Privacy Policy

Gay Porn Star Profile’s Privacy Policy

How we use and handle information supplied by you either actively or passively.

Useful information:

Passive collection includes information about your browser, IP address and other technical information passed between you and our servers when you connect to our website.

Active collection includes any information supplied by you to our servers with the intent to share, such as when you add a comment or join our newsletter.

1. General

Parties to which this agreement pertains are you, the visitor, and us (our website), Gay Porn Star Profiles.

This policy only refers to the way in which we interact with you as a visitor and user of this website.

2. Revisions

The administrators of retain the right to adapt, modify or otherwise alter this privacy policy as and when required either by law or by a change in internal policy.

3. Collected information

When visiting the you may interact with us in three ways relevant to this privacy policy.

  • By visiting this site your browser and operating system may deliver information to our servers to allow us to monitor usage. This information is anonymous but may include your IP address, information about the browser you are using, pages viewed during a visit and other information referred to as passive collection. It should be noted that none of this information reveals any personal data about you.
  • By leaving a comment you are submitting the content of that comment, your email address, the name or handle you have chosen to use for that individual comment, and your IP address. Only your chosen name and the content of that comment will be visible to other users of this website. We have access to your email address used and your IP. Neither is used for any purpose other than to prevent spam and to allow you to more easily comment in the future (the platform we use “remembers” you and will allow faster input of information for future comments.
  • By signing up for any newsletter on this site you agree to supply a valid email address, a name or handle and your IP address. This is an opt-in service and the subscription will not be active until the confirmation email is confirmed. At no time is the information supplied to us shared with any third party. This information is used solely to deliver newsletters to your email account. Users can unsubscribe from this service at any time. We routinely check our newsletter subscriber list to delete submitted information for any user who has not confirmed their email address, or those who have unsubscribed. Information for these accounts is deleted.

4. How we use your data

The information supplied to us either passively or actively is used solely to deliver services through this website to suit your needs, make browsing this website easier and faster, and to stay in contact with you at your request. At no time do we collect or store identifying information about you to be shared with any third party.

Passive collection of information is used to improve the website, allowing us to see which pages are popular, the delivery speed of such pages, geographical location of visitors (limited to region or city) or technical data regarding browsers or technology used to interact with this website.

Information gained through passive collection is general in nature and doesn’t allow us to identify any individual user.

Email addresses of subscribers to our newsletter volunteer this information for use of the newsletter service. These email addresses are used solely for the purpose of delivering our newsletters to the account of the person who has signed up for that service. This information is not shared, loaned or sold to any other party at any time, unless required by law.

5. Special circumstances

It is our policy to never share any information about our visitors or users (passively or actively collected) with anyone outside of unless required to do so by law.

6. Public information

Any information supplied to this website which we deem to be personal in nature or which we believe would allow a user or featured performer to be identified in ways which we deem to be an encroachment on an individual’s right to privacy will be removed. For instance, if a user submits information about a performer featured on this website which includes information pertaining to their legal identity (rather than stage name), address, contact information or details likely to risk their privacy, or the privacy of their families or friends, we will delete this information.

7. Data security

We take all reasonable precautions to protect our servers and the information contained within from unauthorized access, alteration or theft. It should, however, be noted that no server is completely safe from potential breach by those with criminal intent and users should consider this when actively submitting information through the website.