Joshua Armstrong

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Gay porn star Joshua Armstrong
Bodybuilder Joshua Armstrong appears on his own site in solo masturbation videos with vocal sessions and fetishes/themes

Name: Joshua Armstrong

Nationality: British

Height: 6′

Weight: 211 lbs

Age/D.O.B: 1985

Build: Bodybuilder

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Cock Size: 7.5″

Cut/Uncut: Cut

Sexuality: Pansexual

Role: N/A


Joshua Armstrong is a British bodybuilder and solo performer. Working out of his Newcastle base in the UK he operates his own website ( and creates extremely verbal and vocal themed masturbation videos with various member-requested subjects. He’s an alpha male with a fetish for muscle worship and loves to use props and costumes in his themed content.

An IT professional outside of his adult career, he built his site from the ground up and in approximately two years has grown to be one of the most recognisable men in the muscle porn world with hundreds of thousands of fans around the globe.

Along with providing his members with several updates every week, he offers bespoke fetish videos made specifically for users requesting something unique just for them, and is willing to meet fans in special one-on-one encounters too.

Pansexual in nature, Joshua Armstrong doesn’t consider sexuality or gender when it comes to attraction.

Career Highlights:

None to date


None to date


There has been some criticism that Joshua only performs solo. Fans have previously requested that he invite a friend to join him, especially in themes with mutual masturbation or muscle worship. In addition, some videos where the theme is more specific with regard to location (such as outside) fans have questioned why more realism isn’t provided with an outdoor location.

Things of note:

  • Pansexual
  • Circumcised cock
  • Extremely vocal
  • Alpha male
  • Muscle worship


None to date

TWITTER: @JoshuaArm1989




(Newest first)

Private Home Tutoring

Private Home Tutoring

We might not understand the fetish a Joshua Armstrong member has for woolen sweaters and seeing them being torn up, but we certainly appreciate the sight of massive muscle man Joshua stripping out of his sweater and grabbing that big hard muscle cock for a long session of cock stroking! The handsome British hunk is giving one of his kinky fans a special video in this new update, someone who loves to see a big and powerful man shredding a wool sweater and getting real turned on by it all. It’s not long before that famously stiff dick is out and we get to enjoy the verbal and horny show as Joshua grabs his dick, strokes himself off and spews a hot mess of milky cum all over. It’s an incredible session of solo jerking from the big man, but then we know from experience that this horny muscle hunk is all about getting off and blasting jizz loads out of his bodybuilder dick for his fans to enjoy.

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Mesmerised And Mind Controlled

Mesmerised And Mind Controlled - Joshua Armstrong

You’re powerless in the face of such a massive mountain of a man. When he gets horny and demands your undivided adoration and attention you can do nothing but bathe in his incredible strength and power. As he starts to get verbal and angry you follow his instructions, appreciating his incredible muscled body as he reveals more for you. He demands that you show him your cock, prove to him how much you want more. You get your dick out, solid and wet with precum as your cock head oozes juice in anticipation of penetration. But you can’t have it with Joshua, no. He wants to watch you pleasuring yourself, while he glistens and strokes, allowing you to feel his solid muscles, stroke his incredible pecs and abs, feel his engorged length of perfectly pink muscle cock as it bounces and throbs in response to your attention. Both hard and craving cum you jerk off, watching each other, listening to his moans and demands as the pleasure rises. You see the first flash of cum erupt from his cock, splashing out in great leaping arcs and you can’t stop yourself from exploding thick ropes of hot semen as your own erection begins to unload! As his warm cum rains down over you, splashing you from your face down to your own unloading cock, your shaft pumps wad after wad of cream while the pleasure rocks your body…

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Big Bad Strip Dance

Joshua Armstrong Big Bad Strip Dance video

Hunk Joshua Armstrong knows how to perform, up close and personal, right there in front of you. Watch as his stripper moves get you hard, his smooth ass oiled and his cock bouncing with every movement as he gyrates. He grinds up against you, feeling your cock rock hard and ready to be stroked as he does the same for you, his glistening length of muscle meat slick in his fist as he masturbates and brings himself closer and closer to explosive ejaculation!

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Silicone Cock Sleeve

Silicone Cock Sleeve Joshua Armstrong

All men love a good toy for their cock, and muscle man Joshua is the same. He has a new toy to try out on his long and solid dick, a silicone sleeve with nubs and ridges ready to pleasure his length from shaft to tip as he slides his wet and oiled cock into it. Watch the massive muscle man rubbing his dick inside the sleeve, stroking his wet length as he lays back on his bed and teases you with the temptation of his muscled ass, stroking his incredible tool until his cum is gushing out in a torrent of hot and milky man juice that has everyone watching joining in with him with their own incredible climax!

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Lifeguard Cums To Your Rescue

Lifeguard Cums To Your Rescue Joshua Armstrong

He’s the massive and powerful Lifeguard at the beach that everyone stares at, and he knows it. He likes the attention, especially when it’s one-on-one with a man like you. After saving you from the water and carrying you back to safety in his massive arms, he lays you on the sand. You’re still out of breath and need a little time to fully recover, but he knows how to help that along. Bringing you back to life with his incredible performance he shows his body for you, reveals his long and luscious cock from his shorts, strokes himself and encourages you to come with him to an incredible climax, leaving you wide awake and better than ever as the taste of his semen fills your mouth!

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Muscle Meet Up

Joshua Armstrong Muscle Meet Up full video

Muscle man Joshua takes us back to basics in a horny worship session, showing off his incredible body, oiling up his abs and pecs, while you obediently watch and admire him with your cock throbbing and leaking juice in anticipation of the climax to come. He’ll tease you, perform for you, flex for you and stroke that big powerful cock right there in front of your face until you can’t take it any more. You can’t satisfy your needs until you have permission, but when the final moments arrive and that cum load starts spewing, you’ll be happy you waited.

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Your Latex Daddy

Your Latex Daddy

Latex muscle daddy Joshua Armstrong loves the feel of those gloves against his incredible body, he really loves the feel of it when it’s oiled up and those gloved fingers around his rock hard dick. You’re under his control as he commands you to submit, get your own cock out, feel it in your fist and slowly stroke with him as he masturbates and brings himself closer and closer to squirting his hot cream from his big dick. You’re not allowed to cum until he is.

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Craving Dominance And Belonging

Craving Dominance And Belonging

Everyone wants to feel as though they belong, and muscle man Joshua is happy to make you feel that you do when you’re in front of him as he poses and flexes his massive muscles, revealing his long cock, stroking himself and letting you adore and admire him. If you’re really good, you’ll be rewarded with a massive shower of muscle man cum as his throbbing dick begins to spew out a fountain of hot semen!

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Resisting The Urge To Cum

Resisting The Urge To Cum full video Joshua Armstrong

Imagine having Joshua as your personal trainer! We get a little peek at what that might be like in this incredible video with the massive muscle hunk as he treats us to a personal one-on-one training session, starting out with some flexing and warming up, but soon moving onto the more practical matter of dealing with a gym boner and a post-workout need to cum. You know what it’s like for men like Joshua, all that working out gets the cum building and the cock throbbing, and he has some interesting ways to deal with it. He loves denying himself the chance to cum and making it more and more intense when he does. We get the full show as if we’re his customer, with Joshua telling us about his cum denial, needing to stroke, then getting so horny his rigid cock is out and being wanked in his slippery hand! Watch the massive muscle stud rubbing his raging cock and spewing hot cum from his helmet in another one of his awesome jack off videos!

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Throbbing Lycra

Full Joshua Armstrong video Throbbing Lycra

Massive muscle hunk Joshua Armstrong looks amazing no matter what he’s wearing, but all know a big gorgeous hunk like him looks even more awesome in some tight Lycra gear. He’s giving us an awesome show as he treats us like we’re there with him, feeling his rock hard body through the material, getting our own throbbing dick out and showing him how turned on we as we wank for our god-like stud. Soon enough his own bodybuilder meat is out in his stroking hands as he rubs his stiff length, wanking himself off with us, watching each other as our helmets leak precum and get wet with juice in anticipation of the powerful cum splashes, erupting semen from our dicks in unison and making a massive sticky mess!

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Cocky Smoking Scally

Muscle scally Joshua Armstrong full video

Joshua knows what we like to see and he knows how to play to our horny fantasies. For this new video the massive muscle hunk is giving us a kinky chav/scally smoking show, teasing us in his verbal style, slowly revealing his best assets and showing off his incredible body. It’s inevitable that his rock hard muscle cock would soon be out and demanding some attention, and he gets right on it as he strokes his throbbing shaft and pleasures his wet cock head, talking us through a horny session as he builds up his cum load ready for spewing out in a messy finish that has us all joining in with him!

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Art Of Seduction

Joshua Armstrong Art Of Seduction full video

Joshua is well skilled in the art of seduction, but then again it probably doesn’t take much when you look like this muscle man and you have a rock hard bodybuilder cock able to splash out bit messy loads in a shared wank session. Check out the handsome British hunk as he teases us in another one of his classic verbal dick stroking sessions, showing off his amazing body and lubing up his throbbing dick. With his body glistening with oil and his dick being stroked to the limits of pleasure our favorite muscle man erupts hot splashing ropes of cum all over!

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He Rubs Me Down

He Rubs Me Down

Joshua demands to be worshiped, he craves the feel of your oiled hands exploring his massive muscled body as you tell him how amazing he is, how powerful he is, how much you want to see him cum. As your own cock gets harder and harder while you explore his incredible body he gets more and more turned on, his big muscle dick straining in his white underwear. Soon his big dick is free, throbbing and veiny in his slippery hands as he plays with his balls and strokes his shaft, his sensitive cock head leaking clear juice as he edges his load and tries to hold back. He can’t stop himself from cumming for long, hearing you tell him how amazing he is and seeing you stroking your own rock solid dick in appreciation sends him over the edge, making him spew hot leaping jets of cum from his swollen shaft as the pleasure rushes through every inch of his powerful body!

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Pounded By A Donkey Dick

Pounded By A Donkey Dick

Ever wonder what it would be like to have a massive muscle man like Joshua Armstrong pound you with his big throbbing bodybuilder cock? Check out this video and you’ll get a good idea of how he would treat you. The handsome and horny hunk puts on an amazing show as he works his massive muscles, revealing his throbbing cock and wanking himself off. You’ll wish you were there to suck that big dick for him, then take every inch of this raging shaft in your ass as he pounds you on the bed before shooting his hot muscle man cum load all over your face!

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Biker Buddies

Joshua Armstrong wanking his hard muscle cock on video

Joshua Armstrong invites his best buddy along for a Sunday bike ride and takes him straight to a secret spot he knows. Pretty soon the massive muscle man is showing off his amazing body in the sun and he can tell his buddy’s cock is growing. It doesn’t take long for those hard dicks to be out and on show, wanking themselves off and watching each other enjoying their own raging cocks. Joshua grabs his buddy by the dick in his leather biker glove and strokes his hard meat for him, taking them both to some massive splashing cum loads!

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Cum Sandwich

[yendifplayer video=39]

Muscle man Joshua Armstrong delivers a creamy session of worship and admiration in his latest video, playing the role of the contractor your boyfriend has been enjoying while you weren’t at home and delivering a delicious healthy treat after enjoying his cock in front of you.

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Pectoral Power

[yendifplayer video=40]

Muscle hunk Joshua delivers an amazing verbal and horny muscle show for his special fans, displaying his incredible physique in his tracksuit bottoms, getting more and more turned on and finally revealing his rock hard cock. Watch the muscled stud wanking his cock and splashing out a heavy cum shower.

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My Office Whore

[yendifplayer video=41]

No one would be complaining about sexual harassment in the workplace if they were getting the chance to service massive muscle man Joshua Armstrong. He’s the handsome and buff CEO bulging out of his shirt when he calls you into his office and makes you his cock sucking bitch. Every one of us would love to work for him and have that delicious muscle man dick to suck the cum from every damn day.

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Hypnotised In The Locker Room

[yendifplayer video=42]

If you could have any special power, you might choose hypnosis if you knew muscle man Joshua. Watch as he encounters an old school friend in the gym locker room and soon discovers that the guy has some very special skills, taking control of the bodybuilder, making him perform as he reveals his Alpha God body and his solid muscle man cock, stroking his hard length and splashing his massive cum shot from his boner.

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My Straight Muscle Slave
[yendifplayer video=81]
It’s entirely understandable that even straight men would be infatuated with massive muscle hunk Joshua Armstrong. For his latest solo cock wanking fantasy the British bodybuilder is leading us on a horny verbal journey as he teaches a horny straight man how to appreciate his massive body, and his hard throbbing cock. The man wants to be controlled and dominated, and Joshua is the perfect guy to deliver. None of us would complain at the chance to feel all that muscle, lick his pits and suck the cum from his raging muscle cock.

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