after the shoot he was given some tips and shown how he could make that hood a little looser. As you can imagine, he’s the kind of straight lad who wouldn’t shy away from getting his cock out in front of a friend, and you have to wonder if perhaps he’s had some wanks with mates already. His debut shoot wasn’t confirmed to be a jerk off, but he got his cock out and seconds later he was hard and wanking it, enjoying himself in the sun and pumping a hot load of cum from his dick. It’s entirely likely we’re gonna be seeing Jarvis enjoying his cock on the English Lads site soon, he seems like the kind of straight lad who will be totally okay with sharing some wanks with other lads on video.


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