Rufus Fitzroy

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Sexy uncut straight guy Rufus Fitzroy
Rufus Fitzroy is a sexy straight guy appearing for the Englishlads gay porn site

Name: Rufus Fitzroy

Nationality: British

Height: 6’1″

Weight: Unknown

Age/D.O.B: 21 years-of-age

Build: Athletic

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Cock Size: 7.5″

Cut/Uncut: Uncut

Sexuality: Straight

Role: N/A


Rufus Fitzroy is a 21-year-old straight guy who enjoys Boxing and working out at the gym. He’s 6’1″ tall and has a 7.5″ uncut cock that’s slender and has a slight curve. He has a great foreskin with a tapering hood. To date he’s appeared solo, but we expect that he might appear with another one of their straight performers in the coming weeks.

Career Highlights:

None to date


None to date


None to date

Things of note:

  • Uncut cock
  • Straight
  • Confident
  • Athletic


September 14th 2017: Rumour has it Rufus Fitzroy has returned to the English Lads site to receive a hand job in a massage video with one of the other guys. CONFIRMED, SEE BELOW

May 8th 2017: It’s been claimed that Rufus has now filmed a scene where he gets sucked by another one of the straight guys. It’s unknown if he sucks dick too, or who the other guy might be.

August 3rd 2022: Reports suggest Rufus Fitzroy has returned to shoot a new scene for Englishlads. The nature of this scene is unknown.

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Young Hairy Straight Rufus Fitzroy Wanks his 1st Cock & Jack Harper’s Uncut Cock gets a Good Work Out!

straight boys playing with uncut cocks
Jack Harper teaches Rufus Fitzroy about mutual cock play

We’ve seen Rufus Fitzroy wanking out some good loads already, but we all wanted to see him grabbing another boy by the cock and stroking dick with him. That time has finally come! The last time we watched him he was kicking back and letting another man wank his uncut boxer dick for him, but this time he’s willing to go a little further with fellow straight boy Jack Harper. He’s a good choice for teaching him a few things, seeing as this straight boy started out in his debut wanking out a cum load with another lad. He’s really not shy about getting his uncut dick out with other guys, grabbing them by the shaft and sharing some cock rubbing, frotting and sword fighting with them. He gives Rufus a great education in this mutual cock play session, showing the straight lad how good it can be to share some boners between them. They even show off their virgin assholes for the fans before kicking back and rubbing out their splashing cum loads together! I think we’re going to be seeing a lot more fun from Rufus after this mutual jerk off session, he really seemed to enjoy himself playing with that cock. CLICK TO WATCH THE BOYS RUBBING EACH OTHER OFF.

Young & Handsome Straight Hunk Rufus Fitzroy get his 1st Manhandling!

Young & Handsome Straight Hunk Rufus Fitzroy get his 1st Manhandling!

We’ve watched handsome and horny young straight guy Rufus Fitzroy getting his 7.5″ uncut cock out and wanking the big splashing load from his dick in his debut, then he returned to slide a toy into his ass and fuck himself for the first time on video, enjoying another awesome cum splashing finish, but now it’s time for the straight boy to experience something totally new. He’s getting a massage, having his hot body stroked and explored by a man’s hands for the first time, his ass up and being shown off while his long uncut cock gets milked beneath him. Soon he’s on his back with his throbbing erection slippery and wet as those wanking hands slide up and down his sensitive shaft, filming some of the fun himself as he lays back and enjoys all the pleasure from those experienced hands. It’s no wonder that when he finally can’t take any more of that jerking his cock is convulsing and spewing ropes of hot cum out of that swollen red tip, splashing semen out over his smooth body and making an amazing mess! The smile on his face at the end as cum puddles on his torso is all we need to see to know that this handsome lad really enjoyed that hand job. Will he be back to try wanking another lad’s cock? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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Athletic Straight Young Pup Rufus Fitzroy back to Pump His Hole for 1st Time, Cums Twice!

Handsome and confident straight boy Rufus Fitzroy is back for more fun, willing to explore something new and give the fans a great show. And boy does this horny young man deliver! He might be new to all of this but the gorgeous boxing boy gets right down to it, revealing his 7.5″ uncut cock and stroking up a wet and throbbing boner, then grabbing his new favorite toy and lubing it up for his virgin ass. Why is it his new favorite toy? Because this boy really seems to love the feel of that thing in his hole. Watch as he wanks his cock, fucks his hole and splashes a hot mess of straight boy cum up his body, then continues to wank and fuck himself to get a second eruption of hot semen from his already sticky cock! Yeah, it looks like this boy just discovered something new and hot about himself, and I think this means we’re gonna be seeing a lot more of him exploring things after this. Click through and cum with him!

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Handsome Young Boxer Rufus Shows His Ripped Body and Big Uncut Cock!

Straight uncut boy Rufus Fitzroy wanking on video

Handsome and horny straight boy Rufus Fitzroy is back to deliver his first solo wanking show after his deliciously hot solo gallery not too long ago. The fit young boxer is showing off his lean and tight body, getting his 7.5″ uncut cock out, having his dick measured for him and even showing off his virgin ass before kicking back and shooting his messy cum load out over himself. Even though this handsome boy is straight, he really loves showing off his cock, he seems to be so turned by the idea that guys are out there wanking out their loads with him. Click through to watch his video as he pumps his straight boy cum load out and expect to see a lot more of him. Will we see him sharing his uncut cock with one of the other lads there in the coming weeks? I think so!

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Young Hairy Straight Pup Rufus Wanks his 1st Cock & Jack’s Impressive Uncut Cock gets a Good Work Out!

two straight boys wanking together

The last time we saw Rufus Fitzroy he was kicking back and letting another guy wank his uncut 7.5″ cock for him in his first ever hand job. That was four months ago so we kind of thought he might have moved on. Thankfully we were wrong! He’s returned to explore some new things, and fellow straight boy Jack Harper is the one willing to show him how good some mutual cock play can be. The boys play about a bit, groping their dick bulges through their jeans, then through their underwear too, with Rufus seemingly getting excited with all the contact. A little bumping of their bulges and the boys are getting their cocks out to compare. Both boys have lovely dicks, both the same size and with almost identical tapering foreskins over their tips. The lads show off, wanking their own cocks and getting a little stiff, slapping their dicks together in a little sword fighting play, then it’s time to properly make contact. Rufus gets his dick wanked for him by Jack, then the lad reaches out and grabs his new friend’s boner. He seems to like it, his own cock starts to throb harder and harder as the straight boys stroke each other, sliding their wet and glistening foreskins back and forth. With some flashing of their boy holes the guys get even more teasing and tempting, but Rufus can’t seem to stop grabbing his friend’s cock and wanking him off! He keeps going back to it, wrapping his fingers around Jack’s shaft and stroking him, his own dick wet and solid throughout. Finally the boys can’t take any more and they lay back on the floor, stroking themselves off until Jack is pumping hot semen out of his dick and making a gooey mess. That’s all Rufus needs to be joining in. Maybe it was the sight of his dick erupting, or the smell of fresh cum hitting his nostrils, but soon after Jack cums he’s splashing a hot and watery mess of jizz out over his tight stomach and making a good mess! It certainly looks as though Rufus had a great time playing with that cock, frotting his dick with Jack and unloading their balls together, we wonder what’s next for the lad!

Athletic Straight Young Pup Rufus Back to Pump his Hole for the 1st Time

Athletic Straight Young Pup Rufus Back to Pump his Hole for the 1st Time

Rufus is back, and looking just as hot and horny in a new gallery of cock stroking and anal play. The straight hottie is getting down and dirty with some toys in this new session, stroking his long uncut cock, playing with his tight little virgin hole, sliding in a toy and fucking himself as he builds up a cum load to splash out for the guys. I can’t wait to see the video, and we really can’t wait to see what he comes back to enjoy after that. Will we see him sharing that uncut dick with some of the other horny straight guys on the site? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Handsome Young Boxer Rufus Shows his Ripped Body and Big Uncut Cock!

Straight boy Rufus Fitzroy at Englishlads

Handsome and fit straight guy Rufus Fitzroy arrives to show off his sexy and athletic body for the fans of the site, stripping down and posing, playing with his cock bulge in his underwear as it starts to grow and throb. As he slides his boxers down we get a good look at his 7.5″ semi hard uncut cock, the foreskin long and tapering over the helmet. He grabs his dick and starts wanking, soon rock hard and enjoying being on display. The handsome young man smiles as he masturbates for the fans, then shows his tight virgin ass as he kneels on the floor almost begging us to come and fuck him. With his long and slender cock throbbing and oozing with pleasure he leans back and strokes himself off, splashing his hot milky cum from his foreskin and making a gooey mess on his tight abs.


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