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Straight boy Joe Burleigh in gay porn at englishlads

Name: Joe Burleigh

Nationality: British

Height: 5’11”

Weight: Unknown

Age/D.O.B: 22-years-old

Build: Muscled

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

Cock Size: 7″

Cut/Uncut: Uncut

Sexuality: Straight

Role: NA


Joe Burleigh only recently started working out and gained a lot of muscle, since then he became a Personal Trainer and now works hard helping others to achieve their goals just like he did. He loves playing football and working out, hanging out with his friends and getting tattoos and piercings. He’s a straight guy with a 7″-long uncut cock and he really enjoys showing off. When his dick is out it’s hard very quickly and he seems to love all the attention as guys watch him.

Career Highlights:

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Things of note:

  • Muscled
  • Straight
  • Handsome
  • Uncut Cock
  • Confident


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Video Appearances:

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Straight Hunk Albie’s 1st Man Wank & Plays with his 1st Cock Luck Joe!

Straight Hunk Albie's 1st Man Wank & Plays with his 1st Cock Luck Joe!

Joe Burleigh is back after sharing his hard uncut cock with another straight lad for the first time in a mutual wanking and frotting session, and he’s got a new straight buddy to introduce to the fun. Albie Wicks has never done anything like this before, but we kinda knew he would be down for more when we saw him wanking his hard uncut muscle dick for the first time in his debut. The lads get a little playful and competitive on the bed, feeling those muscles and grappling, but soon enough those uncut cocks are out and the guys get the chance to really check out another hooded shaft. It’s not long before they’re both wanking, sliding their damn foreskins back and forth, their balls bouncing and their shafts throbbing with the need for more pleasure. With a little friendly swapping the lads are soon wanking each other off, and Albie really seems to like it. The boys grab their dicks and rub them together, frotting their meat against another hard dick and clearly having a great time. You can’t hide it, those boners are really enjoying all this cock play! Check it out as Joe wanks off his new buddy and makes Albie splash his hot cream out of his dick, before wanking himself off and making a hot mess too! Something tells me these guys might be hooking up for more friendly wanking after this, off camera. They really seemed to enjoy themselves. Will we see these guys enjoying more dick fun with other straight lads on video after this? I’m willing to bet on it.

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Young Straight Lads Casias & Joe Wank Off a Man for Their 1st Time!

Joe Burleigh is jumping right into the fun with fellow straight lad Casias Bradley in this mutual cock play session. We saw the fit straight lad jerking off in his debut and he didn’t seem to mind having another guy wanking his cock for him for a couple of minutes during that, so I guess it’s not too surprising that he would be back to share his big uncut dick with another horny lad in a mutual masturbation and cock frotting session like this. The guys have a lot of fun, you can see that although this is their first time grabbing another guy’s cock and feeling another hard length of man meat for the first time they’re really enjoying it. They take their time to compare their dicks, rubbing their shafts together and oozing precum, then wanking each other off until they’re making their new friend splash hot semen out all over!

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Straight Young Personal Trainer Shows his Muscled Body and Hard Uncut Cock!

Straight muscled guy Joe Burleigh wanking his uncut cock in the sun

Horny and fit straight guy Joe Burleigh has no problem getting his 7″ uncut cock out in front of the guys for his debut masturbation video. The handsome and buff young straight guy shows off his defined and tattooed body for the fans, his intact dick soon hard and throbbing with the excitement of being on display. After giving us a tour of his sexy and toned muscled body he relaxes in the sun and strokes his hard dick, his balls bouncing between his thighs, the pleasure building up. He doesn’t even mind it when a friendly hand takes hold of his hard cock and wanks it for him, smiling as he films another guy stroking his solid shaft for him. After a good long play with his hard erection he takes a dip in the little pool and strokes his foreskin-covered cock until his cum load is erupting from his dick and splashing out in a messy finish.

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Straight Hunk Albie’s 1st Man Wank & Plays with his 1st Cock Luck Joe!

I can’t believe Joe came back so soon after wanking another guy’s cock for the first time and sharing some mutual cum shooting fun. I guess he had a good time, because already he’s appearing in a photo shoot just days later, showing another one of the new straight guys how much fun mutual cock play can be. Albie Wicks is the big and buff hunk with a thick uncut cock much like Joe’s, getting his meat out and sharing some friendly groping with his new friend. They clearly like the feel of another cock, it’s a matter of moments before both are thick and turgid, stroking each other and pleasuring their new friend. There’s a lot of cock slapping as they enjoy swinging their dicks around and bumping them together, then the lads are kicking back and enjoying some more mutual stroking as they build up those cum loads ready for shooting off. See the guys watching each other as they splash semen out of their cocks and make a hot mess all over themselves! These two straight guys really seemed to enjoy all that dick play, something tells me this isn’t gonna be the last time we see these two enjoying another stiff length of hard man meat!

Young Straight Lads Casias & Joe Wank off Another Man for Their 1st Time!

Joe Burleigh is ready to experience more, and he’s been teamed up with an interesting guy to share it with. Casias Bradley has been in two solo videos, wanking out some loads and playing with a dildo, then he came back to have his uncut cock stroked by a man for the first time. He seemed to enjoy all of that, so I guess it’s not too surprising that he’s back to share some mutual masturbation with another one of their straight performers. They might be a little nervous about grabbing another guys’s hard uncut cock, but you can tell these two dudes are horny from the start. Those juicy dicks are hard easily, their foreskins damp with precum as they feel another penis for the first time, sliding their foreskins back and forth and frotting their lengths together. By the end of this mutual wank session you can tell both of these guys had a great time and you just know we’re gonna get to see a lot more of them exploring things in the future.



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