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Gay Porn Star Johnny Rapid
Gay for pay porn star Johnny Rapid appears with Rob Ryder for a recent scene at

Name: Johnny Rapid

Nationality: American

Height: 5’6″

Weight: 135 lbs.

Age/D.O.B: 25th August 1982

Build: Toned

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Cock Size: 7.5″

Cut/Uncut: Cut

Sexuality: Straight

Role: Power Bottom


Johnny Rapid is a gay porn star exclusive to the studio. The American performer has appeared in more than 150 hardcore scenes and is one of the most prolific actors in the gay adult industry.

A former High-school wrestler, Johnny arrived at in 2011 and instantly became a hit with the fans due to his intense on-screen performances and his seemingly insatiable appetite for hard and mean sex.

Despite being described as straight in his real life, he’s been seen being gang fucked by entire groups of other men in all kinds of scenarios. His management prefer to describe Johnny as “sexually open” rather than labeling his sexuality, but this doesn’t stop the fans and others in the industry from describing him as a gay-for-pay performer.

In December 2013 Johnny Rapid appeared in GuySpy’s “I’m A Porn Star” docu-series, a documentary style look at straight men in gay porn.

Career Highlights:

The series “I’m Leaving You” is undeniably Johnny’s most notable career highlight. This was the first time the action was about him, he was the star, appearing in each scene as the lead character.


2014 Best Gay Porn Star – Cybersocket Awards

2012 Best Face – The Swordies


Johnny Rapid has faced constant criticism for various reasons over the course of his career. While it’s fair to say that most gay porn stars of questionable sexuality receive the same kind of indignant response from many gay men who claim to be variously disgusted and insulted that a “straight man” dare to perform in gay porn, and that they must all simply be in deep denial, there have also been instances where Johnny has caused offense for his actions and expressions.

In GuySpy’s “I’m A Porn Star” docu-series he came across as an arrogant, sometimes violent, misogynistic character many took exception to. His admission that he enjoys extremely rough sex with his girlfriend also didn’t help him when he was arrested on December 15th 2014 for battery after an incident between him and his girlfriend which allegedly involved a 14 year-old girl and the suggestion that a threesome was planned.

Despite being released the next day and seemingly no charges being brought, this didn’t stop the bloggers and angry porn fanatics from assuming guilt. No sign of the alleged 14 year-old was ever found.

It’s entirely possible that Johnny’s girlfriend could have manufactured the entire event, but this didn’t prevent the angry pitchfork-wielding masses from condemning someone based on accusation.

This incident didn’t, however, end his career as many gleefully suggested it would. Despite the large number of porn fanatics seemingly eager to tear someone down at the slightest opportunity based on rumor and speculation, he continued to be a leading exclusive performer for and continues to be an incredibly popular performer to this day.

Things of note:

  • Cute
  • Gay for Pay
  • Power Bottom
  • Controversial


None to date

TWITTER: @JohnnyRapidATL



Video Appearances:

[yendifplayer video=26] videos

First Date Fuck

First Date Fuck

Straight boy Johnny Rapid is out on a date but he already seems to be getting the vibe that this isn’t going anywhere and he’s not getting any pussy tonight. His disinterested girlfriend is soon on her phone, which gives horny barman Jake Ashford the perfect opportunity to flash the guy and make an offer. With his date right there chatting on her phone he gets his cock out and feeds the barman his hard and juicy jock dick, but he gets a whole lot more than that when Jake offers his ass!

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