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Gay porn star John Dudley
Straight lad John Dudley appears for the gay porn site in his debut photo shoot

Name: John Dudley

Nationality: British

Height: 6′

Weight: Unknown

Age/D.O.B: 1995

Build: Slim

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Cock Size: 7.5″

Cut/Uncut: Uncut

Sexuality: Straight

Role: N/A


John Dudley is a straight guy appearing for the gay porn site. This handsome and slim guy has a great body built from years of playing football and likes to go to the gym.

He arrived on the site in September 2014 in a solo and returned in December 2015 to experienced a mutual masturbation session with fellow straight guy Tyler Hirst.

In March 2016 he returned again to appear with straight guy Sam Hansworth, being wanked and sucked and offering his new friend a hand job too.

Career Highlights:

None to date


None to date


None to date

Things of note:

  • Straight
  • Uncut Cock
  • Experimental
  • Toned


None to date




Video Appearances: videos (OLDEST FIRST)

Young Straight Footballer John Shows off his Lean Body & Chunky Uncut Cock!

Straight footballer showing his feet laying on a bed
Handsome footballer John Dudley gets his thick uncut cock out for a wank

Handsome 18-year-old footballer John Dudley is like the boy next door, the sexy and horny young guy we all want to teach a few things. He’s eager to show off and get started, revealing a sporty young body and a thick uncut cock that doesn’t take a whole lot of encouragement to get hard and wet with precum. The gorgeous boy puts on a great show, wanking his cock, sliding his wet foreskin back and forth over his swollen glistening tip, even showing off his virgin asshole too, before kicking back on the bed and jerking off to a big hot cum load. He’s going to be back to share that cock with some of the other straight lads after this, and we can’t wait to see the fun he has grabbing other dicks and getting his cock sucked!

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Bonus Video of John’s Photo Shoot – Straight Hunk Strips and Wanks His Thick Cock

Straight footballer cock in a solo video
Straight footballer John gets his cock out in a bonus wank video

Straight footballer John Dudley impressed us in his debut wanking session, getting his thick uncut cock out and stroking up a creamy load for the guys. Check out his bonus video, shot during his photo shoot where he displayed his eager uncut dick for the first time and enjoyed himself wanking that load out of his balls. He’s a handsome and sexy young guy who knows how to enjoy his own dick, and we know he’s going to be sharing it with some of the other guys in the future. We can’t wait!

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Straight Young Pup John Gets his 1st Man Wank & Wanks his 1st Man!

two straight guys jerking each other off
Tyler Hirst seems to love wanking another cock, John Dudley gets his first feel too!

Straight footballer John Dudley has never done anything like this before, but big straight muscle man and former Royal Marine Tyler Hirst is more than a little experienced. He’s always enjoyed rubbing his dick and shooting loads with other guys, admitting to sharing some comparing and competitions with his former military mates. It probably wasn’t as horny as this though. Tyler gets to work massaging his new straight buddy on the bed, and soon enough John’s long uncut cock is out and throbbing in the man’s hands. Tyler is really enjoying himself, his own muscle dick is soon out of his underwear and throbbing with delight. John grabs his cock in return and gets his first feel of another hard dick and he seems to like it! Watch the two straight guys swapping hand jobs and rubbing each other up the right way, even showing off their holes and then wanking out their cum loads together!

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Straight Footballer Jon gets his first Man Blow Job & Sam gets Wanked in Return!

Straight guy sucking another straight guy
Sam Hansworth gives fellow straight lad John Dudley a blowjob

We’ve seen handsome straight footballer John Dudley wanking another guys uncut cock for the first time in his last video with Tyler, but now it’s time for the lad to experience something a little more interesting. Sam Hansworth is seemingly eager to show the horny straight footballer what a good cock sucking feels like, getting his own dick out and wanking himself off, rubbing John’s uncut cock for him, then heading down to take that throbbing wet tool in his mouth. He seems to like the taste of it! John gets so into it, he’s more than happy to reach out and lend his new straight buddy a hand, wanking Sam’s big cock for him and both leading to a cum splashing climax that leaves the straight lads happy and spent.

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Bonus Video of Photo Shoot – Straight Lads John & Tyler Wank Each Others Throbbing Uncut Cocks!

Straight muscle man wanking with straight footballer
Royal Marine Tyler knows what mutual cock play is all about, he’s a great teacher

If any straight guy knows how to have fun with another straight lad and stroke those uncut cocks to some big cum loads it’s former Royal Marine and muscle hunk Tyler Hirst. He’s come a long way since he started out as a curious straight guy with only a little experience of wanking out cum shots with his military mates, but the straight guy has become a fave because of his horny eagerness. Check out this bonus video with a whole lot of extra footage as the muscle guy massages young footballer John Dudley, getting his uncut cock out, grabbing the lad and wanking him off. John can’t resist the chance to grab another cock too and it’s not long before Tyler’s long foreskin is being slid back and forth over his swollen tip as John returns the hand job favor. The lads have a lot of fun rubbing their dicks together, slapping their boners around, wanking each other off and finally spewing out their copious cum loads together!

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Bonus Video of Jon and Sam’s Photo Shoot – Young Footballer gets his 1st Man Blow Job & Enjoys a Mutual Wank!

two straight boys in a cock sucking and wanking video
John Dudley gets his cock sucked by fellow straight boy Sam Hansworth, and wanks him

It’s a hot extra look at the fun straight boys Sam Hansworth and John Dudley enjoyed in their cock play session, with plenty of extra footage of the guys fooling around and nervously playing. Handsome footballer John gets his 7.5″ uncut cock wanked and sucked by more experienced straight lad Sam, and John decides to help the lad out with his own cock, grabbing Sam’s 8″ uncut boner and wanking him off in return! The boys have a whole lot of fun with those cocks before finally splashing out their heavy cream.

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Young Straight Footballer John Shows off his Lean Body & Chunky Uncut Cock!

Straight Lads John & Tyler Wank Each Others Throbbing Uncut Cocks!

Young Footballer Jon gets his 1st Man Blow Job & Enjoys a Mutual Wank with Sam!





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