Rich Wills

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Rich Wills is a handsome and hung straight guy appearing in gay porn for the English Lads site

Name: Rich Wills

Nationality: British

Height: 6′ 1″

Weight: Unknown

Age/D.O.B: 27 years-of-age

Build: Muscled

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Cock Size: 8.5″

Cut/Uncut: Uncut

Sexuality: Straight

Role: N/A


Rich Wills is a handsome and fit British guy who first appeared in solo wanking videos for the English Lads site in 2012. He was a big hit with the fans there, thanks to his good looks, smooth and toned body, and big 8.5″ uncut cock. For most of that year he was exploring cock play with other guys, wanking and sucking dicks, then he tried topping for the first time and started fucking other guys for the site. In June of 2014 he made what we thought was his last video, fucking another performer. In 2015 a never-before-seen session of Rich getting his cock sucked by another guy for the first time was released on the site.

In 2018 Rich returns to porn with another of their new performers, sharing mutual cock play and shooting off a massive load for the guys. He’s looking hotter than ever and we can’t wait to see more of the guy.

Career Highlights:

None to date


None to date


None to date

Things of note:

  • Straight
  • Confident
  • Muscled
  • Hung
  • Big cummer
  • Uncut cock


None to date




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Straight Hunks Rich Wills and Joel Jenkins Wank off Each Others Massive Uncut Cocks & Shoot Loads!

straight jocks Rich Wills and Joel Jenkins wanking each other in a gay porn video for English Lads
Straight guys Rich Wills and Joel Jenkins get a feel of each other’s uncut cocks

I think we were all surprised to see handsome and hung straight guy Rich Wills back to share his 9-inch uncut cock with Jack Harper in the last video, but we were all also hoping that it wasn’t going to be a momentary return to gay porn before he disappeared again. Well, I’m glad to see he’s back for yet more friendly cock play, and this time it’s with equally hot and horny Joel Jenkins. The guys get familiar with each other through a lot of bulge play before finally revealing those cocks and comparing their dicks, and it’s obvious from the first few moments that these straight jocks are horny and ready to play. Their uncut dicks are soon throbbing as they wank themselves, then reach out to give each other some friendly jerking too. Before too long the boys are combining their cocks, slapping their boners together and rubbing both lengths at the same time in some great frottage. The lads even show off their butt holes for the camera before getting back into the mutual stroking, laying back on the bed and playing with each other’s dicks, finishing off with some splashing cum loads that will no doubt have you all erupting a messy wad with them. Honestly, you need to see these boys enjoying their cocks together and appreciating a good friendly man wank, these guys clearly have a lot of fun sharing their dicks with each other and we’re all hoping for a lot more play from both.

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Straight Hunk Rich Wills Returns and Wanks off Young Straight Pup Jack Harper & Lots of Cum!

two straight boys wanking each other and frotting

Handsome and hung straight lad Rich Wills is back! After several years away from porn the straight guy has made a surprise return, and he’s jumping right back into the fun and getting his near 9-inch uncut cock out with fellow straight guy Jack Harper for some mutual wanking and cock frotting pleasures. If you never saw handsome Rich before then you’re gonna want to go back through his precious videos and see him wanking plenty of other guys, getting his uncut cock sucked and even fucking a butt too, but for now his return is all about rubbing dicks and shooting some cum with new boy Jack. The guys really do have a great time too. Soon their boners are out and the lads are wanking each other off, stroking their solid dicks and rubbing them together. After a whole lot of mutual jerking, cock frotting and sword fighting the lads flash us their tight holes and tease us a little with their perfect puckers, then it’s time to get right back into the cock play. The lads stroke and stroke and frot each other until they can’t take any more, laying back on the floor and each splashing out their cum over themselves. Jack makes a hot and sticky mess over his body and Rich spews out a big splashing shower of semen over himself, and he looks damn pleased about it all too! Let’s hope we see more of both of these guys and those gorgeous uncut cocks, especially handsome Rich and his long and perfect boner.

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Lucky Dan is the 1st Man to Suck Straight Hunk Rich’s 8 inch Uncut Cock!

Hung straight guy Rich Wills getting sucked by Dan Broughton at English Lads

Released out of sequence, this is something of a bonus video that was left on the shelf for some unknown reason. We’ve seen straight and hung Rich Wills enjoying a whole lot of mutual wanking with other lads, being sucked off by guys and even fucking other lads in the ass, but this video with Dan Broughton is actually the first time he ever let another guy suck his cock for him. Dan is a perfect lad for the job, he loves cocks, and he knows how to pleasure a long and uncut one like the meat Rich is offering. Rich had long been one of those guys who needed a lot more coaching and encouragement to do anything with another guy, even touching another hard dick was a task for him, but when Dan got on that cock and started sucking him things definitely changed. Dan really does a great job in this session, working that wet cock and making Rich pump out a thick and hot load of straight guy cum right into his mouth and face.

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Straight Hunk Rich Stuffs His Thick 9 Inch Cock Up Justin & Pumps It Hard!

Hung straight guy Rich Wills fucks Justin Harris

Handsome straight lad Rich Wills has been enjoying all the mutual wanking, the cock sucking and the butt fucking, and although gay lad Justin Harris had seen the good looking guy enjoying himself on the site he didn’t quite realize just how big Rich is. He doesn’t let that long and uncut dick intimidate him, though. After some groping and getting that big cock out he starts sucking on that tool and gets his new friend throbbing and wet, then it’s time to take that dick up his hole. It’s amazing to see Justin riding it, he knows how to work a good dick and soon enough he’s wanking himself off and shooting his wad form his shaft while Rich works his butt with his boner. The feel of his friend’s cock pumping cum and his ass twitching around his meat soon gets Rich to the edge, pulling out just in time to splash his own cum all over his new buddy’s balls!

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Straight Muscular Rich with a Massive 9 Inch Uncut Cock Fucks Dan Hard!

Straight guy Rich Wills fucks Dan Broughton

This video was actually released by the site in the wrong order. Although we’ve already seen straight boy Rich Wills being sucked and fucking Chris Little, Dan Broughton was actually the first to get his mouth on that dick and suck the guy, and the first toe take that long uncut cock up his ass and ride him. You can see it’s all new to Rich in this video, he’s a little nervous about things at the start but if anyone can show the lad a good time it’s experienced boy Dan. He really goes all out on this straight boy dick, slurping that tool and making Rich dribble precum before taking every inch the lad can offer (which is a lot) up his tight hole. Rich is in heaven, he can’t believe how good it feels, it’s not long before he’s pulling his dick out and splashing a massive mess of straight guy cum all over his buddy, his semen splashing out in all directions and making an amazing mess! Dan loves it, he’s soon rubbing his own goo out and adding to the sticky chaos all around them.

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Straight Hunk Rich Stuffs his big 9 Inch Uncut Cock up Straight Pup Chris’ Eager Hole

Chris Little fucked by Rich Wills at English Lads

After getting some hot man hole for his big uncut cock it seems Rich Wills is more than interested in enjoying some more! Lucky for him he has another straight little buddy to fuck, with Chris Little being the eager boy more than happy to get his uncut cock out and share some sucking and fucking with a good friend. You can see from the start that young Chris has gotten used to enjoying dicks, his own uncut meat is already throbbing at the mere thought of playing with Rich’s big boner. The lads share some groping of those bulges but soon enough Chris needs to suck that cock. He gets Richs’ big dick out and slides his mouth down on it, showing he’s developed some real skills since that first time he tasted a dick on video. Rich is loving it, but he loves it even more when Chris slides his ass down on that cock and starts riding him. The reach around he gets from Rich as he pumps his butt up and down on his buddy is so hot to see, but Chris is throbbing hard throughout it all anyway regardless of the hand job his straight friend is giving him. He loves the feel of that big cock up his hole, finally making him spew his cream out of his dick before helping Rich with his own as he lays back and wanks himself off. It’s fair to say that young Chris isn’t entirely straight these days, and it seems hung young Rich is moving in the same direction with the way he seems to love all the cock action he’s getting!

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Three Straight Men & Dan & Chris Gives up his Cherry Getting Well Stuffed!

Straight boy cock orgy at English Lads

Just when you think it couldn’t get more wild for the straight boys on the English Lads site something like this happens. Dan Broughton is the only gay guy here, and he’s having an amazing time with cute little straight lad Chris Little, handsome former marine Tyler Hirst and gorgeous hung straight stud Rich Wills. Dicks are swinging around, being wanked and sucked, and finally being stuffed into butt holes as Tyler relents and takes his first fucking. Rich Wills slides his long uncut cock into Dan while Dan is balls deep in straight muscled lad Tyler! The lads are having so much fun with those cocks you wonder how long they can last before their cum is spewing out. Watch as the boys finish up their horny orgy, laying back on the sun loungers and wanking themselves off until their semen is splashing and squirting all over the place.

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Straight Hunks Rich & Chris Switch Fuck Dan’s Tight & Soon Fulfilled Hole before Drowning him in Cum!

Dan Broughton gets fucked by straight boys Chris Little and Rich Wills

It’s a special moment for hung and handsome straight lad Rich Wills in this threesome. He’s been teamed up with fellow straight boy Chris Little and greedy gay lad Dan Broughton for some fun out in the sun, and you know Dan is gonna want more than just some wanking and sucking. The lads start out with some playful cock grabbing, with Rich taking the initiative and wanking some dick while Dan and Chris make out, but with cocks throbbing and wet it’s not long before Dan is demanding a cock up his ass. Watch as Rich relents and tries fucking a guy for the very first time, sliding his long shaft into Dan’s hole while Chris sucks him and feeds him his own boner! The guys are in a mess of threesome fucking, wanking and sucking as the two straight boys take turns to fuck Dan, finally finishing it all off as they take aim at him and drench him with their splashing cum loads. Dan loves getting straight guy cum in his face and over his hot body, it’s not long before he’s splashing his own load out and tasting that straight cream from his buddies as they feed him their wet and creamy foreskin-covered dicks as a final little treat.

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Straight Lad Liam James returns with Rich – Two Huge Cocks!

Two hung straight boys swapping cocks at English Lads

After more than a year away from the cameras young and horny Liam James returns to get some horny cock play with new hung straight lad Rich Wills, and the guys really do have a whole lot of fun with each other in this playful session. Liam has had a little experience with other guy’s cocks, he’s wanked a lot and sucked some dick already so it’s not long before he’s getting his fix and slurping on handsome Rich. The hung lad loves being blown, and he seems to love grabbing other boys by the cock and sharing some mutual wanking and dick frotting too. Check it out as they rub those boners and share a lot of great shaft play, slapping their meat around, rubbing each other off and finally shooting their hot milky loads out of those swollen tips!

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Tyler, Chris & Rich – Three Straight Hunks Playing in the Sunshine

three straight guys wanking and sucking cock in the sun at English Lads

After being wanked off and being sucked by a guy for the first time it seems hung straight lad Rich Wills is open to a lot more interesting and horny dick fun, so what better scenario than getting him naked with another couple of the hottest straight lads? Young Chris Little has been having a whole lot of fun with other cocks since he started exploring dick with other dudes, and we all know that big and muscled former Royal Marine Tyler Hirst is pretty damn shameless when it comes to enjoying his dick with other guys. Watch as the three boys work out in the sun, then start making out and groping for those delicious dicks. Chris and Tyler are all about sucking cocks and having a lot of fun with their boners as Rich watches on, then shares his own long and throbbing shaft with the lads. There’s no doubt about it, Chris and Tyler are so into sharing cock fun these days, but although Rich is still trying to get his head around it all he’s not gonna say no to some friendly wanking and sucking when it’s offered. See the boys finish off their fun as they all start splashing their cum out of their dicks, making a hot mess of straight boy cream!

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Hunky Straight Favourites Rich & Tyler Playing Marine Games!

Straight guys Tyler Hirst and Rich Wills share their uncut cocks at English Lads

After being wanked off by another guy for the first time, hung and handsome straight lad Rich Wills is back, and this time he’s up against a big muscled former Royal Marine who really seems to love playing with other guy’s dicks! Big muscle man Tyler Hirst has had experience showing off his uncut dick with his military buddies, so wanking off with the lads is nothing new to him, but we all know he’s into more than just some friendly wanking these days. After the lads share some nervous chatting and show off their strength and athleticism for each other Tyler breaks the ice and suggests comparing dicks. Rich is down for that, showing his new buddy his long uncut dick. Tyler doesn’t waste time, he’s soon wanking that cock, getting his friend hard in his hand and then sucking his buddy off! Rich seems to love having that mouth on his cock, the guys are soon swapping hand jobs and playing with those boners, wanking each other and slapping their shafts around until both are kicking back and spewing out their cum loads for each other. Tyler makes his new friend splash his juices wanking him to a creamy finish, then the muscled hunk finishes himself off and pumps his own juicy wad out of his dick. The guys sure look happy with themselves, and Rich really seemed to enjoy being sucked by another guy for the first time!

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Straight Personal Trainer Rich has One Perfect Bubble Butt – Today his First Man Handling & What a Load!

Straight and hung Rich Wills gets a gay handjob at English Lads

After his extremely successful solo wank off, handsome and fit straight guy Rich Wills is back with his long uncut cock and he’s ready to experience the hands of another lad. Check it out as the gorgeous guy gets a rub down, shows off his perfect ass and then reveals his long uncut cock for his new friend to play with. Those experienced hands certainly know what feels good, they work that long dick and slide that wet foreskin back and forth until Rich is reaching the limits of pleasure, his shaft becoming solid in those slippery hands and his balls pulling up as semen starts to splash from his helmet, raining down over his tight oiled-up body. It seems he always enjoys intense climaxes with a lot of cum firing out of his dick, but no doubt the pleasure of being wanked off by another guy for the first time made this session extra hot for him!

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Straight Personal Trainer Rich Wills Shows off His Massive Uncut Meat – He is a Twin!

Hung straight guy Rich Wills wanking at English Lads

Hung straight boy Rich Wills started out in porn back in 2012, appearing in his first solo video and getting his 8.5″ uncut cock out for some horny wanking. The handsome young British guy was an instant hit and the members couldn’t wait to see more of him enjoying that long and stiff cock. He puts on a great show for his debut, showing off his smooth and toned body, getting his long cock throbbing and wet, stroking his hood back and forth until his semen is spewing out of his cock and making a big mess! He has incredible climaxes, and we got to see that a whole lot more as he started to explore with other guys and learn how to share that perfect dick with some eager dudes.

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Straight Hunk Rick Wills Returns and Wanks off Young Straight Pup Jack & Rich Cums & Cums and Cums!

Straight guys Jack Harper and Rich Wills play with their uncut dicks at Englishlads

After four years without anything from handsome and hung Rich Wills he’s finally back and ready to get that 8.5″ uncut cock out for some friendly fun with one of the new boys. Jack Harper is still getting used to enjoying some mutual wanking with other lads, but there’s no doubt he’s enjoying the experience as these guys haul our their uncut dicks and compare their shafts. Within short time their cocks are throbbing and their foreskins damp with precum as they slap their cocks around, grabbing and stroking each other, sliding their hands up and down their stiff inches and rubbing their manhood as one thick shaft of fuckmeat. The guys share a whole lot of cock play and even show off their tight virgin holes before laying back and finishing themselves off, with Jack splashing his cream out of his shaft and Rich taking himself to a multiple squirting cum load that has to be seen to be believed! Even he’s shocked by how much semen he spews out of his dick to rain down all over himself. Looks like these guys had a whole lot of fun with those dicks, I get the feeling this is the start of a horny new chapter for Rich now that he’s returned.



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