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Straight guy Jordan Boss is a gay porn star who has appeared for some of the biggest studios.

Name: Jordan Boss

Nationality: American

Height: 6′

Weight: 182

Age/D.O.B: Unknown

Build: Muscled

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Cock Size: 8″

Cut/Uncut: Cut

Sexuality: Straight

Role: Versatile


Jordan Boss started out on the Sean Cody site as a straight guy exploring sex with other men for the first time. Since his first jerk off solo there in 2011 he’s gone on to perform in numerous videos for some of the biggest studios in the world, including Kink, MEN, and more recently Next Door Studios. He’s a handsome and muscled young man with an 8″ cut cock who enjoys being fucked and topping too.

Career Highlights:

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Things of note:

  • Muscular
  • Straight
  • Handsome
  • Confident


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Video Appearances:

Featured Videos for Sean Cody


Straight jock Jordan Boss jerking off at Seancody

Handsome straight jock Jordan Boss arrives at Sean Cody as a sexy and muscled teen who loves working out. He’s never done anything with another guy before but his curiosity and sexual drive are clear as he gets his hard cock out and proceeds to stroke himself off for the fans, splashing out a hot and messy series of cum spurts.

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Jordan & Brodie

Jordan Boss fucking on video with Brodie at seancody

It’s the first time straight jock Jordan has ever done anything with another guy but Brodie is a perfect choice to entice the jock dude into getting his cock out and having some fun. It’s clear the sexy guy was more than a little curious about enjoying sex with other men, he really doesn’t hold back as he sucks cock and gets his own dick slurped, then proceeds to take a cock in his ass for the very first time! The cum load Jordan shoots out after getting fucked for the very first time proves he enjoyed it!

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Jordan & Jamie

Muscle buddies Jamie and Jordan Boss fuck

Jordan Boss has clearly worked out that he really enjoys a hard cock and getting fucked in the ass. He’s joined by fellow gorgeous jock Jamie in this video, starting out with some great muscle worship as they get naked and compare their pecs, their abs and their growing cocks. With some tasty oral the guys are soon ready to fuck and Jordan offers his tight hole for his new friend to slide into, leading to a great fuck that has both these handsome jocks spewing out plenty of hot thick cum by the end of it!

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Jordan & Pavel

2 straight jocks flip flop fucking on video

Pavel has had some great fun with other guys since he arrived to try cock for the first time, Jordan Boss is much the same although he has a little catching up to do. The guys make a great team, Both eager to enjoy some stiff inches of juicy jock dick as they compete and show off their naked bodies for each other. The temptation to suck is soon overpowering and the guys get down to it, but you know those butt holes are soon craving some pounding. Watch the two previously straight guys go at it, swapping their hard boners and fucking the cum out of each other until their balls are empty and their loads are splashed out all over!

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Jordan & Ethan

Hing cock jock flip flop fuck

Jordan Boss has really been enjoying himself and getting as much cock as he can since he first sucked a dick and took a boner up his ass. He’s getting a little more than he’s used to with hung jock Ethan in this video! He was shocked to see the length of Ethan’s cock when the guy pulled it out and showed it off, but he wasn’t scared of it. More than anything he was eager to start playing with that big pink piece of jock meat! Watch the guys having fun with their cocks, swapping their dicks and fucking each other. Jordan takes all that length in his ass and loves the feel of that helmet so deep inside him! The cum loads these guys shoot out at the end shows they had a great time together.

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Dennis, Calvin & Jordan: Bareback

Bareback jock threesome with DP fucking

This is probably the most awesome jock threesome bareback video you will ever see. Dennis West and Jordan both started out straight when they arrived to jerk out their loads in a solo for the first time, but Calvin already had a little experience with other guys and just loved to have sex whenever he could. The three of them together ws bound to be amazing, but it was even hornier than anyone expected. All three of the guys get right in there, stroking dicks, sucking cocks, drinking precum, swapping their meat and fucking each other in a raw threesome that leaves Dennis drenched in cum. He even gets some double penetration when he demands both his new buddies cram their naked cocks into his ass at the same time! If you love big and messy cum loads you’re really gonna get off on seeing handsome Dennis dripping with cream all over his face!

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Jordan, Jeffrey & Raymond: Bareback

bareback jocks threesome fucking

After his first threesome bareback session Jordan Boss was eager to get some more, and he certainly got it in this awesome fuck with Raymond and Jeffrey. The guys have an amazing time sucking those cocks, rimming ass and fucking, but Raymond is the real star here when he accepts the challenge of taking both those naked shafts in his hole at once. He’d never been double stuffed before, but he endured and seemed to have a great time as his new buddies frotted their cocks together inside his tight hole until none of them could hold their cum inside any longer!

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Grayson & Jordan: Bareback

Jordan Boss fucks Grayson at seancody

Jordan Boss has been having a whole lot of fun sharing his cock with other guys, sucking dicks and getting fucked too. Grayson has dabbled in gay sex before but it’s been a while since he took a cock up his ass. Together these guys deliver a great video with so much tasty dick play and ass fucking you have to wonder how they managed to hold those big splashing cum shots in their balls for as long as they do! They had a great time together.

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Jordan & Troy: Bareback

Straight guy sucks and gets fucked for the first time

Troy is a handsome hunk getting plenty of first time experiences in this video with gorgeous jock dude Jordan Boss. The guy has wanked himself off in his solo, then returned to get his juicy cock sucked by a dude for the first time, now it’s time for him to go further. You might expect a straight guy like this to want to fuck a hot hole and bust a load out, but with Jordan it seems he was a little too curious. Pretty soon he’s getting his first taste of another guys meat and loving it, he can’t seem to get enough as he sucks, licks and slurps on Jordan’s helmet and shaft! Then it’s time for something really surprising as he slides his naked hole down on Jordan’s cock and gets his virgin ass filled. Apparently he couldn’t help but cum with that cock in his ass, he wasn’t even touching his own dick as it throbbed and started spurting jizz!

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Casey & Jordan

Straight muscle boy gets fucked

Casey is an interesting guy. He’d been in a solo jack off where he was eager to perform and show all the guys in the room his juicy dick and his big cum load. A former military guy, this country lad was all about getting his dick out and showing the world what he’s got. He was shamelessly horny and eager to get some more experience. Fellow jock dude Jordan Boss was the perfect one to show him how much fun another guys dick can be, although we’re all pretty sure Casey was more than ready to explore things and enjoy someone else’s man meat. It’s an aggressive fuck between these guys, leading to some immense cum squirts by the end!

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Dane & Jordan: Bareback

Straght top Dane fucks Jordan Boss

Sexy straight guy Dane is ready to explore some more after getting some ass for the first time in a threesome with another couple of sexy dudes. He’d got right in there the last time, sucking and stroking cock for the first time, then slamming his naked meat into another guys ass and loving every second of it. Jordan Boss is a perfect partner for him, eager to share his meat and take another stiff one up his chute. He’s always one second away from cumming when he’s got a juicy boner up his butt and you can tell he’s trying to hold it back for as long as he can while his gorgeous blond buddy rams his shaft in and out of him. By the time these guys are done and their loads are spewing out, you’ll be joining in with them!

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William & Jordan: Bareback

William and Jordan Boss flip flop fucking

Gorgeous muscled jock William is a little experienced already. The former marine admitted before his first duo that he’d let a military buddy suck his cock and then he fucked him in the ass. That was the limit of his experience before appearing in porn, but he was clearly eager to share some cock fun again. He’s definitely the more dominant guy, the one being sucked and fucking hole. Up until his last video he was always the one being serviced, but then got his first taste of a hard dick and seemed to like it. With Jordan he’s getting more experience as they swap their juicy tools, fucking each other and blasting their loads out of their meat in a flip flop fuck!

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Ashton & Jordan

straight jock cock sucking

It’s all about the oral for two horny jock dudes in this video with Jordan Boss and straight guy Ashton. The latter admitted that he’d had some cock fun with other guys before, a long time ago, but he was eager to get some more and they picked the right guy in Jordan. The dick pleasing fun and hole rimming these two dudes share really does the trick for Ashton who can hardly stop his jizz from leaping out of his meat!

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Alexander & Jordan: Bareback

Jordan Boss fucks Alexander

Alexander has learned only recently what a hard cock feels like up his ass, but he seemed to enjoy it so much. He’s back to have some more fun and handsome jock Jordan Boss is a perfect guy to slide into him. The guys really hit it off, enjoying their dicks together as Jordan eases his naked meat into the guys ass and fucks him with skill, taking them both to a cum exploding finish that should have you all blasting out plenty of hot spooge in appreciation!

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Zack & Jordan: Bareback

Bareback Jocks Zack and Jordan at seancody

Zack had enjoyed his previous fuck so much he couldn’t wait to come back and get some more cock, and they made a perfect choice in bringing handsome and buff Jordan Boss back to fill his hole. The guys share some working out, but when those dicks are revealed it’s not long before helmets are being lovingly sucked and precum is oozing from both their boners. Jordan promises to take it easy on Zack after he admits that the feel of a cock in his ass last time made him want to cum pretty quickly, and within moments the guys are going at it as Jordan fills his new friend with his naked length!

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Jordan & Ryan: Bareback

Bareback jock cock in his ass

Ryan is completely shameless when it comes to enjoying dick. This handsome and fit guy loves to suck dick, lick out a tight jock hole and take a big boner up his butt. Jordan Boss is in for a real treat in this session! He’s soon submitting to Ryan and getting everything he could want from a fuck buddy, with the guys experienced mouth exploring him, eating out his ass, worshiping his big juicy cock, then taking it in his naked hole and riding that shaft until neither of them can stop their semen from splashing out in a big messy finish!

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Jim & Jordan: Bareback

Jordan Boss bareback fucks Jim on video at Sean Cody

Sexy new boy Jim had only been in a solo jack off video, but he was eager to come back and share his cock and ass with another guy. Jordan Boss was a great choice. After having some fun out in the pool Jordan took him inside and started eating out that hole, getting his mouth between those cheeks and worshiping Jim’s tight little pucker. Sucking the young man’s dick and tasting his juices get Jordan real worked up, his dick rock hard and throbbing, ready for that hole. He slides in and start thrusting, fucking Jim all over the bed, making the young man jerk out his cum over the sheets before pulling his own big boner free and stroking out his own amazing wad!

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Noel & Jordan: Bareback

Surfer bottom gets fucked

Surfer boy Noel has already been in one amazing fuck video, but he was craving more cock and handsome muscle jock Jordan Boss was happy to be the one to give it to him. Jordan was rock hard right from the start, just enjoying the sight of his sexy blond buddy and the prospect of sharing his dick and ass. Soon he’s eating out that hole and the plunging his bareback cock in deep, filling Noel with his meat and taking them both to a great messy cum spurting climax!

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Adam & Jordan: Bareback

Bareback jocks on video at seancody

Buff jock Jordan Boss can handle a big pale piece of fuck meat! This is the first time sexy redhead Adam has shared his cock with another dude on camera but he’s loving it as Jordan feasts on his engorged meat and sucks the precum out of him. The feel of Jordan’s tight hole wrapped around his bare cock has him on the edge so quickly he has to start taking his time to make this fuck last, but he manages to hold his cum in his cock long enough to give lucky Jordan an amazing ride all over the bed, finishing with him on his shoulders and drenched in fresh cum!

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Joey, Randy & Jordan: Bareback

Bareback threesome jocks on video

Straight muscle stud Randy has been having some great experiences with other guys since his solo, but this is his first time in a bareback threesome with so much juicy cock to enjoy. Joey is still exploring things with other dudes, but he’s already taken two cocks up his tight hole and clearly wants some more. He definitely gets it in this threesome, with a feast of oral starting things off before gets both those top dicks in his hole. Things really kick up a notch when Jordan sinks his cock into him and Randy fills Jordan with his big bare meat in a fuck train! The sight of them frotting their dicks together while Randy goes from one pucker to the other and back again is not to be missed. If you love threesomes with great guys unloading big cum wads by the end then this is one you need to watch!

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Jake & Jordan: Bareback

Jock Jordan Boss fucks Jake

Jordan Boss has definitely become one of the go-to guys for new models learning the ropes, and Jake is the latest one to get some experienced cock up his ass for this video. Jordan treats the young man to an expert cock sucking before he turns his attention to that tight hole, sliding his big boner into Jake and filling him up. He takes things slow to start with, but soon enough that pucker is stretched out and Jake is hard and leaking precum as he slides his hole up and down on that big dick. After taking control of things and learning to love the feel of that naked cock inside him he hands the reins back to Jordan who slams his butt and takes them both to a cum spewing climax!

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Dusty & Jordan: Bareback

Jordan Boss fucking Dusty

Dusty knows what he likes, and he loves getting fucked in the ass by a powerful top with a great cock. Jordan Boss fits that description perfectly, so it was no wonder they would be teamed up for a bareback fuck session. Be ready to shoot a healthy load of cum after watching these two handsome and fit young men suck cock, rim hole and fuck their cum loads out in this awesome hardcore session of anal action!

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Featured videos for

New York City Whore Part 1

Diego Sans fucking Jordan Boss

Unemployed actor Diego Sans has just been turned down for a role as a male sex worker, but he’s stubborn and determined to prove to himself that he has what it takes to perform. He takes method acting to a whole new level, without even getting the part, as he dives into a new industry and begins sharing his big juicy jock cock with guys all over town. Watch him giving gorgeous muscle jock customer Jordan Boss is his big boner in this awesome fuck, slamming the guys perfect ass and making him blast cum from his cock!

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Muscle jock Jordan Boss fucks Damien Michaels

Damien Michaels has an interesting way to persuade his buddy Jordan Boss to stop smoking! While the handsome and buff jock is outside enjoying a cigarette the horny and kinky dude heads upstairs to stroke his cock and spurt his cum out showering the unsuspecting smoker with his load! I wouldn’t suggest doing that to any of your buddies, but it seems to work for him as Jordan decides to get revenge by slamming his cock into his ass and giving him a load of his own!

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Straight Classifieds Part 1

Fucked by a straight man

Colby Jansen is so desperate to get some pussy he’s putting ads out looking for some action. He might be straight but that’s not gonna put horny jock Jordan Boss off. After sending the guy a pussy pic pretending to be a horny female porn star he arranges a meeting. Colby is shocked that some strange dude has turned up, but Jordan gets what he wants when he tells Colby that he has to fuck him before he’ll introduce him to the girl. Surprisingly, Colby goes for it, but then again his big cock is already hard and throbbing and it would be a shame to waste it! Jordan gets his mouth around that big straight dick and shows the guy what another dudes mouth can do, but it’s nothing compared to how amazing his tight ass feels around Colby’s cock!

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Straight Classifieds Part 2

straight jock getting fucked

Landon Mycles is looking for some hot wet pussy, but after planning a hook up and finding jock dude Jordan Boss he still doesn’t know he’s been played. After the fictional girl fails to show he’s about to leave, but Jordan knows how to use the power of persuasion on that hard jock cock to get Landon naked. Soon enough the straight dude is sucking Jordan’s boner and getting his ass stuffed with dick!

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