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Performing name: Paddy O’Brian, Patrick O’Brian.


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“I hate bullies and I hate people who belittle others. The people who have questions or disagree are the problem since they aren’t letting people be happy, are questioning, or are wanting answers. Just look after number one–yourself. Love yourself because when you can you’ll learn to love others.” – Paddy O’Brian

Image of gay porn star Paddy O'Brian
Porn star Paddy O’Brian appears for in the ‘The Day Before’

Name: Paddy O’Brian

Nationality: British

Height: 5’9″

Weight: 171 lbs.

Age: 27

Build: Muscular

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Cock Size: 8″

Cut/Uncut: Cut

Sexuality: Straight

Role: Versatile Top


British gay for pay porn star Paddy O’Brian began his career in the adult business at English Lads in the UK, arriving there in October 2010 to appear masturbating in his very first photo shoot.

His first solo video arrived in November 2010 and he became an immediate hit with the fans.

His thick and heavy 8″ cut cock is an impressive sight, as is his ripped and tight muscular build, developed from years in the scaffolding business and now maintained through what can only be described as a gym addiction.

Although straight, Paddy O’Brian began exploring new things on the English Lads site very quickly, enjoying anal toys and being wanked and sucked by other performers such as Dan Broughton.

In December 2011 he fucked his first gay ass and gave Dan a great time. He returned several more times after this and fucked Darius Ferdynand, fellow straight performer Jay Hall and Brandon Lewis.

Paddy O’Brian filmed his final scene for the English Lads site in April 2013.

After finding success in the UK Paddy made a move to break into the American adult business. He appeared on several sites both in the UK and America before finally signing a more long-term deal with the site, where he currently performs.

Since his move into American gay hardcore porn Paddy O’Brian has given up his straight and hairy ass for guys to fuck, and recently appeared in a gang bang scene where he was in the middle of a bukkake cum shot finish.

Career Highlights:

While appearing at Paddy O’Brian was wanked, sucked and fucked a guy for the first time. These early performances are a great chance to see a straight man experiencing gay sex for the first time.

In July 2013, the Top To Bottom 2 scene on the site saw Paddy O’Brian experiencing being fucked, working with established gay porn star Topher Di Maggio.

In July 2014 Paddy O’Brian experienced his first gay orgy on video as a bottom in the scene P.O.W. 4 alongside Alex Brando, Allen King, Damien Crosse and Gabriel Vanderloo. This scene ends with Paddy experiencing his first bukkake session as the guys unload their cum over his chest and neck.


Although Paddy O’Brian is an acclaimed and successful gay for pay porn star, he has had his fair share of criticism from fans on several sites. Most notably he’s never sucked another guys dick (amended, see below), and very rarely even touches another cock. It’s often noted that there is a lack of wanking and sucking in his scenes, although he is often seen face fucking the men he appears with. It’s not uncommon to see comments on blogs in response to his scenes describing him as arrogant and a selfish scene partner.

Many fans are critical of his seeming reluctance to do certain things, given that he’s now considered to be a versatile performer. It’s often described as strange that he’s willing to rim other guys, kiss them, and even be fucked, but that he hardly ever wanks another guy.

UPDATE: The release of Gay Of Thrones Episode 5 in June 2015 saw the first time Paddy O’Brian sucked a cock. Gay porn star Connor Maguire was the lucky recipient.

Things of note:

  • Thick cut cock
  • Aggressive performer
  • Hard when bottoming
  • London accent


There are always rumors surrounding any major porn star, and Paddy O’Brian is no different. In 2013 it was suggested that he was ready to retire at the end of the year, this didn’t happen. At the start of 2014 there were suggestions that Paddy was about to come out as a gay performer in a relationship with another gay American porn star. Again this never occurred.

In July 2014 there was a rumor circulating that Paddy O’Brian had recently filmed a scene where he was sucking off five other performers and finishing with a bukkake climax. At time of writing this is nothing more than speculation, although many fans are eagerly awaiting new scenes to see if this is true.

Oct 10th 2016 UPDATE: Rumors again circulating that Paddy O’Brian has retired from gay porn. Unconfirmed.

Oct 12th 2016 UPDATE: On 11th Oct Paddy returned to twitter with the announcement that he had been filming in Barcelona.

TWITTER: @paddyobrian86



Video Appearances:

Paddy O’Brian Videos

Str8, Hung, Muscular, Hairy, Cheeky – No Wonder Patrick is Member’s Favourite!

Straight gay porn star Paddy O'Brian wanking on videoIt’s probably fair to say that when straight muscled hunk Paddy O’Brian first arrived he never could have predicted where this would take him. Within hours of appearing on the EnglishLads site the fans had voted in their droves for him, making him an instant hit. This was the start of his career, showing off his amazing body and thick cut cock in a solo wank scene which soon led to a lot more. His sexy mix of cheeky London geezer and sexy muscled body, along with his incredibly thick and meaty cock meant that he was sure of a place among their top models. We know now, of course, that this would all lead to an incredible career with some of the biggest studios in the world.

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screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-10-13-47BONUS VIDEO – Hairy Cheeky Hung – Does it get much better!?

With new guy Paddy O’Brian proving to be so popular they were quick to get more of their new gay porn star on the site for the fans to enjoy, creating a bonus shoot with plenty of extra action of the hunk enjoying his big meaty cock for the guys. No doubt intended to maintain interest while they were working on getting him back for more, it did the trick and the fans were loving any opportunity they had to enjoy the sight of the new muscled straight Londoner playing with his thick cock on video. It was clear the fans were demanding more Paddy O’Brian videos, and they wanted to see him sharing that thick dick with other guys.

Site Favourite Paddy is back – Discovering Fingers Feel Good in Dark Places!

straight hung Paddy O'Brian fingering his assIt was clear in his second appearance that this hairy muscled straight hunk was going to be an interesting guy to watch. Although he seemed to be like a character out of the London gangster movie (a role he’s played up to ever since) this straight stud proved how willing he was to explore in this second appearance playing with his arse and wanking a cum load from his thick dick. He seemed to enjoy the experience and it ultimately led to him exploring a lot more with their other performers on video. This was what the fans had been clamoring for, but it would still be a while before Paddy took a cock in his arse.

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Straight Hairy Favourite Paddy – One Hell of A Dildo Workout!

Paddy O'brian dildo video englishladsAfter wanking off and playing with his hole straight muscle hunk Paddy O’Brian returned to slide a dildo into his arse and give all the fans a little more teasing! You know how things went later in his career, so I suppose this was probably a good taste of what was to come. The views were climbing and it was clear to the English Lads site that they were on to a winner with this guy. He was still yet to experience any on-screen action with another performer, but with the members demanding it and Paddy seeming eager to please and enjoy himself in his new career we knew it wouldn’t be long.

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Member Favourite Paddy – Battery Powered Toys Make You Explode!

straight guy toy play with Paddy O'Brian at englishlads

After stroking the cum from his thick cock a few times Paddy returned in June 2011 to try something with a little more power to it. The fans were greedy for more after the solo experiences he’d enjoyed already and the site seemed to be teasing the fans with promises and hints of what was to come. This solo with a vibrating toy proved that the straight hunk was ready to explore a little more than anyone expected, but the fans were still surprised to see how easygoing he was with anal play. It’s an important moment in his gay porn star career, seeing him sliding a vibrating toy into his hairy hole and enjoying it.

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Straight London Geezer Paddy O’Brian – Massaged & Wanked off til he Cums!

Paddy O'Brian wanked and massaged on videoPaddy gets his cock handled by another guy for the first time in this excellent video, and lucky Zack Elliot is the one to do the deed! The two straight lads seemed to get on pretty well, and Paddy shows that his thick cock is gonna respond no matter who it is rubbing his meat for him. All the massaging and play soon has his thick cock throbbing and hard, with Zack stroking him and building up to the cum shot. Paddy seemed surprised by how good it all was, but his confident and easygoing attitude suggested that there was a lot more to come after this first experience with another man.

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Horny Str8 Geezer Paddy O’Brian Lets Dan Broughton be the 1st Man to Suck him! What an Explosion!

Sucking a straight guy Paddy O'Brian and Dan BroughtonAfter so much wanking, exploring his arse and then being wanked off by another fit straight lad Paddy is going one step further in this horny encounter with eager gay lad Dan Broughton! It’s time for that thick and swollen straight man dick to be licked and sucked by another guy, and of course he loves every moment of it as Dan gets his experienced mouth on that immense tool. After properly working that big cock for his new buddy Dan makes him cum a hot mess, splashing jizz from his big round helmet and making a great mess!

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Straight Geezer Paddy O’Brian Fucks His 1st Guy – How Lucky is Mr Naughty Dan Broughton!

Dan Broughton gets fucked by straight guy Paddy O'BrianLondon lad Paddy O’Brian has been learning a lot in his time at English Lads, but now it’s time to go all the way and show the world that he can own a guys arse. Dan is back to take that big cock in his hole, and he couldn’t be happier about it! The former Mr Gay UK is one of the most eager lads they have, and one of the most talented. He gets on that cock for some sucking, making his new straight mate Paddy ooze precum. Once that cock is rock hard and demanding some more he takes every immensely thick inch of it in his arse and takes such a pounding! Looks like Paddy has discovered a new kind of pleasure in this pairing.

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A Very Excited Paddy O’Brian Fucks Darius into Submission

Paddy O'Brian fills Darius Ferdynand with his fat cockWhat happens when you get two incredible stars in one video together? You end up with a fuck like this one. This is one of those “before they were famous” duos, with ripped straight hunk Paddy O’Brian feeding and fucking lithe and gorgeous hung uncut guy Darius Ferdynand! You probably know that both of these guys went on to become massively famous international gay porn stars, so click through and check out this video for the chance to see when they first met. Darius takes a great fucking from the straight hunk and shows his skills as a bottom, Paddy is relentless in his pounding.

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screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-10-17-45Bonus Video – Paddy’s Photo Shoot Where he Wacks the Dildo deep Inside his Eager hole!

Member fave Paddy delivered a great session of dildo play a while back, there was too much fun to fit into one video. The fans had enjoyed seeing the straight muscled hunk exploring things with some toys in the past to they created a little bonus video of some of the bits the members never saw the first time around. Being the straight hunk Paddy is no one really expected to see him enjoying toys like this, everyone just assumed that he would be a total top if he ever went that far with another guy. After his previous hand job by Zack it seemed that Paddy was willing to go further than many other straight men in gay porn.

Straight Geezer Paddy O’Brian Kisses and Fucks the Brains out of Dan Broughton!

Dan Broughton takes the thick cock of straight guy Paddy O'Brian

Dan can’t seem to get enough of that thick straight man dick, and for what it’s worth hairy muscle hunk Paddy O’Brian seems to love sharing his meat with the lad too! The guys definitely have some chemistry as Dan returns to take that meaty thick length in his hole once more, getting the kind of mean and energetic pounding we all know Paddy can deliver. The sucking is excellent too as Dan work that thick straight guy dick and gets Paddy leaking precum, but it’s definitely the fucking that really impresses the fans. There’s no doubt about it, Dan is one of the best boys to be taking that big cock in his arse.

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Straight Geezer Paddy O’Brian fucks the life out of Brandon!

Gay lad Brandon Lewis doesn’t even get the chance to say anything before straight hunk Paddy has his thick cock in the guys face! The boy is obedient, but then we would all be the same with that thick and heavy cock needing to be sucked. That’s not all the lad gets, of course, soon Paddy is being his impressive sexually aggressive self and slamming his new friend around on the bed, fucking his hole and using him for his own entertainment. That’s probably not fair to say, Brandon is definitely enjoying himself when this straight man fucks the cum out of him and dumps his own hot load over the lad!

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Straight Cocky Paddy Teaches Scouser Footie Hottie Jay how to Take it Like a Man!

Paddy O'Brian fucks Jay Hall on video

This is one of the horniest fucks on the English Lads site. First of all we have hairy and ripped London geezer Paddy O’Brian back to fuck some more arse, secondly we have straight lad Jay Hall taking it! This is only the second time Jay has been fucked, and he’s jumping in the deep end with the straight guys thick and swollen meat! Paddy gets in there for a kiss, gropes his new mates cock bulge and then wanks Jay’s cock too before turning his attention to what he really wants. A little toy play eases Jay into it, but that dildo is no match for the massively thick and throbbing erection Paddy has! He fucks that arse deep and hard and gives his new straight buddy such a great ride, no wonder it all ends with masses of hot cum pumping out of both their dicks.

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screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-10-18-35Bonus Video of Photo Shoot Where Paddy Fucks Darius Roughly!

One of the horniest fucks ever, we get another chance to see Paddy O’Brian fucking the cum out of hung and uncut Darius Ferdynand in this bonus shoot of footage you probably haven’t seen before. When the original scene was released it gained plenty of great attention and votes from the fans and it was clear that if Paddy wanted a long career in hardcore gay porn he would have it. Darius was a great choice for taking that big cock up his arse, eagerly demanding every inch, giving Paddy the chance to really show off what he can with another guys hole. Check out this bonus scene of extra footage and make sure you watch the previous full video if you haven’t already.

screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-10-18-49Bonus Video of Paddy’s Photo Shoot & at the Time This was his 1st Ever Manhandling!

It’s the bonus video of the first time we ever saw Paddy O’Brian sharing his cock with another guy, being wanked off and made to cum, sharing his dick with another dude and seemingly enjoying every moment of it. When this final video for the EnglishLads site was released no one knew that the muscled hunk was already working on developing his career and in talks to appear for larger studios based in the US. No doubt the fans would have loved to have seen him continue his career in the UK, but we’re also glad he had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest names in the business and ultimately go on to getting fucked and sucking dick in some of the best videos to come from studios such as Scenes

Bashed And Furious

Paddy O'Brian fucking Issac Jones in Bashed And Furious

Paddy O’Brian arrives at to begin his international gay porn star career, feeding and fucking lucky hunk Issac Jones, putting his amazing thick straight man dick to great use as he feeds the hung and horny bottom and proceeds to fuck the cum out of him in an amazing debut for the site.

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Bashed And Furious 2

Paddy O'Brian fucking Marco Sessions in Bashed And Furious

Paddy O’Brian is the driver, waiting for his partner in crime to pull off the heist and get out. It turns out Marco Sessions might not have been the best one to do the job, after speeding away Paddy discovers that he failed in his mission. Knowing that this failure means his ass is gonna get pounded, Paddy decides to pass on the punishment early and show Marco exactly what it feels like to take a fat rock hard cock up his tight hole!

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Bashed And Furious 3

Jay Roberts gets fucked by Paddy O'Brian in Bashed and Furious 3

Jay Roberts is bound and held captive, perfect for a horny top like Paddy O’Brian to use. Feeding his prisoner his fat 8-inch cock Paddy takes control, making it clear that this isn’t gonna be easy. After gobbling that immense piece of straight man meat Jay can’t ignore the pleasure of a hardcore fucking, with Paddy ramming his solid length in and out of his hole until both are ready to spill and splash their cum from their cocks in an amazing finish! If this is what it’s like being held by the mob, count me in!

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The Drill Sergeant 3

Paddy O'Brian leads a gay military orgy in The Drill Sergeant

Handsome and horny Drill Sergeant Paul Walker recruits fellow Sergeant and seriously hot big-dicked straight guy Paddy O’Brian to teach the cadets a thing or two about loyalty and obedience in this incredible hardcore gay military orgy. Muscled hunk Dean Phoenix and seriously sexy Scott Hunter are soon giving up their tight jock holes for Paddy and Paul, with Jay Roberts joining in to take advantage of all the cock and ass on offer!

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Mates Part 2
Mates Part 3
Shut Up And Fuck
Porn Neighbor
Fucking The Band Part 3
Secret Agent Part 1
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Howl Part 1
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Do As I Say
Escaping England
Men Of Anarchy Part 1
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Forbidden Part 2
Forbidden Part 3
Body Locking Part 1
Body Locking
Hard Knox Part 1
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Gay Of Thrones Episode 5
Naked Promotion
Star Wars Part 4
Apocalypse Part 1
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Batman V Superman A Gay XXX Porn Parody
Lost Boys Part 3
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Captain America A Gay XXX Parody
The Day Before Part 1
Sense 8 : A Gay XXX Parody Part 1
The Weekend Away Part 1
5 years in the Making
The Weekend Away Part 3

Ours Part 1

Paddy O'Brian fucking Ken Rodeo

Ken Rodeo is the lucky blond boy getting the chance to worship the hairy and thick cock of gorgeous muscled porn hunk Paddy O’Brian in this latest video. Watch him licking and sucking that famously fat cock head, getting his tight ass rimmed out, then stuffed with every inch of Paddy’s amazing dick in one of the horniest hardcore videos hat leaves both spewing cum from their meat!

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Sunny Colucci sucking Paddy O'Brian

Sunny Colucci is the hung and uncut jock teaming up with muscle stud Paddy O’Brian for XXX parody Ex-Machina. The robots are so lifelike as they pleasure those hard throbbing cocks, with Sunny gobbling on Paddy’s thick tool, then getting his tight hole played with before the stud slides in deep and fucks that hole with the kind of energy we would expect from our favorite porn star. See Paddy grab that cock and wank Sunny off while he rides that tool, taking them both to an explosive finish that leaves Sunny drenched in their double cream!

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Made You Look Part 2

Paddy O'Brian threesome video

Paddy O’Brian can’t resist getting his cock out and stroking his thick swollen meat when he catches Dato Foland sharing some cock sucking and butt fucking fun with their friend Johan Kane. He’s too horny to say no when he has the opportunity to get his own juicy piece of meat involved in the party, making it an awesome threesome as he strokes his amazing cock and his friend flip flop in front of him. Watch the cum fly in the full video!

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Made You Look Part 4

hardcore gay orgy with Paddy O'Brian

Gorgeous straight muscle hunk Paddy O’Brian joins in with one of the hottest hardcore gay orgy videos you’re likely to see as Dato Foland, Hector De Silva and Johan Kane get their big juicy cocks out for each other. The sucking and rimming is intense enough, but when those butt holes start getting filled in with throbbing inches of man meat you know the heavy splashing cum loads aren’t far behind!

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Paddy O'Brian fucking Ken Summers

Paddy O’Brian hooks up with handsome stud Ken Summers to enjoy some real hardcore fun. Ken gets to work on Paddy’s thick and swollen man meat, licking his helmet and slurping his veiny shaft, appreciating every thick inch of the straight guys tool with expert skill. Paddy’s perfect meaty helmet eases into Ken’s snug little pucker, filling him up as that gorgeous shaft slides in deeper. Fucked from behind and then riding that solid totem Ken is taken to the limits of pleasure and ends up dripping with their combined cum squirts in a messy finish that has us all erupting too!

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Paddy O'Brian cums over Diego Reyes after fucking his load out

Hairy muscle hunks Diego Reyes and Paddy O’Brian share an incredible fuck, with our straight hunks thick and meaty cock being greedily sucked, followed by Diego’s hairy hole being fingered and licked by the straight top. Diego’s ass is soon stuffed with that famous piece of thick man meat as Paddy fucks his hole and rams him hard and mean all over the bed, finishing up with our greedy bottom drenched in sweat and semen.

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Hat Trick Part 1

Straight performer Paddy O'Brian fucks Andy Star in the new video Hat Trick part 1

It’s a simple theme for this new video with Paddy O’Brian and lucky Andy Star. Paddy is the horny guy who has plenty of other men in his life who just can’t say no to sucking his fat British cock and taking his engorged man meat up their ass, and Andy is just the latest getting the chance to take a ride on that immense muscle tool as he submits to an amazing ramming from the energetic hunk.

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Hat Trick Part 2

Paddy O'Brian fucks Lucas Fox in Hat Trick part 2

No one is surprised that Paddy O’Brian has a harem of horny men all competing for time sucking and riding his incredible muscle cock. Lucas Fox is just one of the hunks stopping by to take that immensely thick piece of London meat in his tight muscle ass, first sucking on the big throbbing tool, then getting his ass stuffed as Paddy crams his juicy length into that pucker and gives Lucas an amazing fuck, finished off with a hot load of straight muscle man cum jerked out in his face!

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Hat Trick Part 3

Hat Trick Part 3

When you’re a horny fucker like Paddy O’Brian, with a gang of hardcore fuck buddies all wanting to get on your fat dick, it’s inevitable that he’s gonna get them all together for a hard-dicked orgy of wanking, sucking, rimming, fucking and cum splashing! Lucas Fox, Andy Star and Ely Chaim are hungry for some man met, with Paddy leading the party as everyone gets their fill and the fourgy takes them all to a jizz erupting climax that has every fan joining in!

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Secret Affair Part 1

Paddy O'Brian Secret Affair Part 1 video

A lot of men cheat on their partners, and while it’s a touchy subject we don’t really give a crap about that when it’s on video and starring a muscle hunk like Paddy O’Brian cheating on his lover with a gorgeous stud like Skyy Knox! The guys get down to it with Skyy sucking on that swollen piece of man meat, then getting his hole rimmed and quickly stuffed with that incredible dick! Watch Paddy wanking his buddy off as he slides his thick cock in and out until both are ready to spew their hot cum for each other!

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Secret Affair Part 3

Paddy O'Brian orgy in Secret Affair Part 3 video

Horny hunk Paddy O’Brian just can’t keep his cock to himself! It’s no wonder when there are horny men like Skyy Knox, Gabriel Cross and Diego Reyes ready to enjoy their dicks with him. Although Paddy was cheating on his lover Diego in the first scene he’s got his fuck buddy in on the action for this fourgy, with all the men swapping their cocks, wanking, sucking and fucking those butt holes until every dick in the room is blasting ropes of cum out everywhere!

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Pirates : A Gay XXX Parody Part 2

Pirates : A Gay XXX Parody Part 2 video

With his ship gone and nowhere left to go but the remote island Paddy finds himself being chased down by a local tribe. Cornered by sexy local Colton Grey Paddy has no choice but to follow orders, but it seems all the local really wants is some fresh meat! Paddy’s big throbbing cock is soon out for Colton to suck, with rimming of hot hole taking them to the full-on fucking Colton desperately needs. Watch Paddy slam that ass and give his new friend a ride on his chunky cock while he wanks him off!

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Pirates : A Gay XXX Parody Part 4

Pirates : A Gay XXX Parody Part 4 video

Pirate Paddy O’Brian is still hot on the trail of his escapee on the remote island, but in order to get his hands on Johnny he needs to make a deal with Diego Sans. It’s not hard to do, they both seem to want the same things and before they know it their dicks are out and Paddy is riding that big solid dick like a slutty hunk!

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Dream Fucker Part 1

Dream Fucker Part 1 from

The most vivid dream awaits gay porn star Paddy O’Brian as he drifts off and enters another world where muscle man Francois Sagat waits for him. It feels so incredibly real as Francois services his thick muscle cock, as Paddy explores his large hairy body, as he licks that hole and wanks that big uncut cock before sliding into that ass and fucking the man with all his power and strength until both are exploding cum from their cocks in a shared climax. But could it be real?

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Dream Fucker Part 3

Paddy O'Brian in Dream Fucker Part 3 from

The Dream Fucker Francois Sagat has already enticed Paddy O’Brian and Sunny Colucci into his hardcore world individually, now the two conspire to see if they can both share the experience and meet their Dream Fucker together for an incredible session of threesome fucking! Of course, it works, and soon both Sunny and Francois are bottoming for each other and our thick-dicked muscle lad Paddy, fucking each other, sucking dicks and shooting off loads in an incredible threeway of oral and anal sex that’s the stuff of dreams.

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The Couple That Fucks Together Part 1

The Couple That Fucks Together Part 1

Handsome London hunk Paddy O’Brian doesn’t have to try too hard to get someone new into his bed, all it takes is a little smirk or a hint of masculine hunger and guys are soon falling in lust with him. We’re enjoying a tale of cheating boyfriends and awesome threesome sex in this hardcore scene, with sweet young Ken Summers finding himself in the middle of a hardcore pounding as Paddy and Jean Favre share his mouth and ass between them. It’s a mess of frantic sucking, stroking and fucking as Paddy claims both their tight holes for his incredible battering ram cock, pounding each of them until cocks are spewing cum out in messy climaxes that finally leave all three guys satisfied. CLICK THROUGH FOR THE VIDEO.

The Couple That Fucks Together Part 3

The Couple That Fucks Together Part 3

Klein Kerr and Massimo Piano are eager to help handsome hunk Paddy O’Brian get a little revenge in this hardcore offering. The gorgeous hunk gets his two friends together for some eager cock fun, with both his buddies eager to get their mouths on that swollen cock he’s famous for. Watch as Paddy eats ass, grabs cock and jerks his buddies while they slurp his tool and take his stunning dick up their butt holes until all three are erupting thick and hot ropes of cum. CLICK FOR THE GAY THREESOME.

Fucked Up Fuckers Part 1

Fucked Up Fuckers Part 1

Josh Moore isn’t happy, although it’s hard to understand why when he has the gorgeous and ripped hunk Paddy O’Brian to enjoy some cum spurting fun with whenever he likes! He’s been fantasizing about another man, but with a little work handsome Paddy gets him back in the room and ready to suck that fat cock. Watch as gorgeous Paddy feeds him that dick, wanks his buddy’s cock and rims out that smooth jock ass before plugging it with his swollen tool, thrusting his meat in and out of Josh’s sexy rump. Josh might be thinking about someone else, but it’s Paddy’s cock that makes him spurt his semen out over himself, and it’s Paddy’s hot jock cum load he finally gets wanked out into his face and mouth! SEE PADDY O’BRIAN FUCK THAT ASS.

Fucked Up Fuckers Part 2

Fucked Up Fuckers Part 2

When Paddy O’Brian needs to get the cum pumping from his famously thick and meaty jock cock he doesn’t have to try too hard to find someone to pleasure him. He’s got a lot of horny friends who are more than happy to take that awesome cock in their mouth and ass, guys like Jean Franko! He hooks up with his buddy to relieve the pressure in his big balls while his husband is out of action, feeding the lucky hunk his gorgeous meat, stuffing his big fat dick up his manly hole and fucking the dude until their cum loads are boiling and desperate for release! Paddy loves the feel of that hole around his incredible cock, and Jean loves riding it and stroking himself off to get the juices flowing. CLICK THROUGH AND CUM WITH THEM.

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