Sam Hansworth

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Straight guy Sam Hansworth in gay porn for englishlads
Gay porn star Sam Hansworth appears for the English Lads site

Name: Sam Hansworth

Nationality: British

Height: 5’10”

Weight: Unknown.

Age: 23

Build: Slim

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

Cock Size: 8″

Cut/Uncut: Uncut

Sexuality: Straight

Role: N/A


Sam Hansworth is a hung personal trainer from London England who arrived on the English Lads site in June 2014 for his first solo jerk off photo shoot. He has a long and meaty 8″ uncut cock and a slim and defined build. He has a very thick uncut cock that he seemed to enjoy showing off, wanking himself and flashing his virgin ass before squirting a hot load of cum on his abs. Since then he’s been back to appear with fellow straight boy Cameron Donald, having his thick dick wanked to a cum load. At time of writing the gallery for that video had arrived, with the video expected at the end of August 2014.

Career Highlights:

None to date


None to date

Things of note:

  • Straight
  • Fit
  • Confident
  • Uncut cock
  • Hung


Rumor has it that Sam Hansworth has gone further than being wanked off recently, and the video of him being sucked and wanking another guys cock is due for release in September 2014.


Sam Hansworth returned to the site in August 2014 to be wanked by Cameron Donald.




Video Appearances: Videos: (OLDEST FIRST)

Handsome and Fit Sam Shows His Boxing Moves and Very Thick Uncut Cock!
straight guy with a thick cock in a wanking video

New straight guy Sam Hansworth is just starting out, ready to show off his smooth and lean Boxer body, and get his thick uncut cock out for some horny stroking. He’s a great guy with a great dick, real meaty and throbbing as he slides his foreskin back and forth, masturbating for the members and showing us all how he likes to get himself off. Obviously you know that he’s been back again and again after this, so make sure you watch him working that cock and spurting his cream in his solo before you move on to see him touching another cock for the first time, being sucked, tasting another dick, fucking a guy in the ass and being fucked by a dude too! WATCH HIM PUMPING CUM.

Fit Boxer Sam gets a Massage and Cameron Wanks his big Uncut Cock!
straight guy hand job

I really wasn’t sure we would get to see handsome and fit straight boxer Sam Hansworth back to share his long uncut cock with any of the other guys, he just seemed a little too straight to be willing to try anything new, but I was obviously wrong! He’s back to get a hand job, and fellow straight jock Cameron Donald is the experienced guy to deliver it. It starts out innocently enough with some massaging, but soon the straight boxer is naked on the bed and his thick cock is throbbing with delight and expectation. Cameron has wanked more than a few cocks since he started out in a solo and learned to explore new things, so you know that when he gets his wet and oily hands on that thick dick he’s gonna show Sam what a real good hand job feels like. And boy does he deliver! Sam is loving all that stroking, his foreskin slides up and down, his swollen cock head is shiny and glistening with lube and precum, his balls as bouncing and filling with hot straight guy cum as Cameron works his dick for him and takes him over the edge. Cameron seems to enjoy making another guys cock explode, by the time he’s done with Sam the lad has shot a hot mess of semen out of his meat and Cameron’s hand is soaked with his cock juice! WATCH HIM BEING JERKED OFF.

Straight Boxer Sam gets his First Man Blow Job from Jack!
Straight boy sucked for the first time

Straight boxer Sam Hansworth is getting a lot of first time experiences lately, and this video is no different! The last time we saw him he was getting his cock wanked for him by another straight lad, this time he’s getting it sucked, and he’s grabbing another hard dick! Jack Windsor is more than a little experienced with cock play, he’s learned a lot since his first solo, experiencing plenty of other dicks along the way. He wastes no time getting to grips with this new thick cock, helping Sam with his boner, wanking his meat and getting his own gorgeous cock out for the straight lad to play with. Sam might be a little nervous about this new experience at the start, but soon enough he’s wanking his friend and rubbing their cocks together, enjoying the sword fighting. The feel of another guy’s dick really seems to help him throb and ooze, but the sucking he gets from his new buddy is what really takes him to the end. Watch as Sam learns what it feels like to get that big dick sucked by another guy, he really has a great time and shoots off a hot load, with Jack joining in with his own squirting cock too! SEE HIM BEING SUCKED OFF.

Two Straight Lads Sam & Ricky, Both Wank & Suck Each Other’s Cocks!
Two straight guys sucking each other

Cheeky chap Ricky Hampton really isn’t shy about getting his cock out with another boy and having some fun. He might be straight but he’s certainly not narrow. Watch as he teams up with straight boxer Sam Hansworth for some friendly dick fun, getting their long and stiff cocks out and comparing their meat, grabbing each other by the dick and wanking their new friend, rubbing their helmets and shafts together as they swap pleasure. Then it’s time to go a little further! The boys start sucking, licking those shafts and taking each other in their mouths, slurping their delicious tools as they each leak precum for the other to taste. They really seem to enjoy all that oral! Soon enough the boys are ready to start squirting their cum out of their dicks, and boy do they make a hot and sticky mess together! SEE THEM SUCKING EACH OTHER.

Young Straight Hunk Logan is Fucked for First Time by Straight Lad Sam!
straight boy gets fucked

Straight jock boy Logan Hardy is in for a treat with this new hardcore video! The boy has been exploring things and enjoyed playing with his ass the last time, but now he’s about to get the real thing from straight top boy Sam! The guys enjoy some cock play, like they have before, wanking those uncut dicks together, swapping their boners and getting a taste of those throbbing tools, then it time for Sam to focus on that ass and show the lad what a real cock feels like. Sam eases his new friend open with some dildo play, fucking the jock boy with the toy, then it’s time for him to sink his thick inches into that ass and give the lad a proper fucking! He loves it, he rides that dick all over the bed and by the time the boys are done cum is splashing out all over! WATCH HIM GETTING FUCKED.

Bonus Video of Sam’s Photo Shoot – Handsome Straight Lad Show Us His Uncut Cock!
straight boxer jerking off

It’s amazing to consider how far straight boxer Sam Hansworth has come since he first arrived to wank his thick uncut cock on video for us. He’s been in a lot of great action since then and now we’re getting another look at his solo debut with this bonus session. There’s some great extra footage of the lad enjoying his own stiff dick in this solo, rubbing his hard meat and building up to a good cum splashing load for the guys. Make sure you watch all his other videos as he explores cock play with the other straight guys on the site too! SEE HIM CUMMING ON VIDEO.

Straight Hunk Sam Sticks his Thick Cock in Josh’s Hole and Fucks Him Hard!Straight
Straight guys fucking on video at Englishlads

Josh Hathaway is another horny straight guy who’s learned a whole lot about enjoying other guy’s cocks since his first wanking solo, but can he take the thick dick of fellow straight guy Sam Hansworth in his tight ass for this hardcore fucking session? Of course he can, but not before the guys have had a whole lot of fun stroking those solid and wet boners, rubbing cocks and sucking dicks. Check it out as Sam sinks his thick meat into that tight hole and takes his new friend for a ride, fucking him all over the bed and finishing up with some great splashing cum loads leaping out of those foreskin-tipped cocks! WATCH HIM FUCKING THAT HOLE.

Straight Boxer Sam gets Fucked for the First Time by Cameron’s Chunky Uncut Cock!
straight guys fucking on video

I don’t think anyone really expected to see this, but it’s finally happened and straight boxer Sam Hansworth is giving up his virgin hole for another straight jock to slide his cock into! Handsome and hung Cameron Donald is the experienced guy giving him his long uncut meat in this duo, starting out in the usual way with plenty of cock wanking and mutual sucking, but soon enough the stud is taking aim at that tight hole and fucking him with a dildo. He takes it pretty well, so the straight top replaces it with his own warm and wet cock, sinking his length into him and fucking him all over the bed until both are spewing out their hot and heavy cum loads in an amazing climax! Looks like Sam actually enjoyed the experience, maybe we’ll be seeing him riding more stiff dicks in the future? WATCH HIM GETTING FUCKED.


Tall & Handsome Straight Footballer James Sucks his 1st Cock & Sam’s Loving It!
Straight guy sucking cock

I can’t believe we’re getting to see gorgeous straight footballer boy James Welbeck getting his lips around another guy’s juicy uncut cock! We’ve seen him progressing from wanking solo to being wanked and touching another dick, and now he’s getting his first taste of boner with straight lad Sam Hansworth. The guys have a lot of fun with each other in this video, groping those stiff dicks, wanking each other off, frotting their shafts against each other and having a playful sword fight, but when it comes time to suck James really seems to get into it. He starts out with some tentative licking of that tip and shaft, then he’s sliding it into his mouth and wanking himself off with delight! By the time these boys are done he’s definitely discovered something new about himself and those dicks are spewing hot straight lad cum out over themselves! SEE HIM TASTING COCK FOR THE FIRST TIME.

Straight Footballer Jon gets his first Man Blow Job & Sam gets Wanked in Return!
Two straight boys wanking and sucking

John Dudley is about to experience something new thanks to the arrival of fellow straight boy Sam Hansworth. The sexy boy has already enjoyed some great mutual wanking with another lad for the first time so he’s not shy about reaching out and grabbing Sam’s thick uncut cock to wank him off, but it helps that the straight boxer is happy to suck his cock for him. The guys have a great time rubbing those dicks together, sliding their foreskins over those swollen and wet tips, slapping their hard dicks around and generally having a lot of innocent straight boy fun, but the sucking John takes really seems to wake him up to what he’s been missing. It’s hard to imagine it wasn’t so long ago that Sam was getting his dick stroked by another guy for the first time and being sucked off, now look at him greedily gobbling another guy and making him cum! The guys splash out plenty of cream together by the end of it, happy and spent and sticky with jizz. SEE HIM BEING BLOWN ON VIDEO.

Bonus Video of Photo Shoot – Young Boxer Sam Lets Cameron Massage & Manhandle his Thick & Uncut Cock!

straight boy hand job video
It’s the bonus video of the first time Sam Hansworth let another guy touch his cock, and it’s a great addition with loads of extra shots of the fun the guys have together. The straight boxer is ready to kick back and let another lad take control of his dick for him, and if anyone can get him off in style it’s straight jock boy Cameron Donald. Cameron works the guy over, giving him a great massage, and soon enough Sam can’t hide that thick and hard uncut cock. He’s enjoying it when Cameron starts wanking him, those experienced hands wet and slippery as they slide up and down his thick length, sliding his foreskin around and playing with his balls, taking him to the edge and making the straight boy pump hot cum out of his dick in a sticky and messy finish! Looks like he had fun, and we all know he came back to do a lot more after it. SEE THE BONUS HAND JOB VIDEO

Bonus Video of Photo Shoot – Straight Boxer Sam gets his First Man Blow Job & Also Enjoys Jerking off Jack!

Straight boy sucked by another guy for the first time
Remember when Sam Hansworth got his thick uncut cock sucked by another guy for the first time and how much fun he had? Fellow straight boy Jack Windsor was the one to show him how good it can be, and he’s pretty experienced now. The boys get their dicks out and have a lot of fun wanking each other off and slapping their stiff dicks around, but then it’s time for Jack to get his mouth around that meat and show the new straight boy what he’s been missing. There’s no denying Sam is enjoying all that licking and sucking, and Jack really seems to be enjoying giving it to him, too! You won’t be surprised to see those big dicks splashing out plenty of straight boy cum by the end of it all, and we’re all joining in with them. WATCH HIM BEING SUCKED ON VIDEO

Bonus Video of Logan and Sam’s Photo Shoot – Logan Fucked by Straight Lad Sam!

Straight boys fucking on video for Englishlads
Straight boy Logan Hardy has been willing to explore things and push his limits with some anal play already, but with Sam Hansworth things are about to get a whole lot hornier! The boys get their uncut cocks out and have some innocent fun with each other, wanking those boners and rubbing them together, then Logan gets a taste of his new friend and starts sucking him. Sam loves it, but he wants more. He starts on Logan’s virgin ass with a toy first, easing the boy open with a dildo before replacing it with his thick cock and fucking the boy all over the bed! For a novice this horny young guy seems to have a great time riding that cock and wanking himself off, splashing a hot load of cream from his dick by the time he’s done. Looks like this straight boy enjoyed the feeling of a big throbbing cock up his hole, perhaps we’ll be seeing more of him after this? SEE THE STRAIGHT BOYS FUCKING ON VIDEO

Bonus Video of Ricky and Sam’s Photo Shoot – Wanking and Sucking for 1st Time!

Two straight guys sucking each other
Ricky Hampton has been enjoying all his new lessons in cock play with other straight boys, but this time he’s being taken to a new level with fellow straight lad Sam Hansworth. Both have been sucked by other guys already, and Sam has done a lot more, but this is the first time Ricky is tasting a stiff dick, and boy does he do a good job! The two start out with a whole lot of friendly and playful cock rubbing, wanking each other off, sliding their foreskins around, frotting their impressive shafts together and getting their precum flowing, then it’s time for them to swap those cocks and suck each other. Ricky has a great time being blown, and when he gets his lips around Sam’s big cock you can see he’s still enjoying himself. The cum loads these boys squirt all over are the real indicator. WATCH THE STRAIGHT BOYS SUCKING EACH OTHER

Bonus Video of Sam and Josh’s Photo Shoot – Josh gets Fucked by a Thick Uncut Cock!

Straight guys fucking on video for Englishlads
Josh Hathaway has learned a whole lot about cock over his time on the site, so it seemed only right that he be teamed up with Sam Hansworth to take that thick uncut cock up his hole. The boys start out with a whole lot of mutual cock play, exploring those uncut boners and groping those inches, but soon enough it’s time for the sucking and Josh gets his mouth around that thick tool to taste his new friend. We all know Sam has learned a thing or two about sucking dick so you won’t be surprised to see him giving the same back and showing Josh a good gobbling. Then it’s time for the real deal as Sam sinks his cock into his friend’s hole, pumping his wet dick in and out of that ass and really going to town on his new buddy. Josh loves it, after a whole lot of thrusting he’s shooting his cum out of that stiff dick and then getting a mess from his friend when Sam pulls out and busts his load from his meat too! SEE THESE STRAIGHT BOYS FUCKING

Bonus Video of Sam Hansworth’s and James Wellbeck’s Photo Shoot – Straight Footballer sucks his 1st Cock!

Two straight boys sucking cock on video
Gorgeous straight boy James Welbeck has been slowly exploring mutual fun with other straight boys, rubbing dicks and shooting cum loads, being sucked by other lads and generally having a great time sharing his cock around, but this time things are different. Sam Hansworth is eager to show this straight lad what a good cock taste like, and it seems James isn’t too reluctant to explore! The boys start out by grabbing those dicks and feeling each other, comparing their shafts and sliding each other’s foreskins back and forth. The frotting they share is pretty damn good and they’re clearly having a great time with those pink dicks. Sam gets the fun started and shows his new buddy what his mouth can do, sucking on James’ gorgeous long and slender footballer cock, but then it’s time for James to get his first taste. A few licks of his friend’s cock and he’s diving right in, sucking that thick tool and clearly having an amazing time! We had a feeling he’d like sucking cock if he only tried it, and it definitely looks like he’s having fun gobbling that boner. When the boys finally can’t take any more they start squirting masses of hot straight guy cum up themselves, with Sam making his buddy spew cream! WATCH THE BOYS SUCKING DICK

Bonus Video of Jon and Sam’s Photo Shoot – Young Footballer gets his 1st Man Blow Job & Enjoys a Mutual Wank!
two straight boys in a mutual wanking and sucking video
Neither John Dudley nor Sam Hansworth are new to grabbing another hard cock and wanking it, but this is the first time John has experienced another guy’s experienced mouth on his long and hooded boner! Sam is more than a little experienced in this regard, he’s been exploring cock fun with other guys for a while and he’s picked up a lot of things over the last few years. Watch as the boys grab those dicks, wanking each other off and rubbing their intact boners together before Sam gets that cock in his mouth and shows the straight boy what he’s been missing. By the time these two straight lads are laying back on the bed and sliding those wet cocks up and down in their fists they’re both ready to see each other splashing ropes of cum out! SEE IT ALL ON VIDEO


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