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Logan Brown

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Straight jock Logan Brown appears for English Lads

Name: Logan Brown

Nationality: British

Height: 6’2″

Weight: 180 lbs.

Age: 22

Build: Muscular

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Cock Size: 7.5″

Cut/Uncut: Uncut

Sexuality: Straight

Role: N/A


22-year-old Logan Brown is a straight jock who loves to work out, he’s an exhibitionist by nature and has a very confident attitude. Most of his male friends have seen that uncut cock and a few have even seen him wanking and shooting a hot load, too. He’s definitely open-minded and although he’s never experienced anything more than a friendly wank in the company of a friend he’s down to explore things.

Career Highlights:

His video with his good friend Clayton, both filming each other wanking and cumming at the beach, is definitely a highlight.


None to date

Things of note:

  • Straight
  • Muscled
  • Uncut Cock
  • Exhibitionist
  • Open-minded


None to date




Video Appearances: Videos: (newest first)

Young Straight & Muscular Stud Logan Wanks his 1st Man & it’s Jack’s Thick Uncut Cock he Gets Lucky With!

After enjoying a massage and hand job in his last video straight jock Logan Brown is back and ready to explore a little more. He’s wanked in the company of a friend before but this is the first time he’s ever touched another cock, but he certainly enjoys the experience as fellow straight lad Jack Montague grabs his meat for some stroking and gives the straight guy his own big meaty boner to rub and bate. By the time these guys are laying back and splashing their hot cream over their abs it’s obvious Logan had a great time, we can kinda tell he’s gonna want to stroke more dicks after this. CLICK FOR THE VIDEO

Straight Muscle Hunk Logan gets his 1st Manhandling & his Huge Uncut Cock Squirts Everywhere!

We all know straight jock Logan Brown isn’t shy, he’s happy to get his pink uncut cock out for the lads to see and we recently saw him wanking out a load with his best buddy at the beach. This is the first time he’s ever let another guy touch his cock, but he’s down to explore and it seems he’s just needed the opportunity. Watch as the straight jock lays back for a massage, his cock soon throbbing, those hands working his meat and edging him, working him up to a big splashing climax that leaves his fit body decorated with straight jizz! CLICK TO SEE HIM JACKED OFF

Young Straight Hunk Logan Pumps his Tight Hole & Wanks his Hard Uncut Cock & Shoots Big!

It’s pretty common for straight jock boys like Logan Brown to be a little more open about things these days, and he certainly is. He’s back after filming a wank off session at the beach with his best buddy to try something completely new, easing a toy into his tight virgin ass while he wanks his hard uncut cock. If you have any doubts about just how much this straight guy enjoyed the sensation of something up his butt just wait until you see the fountain of hot jock cum he spews out of that dick, splashing down semen all over his body! CLICK TO WATCH HIM PLAY

We all knew straight jock Logan Brown wasn’t the shy type, he’s the kind of guy who’ll gladly get his pink uncut cock out with his buddies and have a giggle swinging dicks around. This video proves that to be the case. He’s on holiday with his best buddy Clayton Hughes and the two friends take time out of their hunt for pussy to get their cocks out and film each other having a wank in the sun! The guys aren’t at all shy about it, showing each other their hard dicks, wanking off while their buddy films them splashing cum from their cocks and making a hot mess. Maybe next time we’ll see them wanking each other!? CLICK TO SEE THE VIDEO THEY MADE

22-year-old straight stud Logan Brown is a natural show off. He’s one of those guys who doesn’t really think it’s strange to get his uncut cock out in front of his mates. He’s the lad you can imagine kicking back with a friend and watching porn, stroking their dicks and shooting a load together, just for the fun of it. He’s giving us a good show in this sunny session of outdoor jacking, getting naked and showing off his toned body, his long uncut cock, his tight ass… watch him having a good time rubbing his dick, working himself up to a good splashing cum wad all over his abs! Let’s hope we get to see more of him exploring things in the future. CLICK TO SEE HIM SPURTING CUM


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